Bengals On Fire!

Bengals On Fire!

Bengal On Fire!

The Cincinnati Bengals are on fire right now. They’re sitting pretty in first place in the AFC North, they are also currently sitting at the number one seed in the AFC altogether. I know that doesn’t mean anything because anything could still happen; but I think it is safe to say that the Bengals are seriously a contender this year and are hungry to win after so many years of misery. The offense was on fire in Sunday’s game with 28 unanswered points after halftime, but the Defense, man the Defense is rolling, holding the Ravens to only 17 points and Lamar Jackson to only 88 rushing yards; and on top of that, the other rushers on their offense only had 27 total yards between them.


Burrow to Chase

Joe Burrow, man, what I can say, he was red hot with completing 23 of his 38 pass attempts, for a career high of 416 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Burrow to Chase combination is unreal and they are moving the ball at unstoppable numbers and I hope they keep up that LSU magic. Chase alone had 201 yards and 1 touchdown for a total of 754 yards in 7 games; he is on pace to end up with 85 receptions, 1,831 yards, and 15 touchdowns before the end of the season. Chase said he was going to break records in Cincinnati when he was drafted, well after seeing what he’s done in the first seven games, I believe that he is going to.


Tight End Mania

C.J. Uzomah is balling too. Like seriously! Again, being on the same page as Burrow and being another consistent target for Burrow, he had 3 receptions for 91 yards and 2 touchdowns. Seriously, this kid is on fire!


Dominant Defense all the way

This defense continues to get it done week after week. With the exception of week 2 which was a bit of a misfortune, every other week, this defense has been consistent and has made plays all the way. Sacking Jackson five times in week seven, the most he has EVER been sacked is amazing within itself and then holding him to the 88-rushing yards and the rest of the backs to 27 yards total; heck, Jackson only threw for 257 yards completing only 15 out of his 31 passes. Great job Bengal’s Defense and much credit goes out to Lou Anarumo too. Many people wanted to give up on him but Taylor said whoa wait a minute; this guy has got this!


Taylor gotten better?

I’ve been high on Taylor for some reason, always saying he’s still cleaning up after Lewis’s mess and he’s got a young team, but I never really gave up on him. Did I want him to get better at play calling? Yes. But I never gave up on him. Taylor has never beaten the Ravens before and this has already happened  and on the road at that, on top of beating the Steelers on the road, another first for Taylor; winning road games. He beat the Steelers last year, but in Cincinnati and got his first prime time win for a 7-3 record in his last 10 games back to last season, I would say he is definitely improving. Whether he is getting better at play calling, playing more aggressively, or letting Burrow take over the reigns; something is working and they should definitely keep it up.

The future is bright in Cincinnati! 

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