Believe The Hype: D’Andre Swift

Believe The Hype: D’Andre Swift

Believe the Hype: D’Andre Swift

D’Andre Swift is an interesting player this year in fantasy football. He has a lot of hype behind him as well as a decent amount of critics. This article is going to try and convince you to believe the hype behind Swift and hopefully inspire you to draft him ahead of the 2021 season.

Swift’s Skillset

D’Andre Swift is someone who fantasy owners should be seeking out vigorously. Last year D’Andre Swift rushed for 521 yards (yds), and 8 TDs while averaging 40.10 yds/game. One of the main concerns for Swift was his lack of carries last year, only getting the rock 114 times in 13 games. This averages out to 8 carries/game, but we must remember that he was eased into the starting role last year. He had Adrian Peterson and Kerryon Johnson taking carries for him, that's 208 carries that have been opened up this upcoming year. That being said, we can safely assume Swift will be getting at least half of those carries this year. If that were to occur, Swift is up to 218 carries and at 4.57 yds/game he would’ve had 996 yards. That type of year would have put Swift near the top of Running backs for this season.

Swift’s pass-catching ability is what really sets him above the rest for this year. He has that Le’Veon Bell-type talent. He’s a guy who can be targeted 100 times out of the backfield and make something out of every opportunity given. Last year Swift had an excellent 7.6 yards after the catch (YAC) during the 2020 season, tallying 46 receptions (recs), 357 yds and 2 TDs on 57 targets (tgts). This could easily blow up this year with the Lions losing Golladay along with the RBs mentioned earlier, freeing up 76 tgts. More importantly though, it has left the Lions with minimal options in the receiving game, hence Swift’s fantasy upside this year looking very strong.

Overall, Swift is a patient runner who has the ability to find the hole and burst through to the 2nd level of defenses. Swift is an elusive playmaker in the open field and someone who can extend plays while making defenders miss. The Lions dependence on Swift and Hockenson this year will make Swift a must-have this season.


Team Situation

The Lions are in a rebuild, something I feel like I hear every year. Lions fans may be enraged by that sentence, but it's the truth. The bright side is that they are not far off from being a contender. The pieces that the Lions have on the offense will help them stay in games this year. One of the most important predictors of a successful RB season is the offensive line. The Lions o-line graded out as the 13th ranked offensive line, with Frank Ragnow being graded as the 2nd best center by Pro Football Focus (PFF). The Lions tackle, Taylor Decker, has been ranked 19th in PFF’s most recent tackle rankings. They also ranked Lions’ 7th overall pick, Penei Sewell, as 31st. This line shows great promise for the next 5-10 years and should clear the path for Swift’s emergence.

The Lions also traded Matthew Stafford this year for Jared Goff and a plethora of draft picks. For Swift this could end up being an excellent change as Goff is an excellent short pass quarterback who values his slot receivers. Last year Goff averaged 7.2 yds/pass attempts, something that Swift should take advantage of this season. Also, with only two solid pass catching options in the offense, Goff should take advantage of Swift’s talents and help him elevate to the next level.

Jamaal Williams

A lot of Fantasy football owners became skeptical of how Jamaal Williams was going to be used in this offense and how much he’d take away from Swift’s production. I don’t think Williams is going to stop Swift from putting up a top 10 RB season. The reality of the NFL is that it's a rough game and now it's a 17 game schedule. In fantasy football, owners avoid the “committee backfields” or teams that have change of pace backs. To me that’s stupid because there are rarely any running backs in the NFL that don’t have a change of pace back. They help keep the main back healthy by giving him reps off. Jamaal Williams is nothing more than a change of pace back that matches Swift's skillset, which will make the offense run easier when Swift takes a down or two off.

Overall, Jamaal Williams will dig into Swift’s reps but as I stated earlier, departures on the Lions have opened up over 200 running back carries and 76+ tgts this year. That’s plenty of touches for Williams to take a piece of and not hinder Swift’s production. Williams' presence will hopefully help keep Swift from getting run into the ground in 2021 and keep him viable for the next 3-5 years in fantasy leagues.


The hype for D’Andre Swift is real and I'm here to back it up 100%. Swift is due for a monstrous season this year and if he can stay on the field for 13-14 games, then I have no problem giving a big prediction. The Swift prediction is 200-230 carries, 1000 yds, 10 TDs, while receiving 70 recs, 600 yds and 7-8 TDs. Someone call Fantasy Pros and tell them they are undervaluing this man at RB19 because he is clearly going to be a top 10 running back this year.

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