5 Way Too Early QB Sleepers

5 Way Too Early QB Sleepers

5 Way TOO Early Quarterback Sleepers for 2021

Fantasy QB sleepers are incredibly difficult to find, most established QBs are clearly set with their skill sets and abilities and everyone knows in general where they are going to be drafted in single QB leagues.  Oftentimes the sleepers barely even make it onto the rosters on draft days and are among the first dropped in favor of other needs or streamers, basically burning a hole in your roster without need.  I also am going to stay away from rookie QBs, not because I don’t trust guys like Fields or Lawrence but because they are not really sleepers, they are frequently hyped coming out of the draft and all eyes are on them to see what they do in the NFL.  This article is about the QBs that have burned us in fantasy before or are flying under the radar of most fantasy football fans.

  1. Jameis Winston.  I know he burned plenty of people last year including a founder of Truth Serum Football, one Jordan Thomas, who definitely saw his fantasy potential, 5,109 yards on 626 attempts for 33 TDs and 319.3 yards per game are nothing to sneeze at in 2019.  Taysom Hill was Brees’ primary backup in 2020 and it is unlikely Winston will ever see the field as a starter in the Superdome, at least in a gold and white uniform.  Hopefully some team in free agency that is in need of a gun slinging QB who doesn’t mind Winston throwing picks will pick him up. I hear the Bears are in the market and Robinson, Anthony Miller, Mooney, and Riley Ridley could all benefit from a QB like Winston at least in terms of fantasy production. It probably won’t help the Bears in real-life but frankly as my father says, (a long suffering Bears fan), “anyone is better than Trubisky at this point” and I honestly find it hard to argue with him on that point.

  1. Tyrod Taylor.  Another QB who saw his 2020 season disappear, this time with a poorly placed needle and the explosion of Justin Herbert onto the field. His first game showed his maneuverability in the pocket and ability to throw accurately on the run. I have not heard much about where he might land but if the Lions want some competition for Goff and any QB they might draft Taylor might be worth a shot.  I hope he gets a chance to be a starter somewhere, we don’t know where he might be a starter or backup in 2021 but he is definitely worth a stash if you play in dynasty or have a deeper roster and got space at the moment.

  1. Taylor Heinicke. Did you see this man’s performance in the wild-card game against the eventual Super Bowl champion Bucs?  If you didn’t, you missed a master class put on by an undrafted player out of college who dueled with one of the best to ever play the game.  His very first pass attempt was a deep shot to Cam Sims, on time and on target and then dropped by his receiver with the Bucs playing zone defense, meaning Heinicke read the defense correctly as zone not man and threw his pass to the open player as the safety focused on Logan Thomas.  His two biggest blemishes in this game were a 2nd and 11 near the goal line when he threw a half a second late and almost was picked off and the other was a ball tipped at the line that was intercepted. Aside from those two mistakes, he threw the ball accurately, on time, and made plays with his legs when he needed to, 26 for 44 for 306 yards and a TD through the air and one more TD on the ground. Those are not bad stats for someone who had never started a game for the Washington Football Team prior to that point. I don’t know that his accuracy and timing will remain next year but I am sincerely hoping that this is not the last time we get to see him start as a QB in the National Football League.  Not to take anything away from Alex Smith but I look forward to seeing what happens with Heinicke moving forward and you should too.

  1. Teddy Bridgewater.  This man gets absolutely zero R-E-S-P-E-C-T and frankly even I failed him by not ranking him as my number one sleeper.  He is absolutely buried on the QB fantasy rankings anywhere from I think the high point was QB26, (his ranking last offseason) to QB32.  He is a starting QB in the National Football league with an amazing group of receivers in DJ Moore, Curtis Samuel, Robby Anderson, and an extremely valuable PPR running back in Christian McCaffrey, who can soak up short targets when healthy.  Last season Bridgewater had 340 completions on 492 attempts for 3,733 yards 15 TDs and 11 INTs. Aside from a one or two lackluster games, the man scored 20 plus fantasy points in every game. Frankly what more do you want, I mean I want CMC back but Teddy is being slept on by almost every preseason rank I saw and frankly it’s insulting after his return to fantasy relevance last year and I sincerely hope he gets the shot to make a lot of us pay for doubting him in 2021.

  1. Carson Wentz.  Of course, who else could it be but the man who led the Eagles to the playoffs, only to be injured and watch his backup win Super Bowl LII in 2018?  To say things have not went well for him, would be one of the most massive understatements of the last decade. He played abysmally for much of last season while he was still the starter going 251 on 437 attempts for 2,620 yards 16 TDs, 15 INTs, and was sacked 50 times, (I honestly was shocked when I saw that stat). The Eagles were riddled with receiver injuries and when Jalen Hurts finally took over, things didn’t really improve for the organization as a whole but Hurts certainly made them more fun to watch and Wentz mercifully stopped ending up on his back. Now Wentz is in Indianapolis, reunited with Frank Reich from his stellar 2017 season, where Wentz threw 33 TDs, had a total QBR of 78.5, and 11 wins, all high points for Wentz’ total career.  In addition, the Colts are not the Eagles, they have a load of offensive weapons that made even old man Rivers look good. Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines at running back, TY Hilton, Michael Pittman, Parris Campbell, and Zach Pascal at wide receiver, frankly I’m salivating just thinking about it. I can only hope that whatever weird bad luck decimates the Eagles wide receiver room doesn’t follow Wentz to the Colts but it is hard not to feel excited for the Colts as a whole and I sincerely hope a new team and new city do Wentz some good. We know he had some talent back in 2017 and hopefully Frank Reich will be able to reignite that magic for Wentz.

So those are my sleepers for 2021 QBs.  Do you agree?  Am I wrong?  Am I completely missing the boat on someone else?  Let me know in the comments and as always STAY TRUE you Truth Serum Fans.


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