AFC West Draft Needs

AFC West Draft Needs

We continue our Draft Needs series with the AFC West. 

Las Vegas Raiders: FS,OL

The Raiders’ biggest need after their offseason signings is the secondary, although the offensive line is not far behind as they let a few of their big name Offensive Lineman go, like Trent Brown and Rodney Hutson. The Raiders biggest needs early are in the secondary though, as there’s young guys who haven’t panned out yet but free safety is where I think they need to go early as the rest of the secondary ARE young so they can still meet their potential but Heath is 29 and hasn’t really shown up. I mean Nevin Lawson is also 29 but he showed up and is also just going to sit behind the youngsters in case they go down, throw in having Johnathon Abrams, Trayvon Mullens, Damon Arnette and then bringing back Karl Joseph, the biggest concern I think is FS.

Denver Broncos: QB

It’s Very obvious what the Broncos really need to do in this draft. They need a Quarterback, they are one quarterback away from becoming part of the division, right now they are just kind of hanging out with the other three teams. The Broncos’ problem is they cannot seem to draft one even though Elway was a top tier QB, he doesn’t seem to know what to look for in drafting one, they’ve had 9 Qbs start at least 1 game since Peyton and each has failed. You can have all the offensive weapons you want but if your QB is shitting the bed, it wont work. They should try and trade Drew Lock to a QB needy team and see if they can move up to grab a QB or wait til their pick and see if anyone drops to em.

Los Angeles Chargers: OL

There’s not much to say about the Chargers, but they should be focusing on the Oline or grabbing some younger guys for their defense as they have a lot of older guys on that side of the ball. They should focus on that offensive line first, I feel though as they look like they are just grabbing ex Packers linemen who they didn’t re-sign, which if you’re trying to piggyback off the success of somebody’s oline, it's shouldn’t be the Packers. Bulaga has stayed in the league way too long, as any packer fan will tell you, “that guys NEVER healthy.” They need to make sure their oline is going to be able to protect Herbert so he continues to be able to do what he did last year.

Kansas City Chiefs: CB, WR

The Chiefs are another team that it’s hard to criticize after last year. Not to mention they upgraded their interior OLine with adding Joe Thuney. They should be focusing on the secondary as that would help them secure their defense a little better and could make them a top 10 def. I mean if the right name fell into their lap at WR that would be a good thing to grab as they have Hill and Mecole Hardman but after those two it drops to Demarcus Robinson who does not match up to the talent they lost in Watkins.

Stay tuned for the AFC South tomorrow and as always, stay true. 


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