5 Fantasy Winners & Losers Post FA Shakeup

5 Fantasy Winners & Losers Post FA Shakeup

Welcome back to the Truth Serum! This article is kind of a two for one where we’ll take a look at NFC’s biggest winners and losers for the upcoming fantasy season after the FA shakeup but it’s also a Free Agency Recap of sorts for these NFC teams. 



  1. Terry McLaurin and the rest of the Washington Football Team offense 

Terry McLaurin ultimate winner here. Fantasy-wise this all bodes well for Terry McLaurin. The signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick is the perfect complement to make McLaurin into a border line WR1 in fantasy. Also, the addition of Curtis Samuel to the Football Team will also help open things up around the field. Second year RB Antonio Gibson and QB turned TE Logan Thomas are both studs as well. This team is looking mighty dangerous for 2021. I will have shares of players across my fantasy teams in 2021.


  1. Tom Brady, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

Tom Brady is the real winner on this team and is also pretty good at this football thing. Best thing I can say about the Buccaneers at this point is they have for the most part brought back most of their players from their Super Bowl run. Franchise Tag on Godwin will only help to keep Brady on top of the mountain once more. Leonard Fournette was also brought back for another year. Gronk is back. We do not really have an idea on Antonio Brown yet, but I really love what wide receivers Scotty Miller and Tyler Johnson have to offer and they both flashed at certain points during 2020.

  1. Daniel Jones, New York Giants

Daniel Jones is they real winner here. They have finally added a legitimate weapon around him. Kenny Golladay will be a huge Addition to what Jones will be able to do in 2021. The addition of Kyle Rudolph will also help shore things up opposite of Evan Engram and a couple of other silent signings could also help stretch the field quite a bit (John Ross and Dante Pettis).

  1. Aaron Jones, Green Bay Packers

Aaron Jones gets paid and re-solidifies himself as a top option in 2021. The Green Bay Packers might have looked foolish taking AJ Dillon in the second-round last year only to end up paying Jones anyhow. I would argue they would have needed the depth at the position anyway and this will also save them a draft pick they would have needed something else behind Jones anyhow. Jones is a locked and loaded RB1 again in 2021.

  1. The Dallas Cowboys offense 

Dak Prescott getting paid and shoring up that position for the Cowboys in the long term will only help this group. I am very, very intrigued of what CeeDee Lamb is going to be able to do in year two with a full year with Dak under center. I am not so sure Zeke was Zeke without Dak last year and if I am a gambling man, I am not willing to bet that Zeke will not be an RB1 in 2021 either.


  1. New Orleans Saints top weapons 

Where do I begin on this one? Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara both get slightly downgraded for me here. No matter who is under center for New Orleans in 2021; Kamara gets hurt the most here and will probably not only lose some touches and red zone opportunities. I doubt the throws are going to come his way at the same clip we have seen in years past with Brees there. I think Thomas is going to be fine and maybe he is untouchable in the way that Hopkins was at the beginning of his career, I will only knock both slightly and they are both still quality RB1 and WR1 in my opinion.

  1. Detroit Lions Offense 

Jared Goff is the loser here. He only has two legitimate weapons on the field this year. One being TJ Hockenson and the other being DeAndre Swift. The biggest issue I have in trusting this team is they are in a full rebuild and I do not imagine them being any good this year. They will most likely be playing from behind most weeks and it will limit their scoring opportunities on the offensive side of the ball.

  1. Jalen Hurts, Philadelphia Eagles

Jalen Hurts is the biggest loser and for a very specific reason: The Eagles were rumored to be trying to acquire Juju Smith-Shuster and there is a serious hole sitting there at wide receiver. They could address this at the draft in a few weeks but having a veteran presence over a rookie is way more valuable to the team and specifically your quarterback. Also, with the rumors that Philadelphia was looking to move up in the draft before San Francisco moved up does not show much confidence in Jalen Hurts from the organization. Hurts will be on a tight leash to start the year. Do not spend up to highly on him in drafts.

  1. Allen Robinson, Chicago Bears

Allen Robinson ughhhh. How frustrating is it that A-Rob cannot just for one season play with a halfway decent quarterback? The Bears did all that they could to acquire Russell Wilson in a trade, but it fell through. Only plus side is Andy Dalton is a better pure thrower of the ball than Mitchell Trubisky ever was. Basically, what this says to me now is Allen Robinson’s ceiling is capped. WR7-WR13 forever and ever. Bears should do him a favor and trade him to a contending team that needs him. They will not. But it would be nice to see.

  1. Some other free agency signings that do not bold well to these individuals.     

Rams Van Jefferson was hurt by the signing of DeSean Jackson. Arizona Cardinals have a gaping hole at running back after Kenyan Drake signs with Las Vegas and I do not care what Kliff Kingsbury says about Chase Edmonds (Edmonds is not a workhorse back). Will Dissly gets a downgrade after the Seahawks brought in Gerald Everett. 

Stay tuned for more articles in the next few days and as always, stay true. 


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