Antonio Gibson: the Swiss Army knife

Antonio Gibson: the Swiss Army knife



“The Swiss Army knife”

by: Clayton Crawford

Times are changing

The days of your traditional old school pound it up the middle “bruiser” tailbacks are starting to fade away. Nowadays it’s just not enough. You need a 3 down dynamic workhouse back. Someone who can either rawdawg it up the middle and bust the linebacker in his grill for the first down/goal line TD, or line up out in the slot and run a complex route tree. These are your Swiss Army knife, gadget type players that leave you saying wow after every play. Saquon Barkley, Christian McCaffrey, Dalvin cook, Leonard Fournette and Joe Mixon are just a few. All are elite, versatile, and dynamic. Now switch over to the receiving side of the ball. It’s just not the same anymore, I mean of course you still got your ol studs like Julio Jones, Michael Thomas, Deandre Hopkins and many many more… in fact the NFL is so loaded with talent, that in fantasy drafts you can literally wait until round 4-5 to grab a receiver and still be solid at the position. Teams need that special player nowadays, not just someone who is limited to pass catching but that guy the defense literally cannot game plan for. Tyreek Hill of the Chiefs or Deebo Samuel of the 49ers are prime examples of those guys. Those guys who…. Oh yeah that’s right, played in the Super Bowl. Kyle Shanahan was brilliant last year with the usage of Deebo Samuel. After coaching him in the Senior Bowl, he and the 49ers knew they couldn’t let this guy slip past them. He lined up in the slot, tailback, out wide, wing man, heck he probably could have even played in the wildcat as a QB. There are a lot of people that I can go on and on about, but let’s cut to the chase and talk about who we came here to talk about…. 


Whatchamacallit yeah you're probably wondering what the freak I’m even talking about. Yeah me too, that’s how I feel watching Antonio Gibson. Is he a running back, a wide receiver, maybe a punt returner/kick returner. I know the NFL has him listed as running back but let’s be honest that’s not good enough for this guy. This kid can do it all and does it all great. He can take an outside run off the tackle all the way to da hizzie, all while running a post corner and torching the db’s for a 50 yd score. He is not only big at 6’0 feet tall and 228lbs but fast as freak, with a sub 4.4 forty.. If I’m a coach or GM in the league right now I’m licking my lips at the thought of ways to use this guy. I currently have him as a top 10 running back AND a top 10 receiver in this year's class, now that’s impressive. 

 Let’s see the numbers 

This is where things start to get tricky and where most people start to hit the brakes on this guy. Let’s be honest here, I love stats and they are great, I love to know them, talk about them and they usually tell the story of an individual, but that’s not always the case. Stats are why Dk Metcalf slipped past the 1st round in the 2018 draft. Game film and raw knowledge of the game of football on the other hand, will 9 out of 10 times let you know whether somebody has it or not. Let’s dive in…


Rushing- 33 carries, 370 yds, 4tds, 11.2Ypc

Receiving- 38 receptions, 19.3avg, 735yds, 8TDs

That’s pretty vague if you ask me. Only 1 year of stats to go off of, but hold up. It's deeper than that, this kid went to a junior college first before transferring to Memphis in 2018. The bad thing is that he was talented enough to start in 2018 but struggled early to learn the playbook. Not only that, but he was on the same team as Tony Pollard, the promising future starter of the Dallas Cowboys and also Darrell Henderson, the now starter of the LosAngeles Rams. That’s pretty great competition if you ask me, two promising future starters in the league. Let’s keep digging into the unseen statistics of Gibson’s 2019 season to show why I believe he can be the next great thing in the league. On his 38 receptions he broke 17 tackles and on his 33 carries he broke 16 tackles. That’s a total of 33 broken tackles in one season on a measly 71 touches. He was a touchdown machine with 14 tds on 77 touches. One of his astonishing stats to me is the fact that this cat scored 7tds of 40+ yards now that’s some tyreek hill stuff right there. It seems to me that most of my favorite players always slide through my city of mobile, Al and play in the senior bowl. Jim Naggy is awesome at bringing in some stud talent to perform during the week here. During his week in mobile, Antonio Gibson played and practiced only primarily as a running back. Coaches and teams were wanting to see what he can do at the position. He tallied up 68 yards on 11 carries, that’s 6.2 ypc against some of the country’s best. His initial numbers might not blow you away at first, but if you dig deep they will wow you. Antonio Gibson’s tape is fun to watch. A lot of Memphis players would have your attention and things looked good, then all of a sudden here comes a play with Gibson getting the ball, and he leaves you without words. His cuts and vision is fantastic and his runs are the true definition of electrifying! 

Ticking Time Bomb”

I love explosive, electrifying, and dynamic players! Antonio Gibson is one of those guys to me. I believe this kid has what it takes to be a plug and play player with the ability to be an RB1 WR2 type of guy. Will it happen out the gate on day 1 probably not, but when it does, boy these other teams better watch out. This is a situational type player, and what I mean by that is, that he needs to be drafted by a team with a good offensive minded coach who can use Antonio Gibson to show that. He needs to be spread wide, used in motion, reverses, screens, double moves, and outside runs. If the right coach can get a hold of him, you might as well lock it in and start this guy week in and week out in fantasy. If Kyle Shanahan, Matt Naggy, Frank Reich, Andy Reid, Doug Pederson, or Shaun Mcvaee gets a hold of this guy, it’s over with. Grab this man in your dynasty leagues ASAP and stash him away because you're reading about a future star in the making, and you can take that one to the bank! 

As always ladies and gents, 

stay true!

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