Building More Than A Good Team

Building More Than A Good Team

It’s been over a year now since we started The Truth Serum Football and we’ve met some truly amazing people through this! We can’t thank all of our supporters and our team enough! One of our biggest supporters and group admins who has been with us from nearly the beginning wrote an article a while back for you, the public, but to us it’s a genuine letter of his Truth Serum experience. The TSF family is something special that we never could have imagined. Meeting so many genuine, awesome people like Mike has been nothing short of a blessing. We love you all! 

Now from the Man, the Myth, the Legend! Big Pompa Pump! 

Building more than a good team 

By Mike Pompa 

Let’s all admit it, when we first saw or heard of The Truth Serum Football, we all went, “What the hell is this”? Then we accepted an invite, or we answered a private message that was sent to us being very cautious about it and wondering, “How did this guy or gal find me to send me a message”? Once we joined our respected groups, we saw posts about our teams, players and coaches. Some of us never played fantasy football, but yet we read all the posts. We also got very excited whenever there was a giveaway, hoping that our name was called. When Sunday mornings rolled around, and we watched 2 guys, telling us who they think would be a good player to have in that week or who not to play while drinking beer and using foul language, we all fell in love with them! Ok, maybe some of us didn’t because we are little wimps who can’t take the language! (I can take the language)

As the year went on, we became more and more involved because the guys made us feel like we were a part of something. Their unique way of making us feel welcome is like no other group on the net! We watched as the groups grew bigger. We felt comfortable enough to invite our friends and fellow fans to our groups. We felt excited, when we got home from work and walked up to our front porches and found a package from The Truth Serum Football! 

Fast forward. Now we have 3 guys, bringing us news, advice, more and more giveaways and building something that I don’t think any of us saw coming.

When they created the Patreons, I know at least for me, I was like, They want me to contribute my money, every month? I have never met these guys! I wasn’t sure how this was going to work at first, and I am sure the guys didn’t either. As more and more people saw how “True”, real, honest, and respectful the Serum Guy’s were, people kept joining the Patreons, because they knew they were helping build something. But what that “Something” was, none of us knew yet.

Friendships were starting. People were meeting people. Stories were being shared. We all kind of felt we were helping Joey with his dream, by becoming a Patreon. Little did any of us realize, a Family was beginning to take shape.  

As we have gone through life, we have all made friends and lost friends. We have gotten into arguments, disagreements and even fights with those friends. Some of our friends we just consider acquaintances. Some we consider our “Best Friend”, and some we even consider Family! 

We have met friends through a family member or a friend of a friend, school or work. We have all done the bounce back and forth from one best friend to another. Our friends have made us laugh, cry and hurt. How many of us can say we met some of our greatest friends, through a fantasy football Facebook group? Until you become a Patreon and see what I am talking about, you will never understand.

This group started out as the guys and gals who were donating whatever amount they wanted to, to help Joey and the guys build the Truth Serum. Then, as any cool person would do, Joey offered a little special treatment to those Patreons. First dibs on giveaways, being able to join a league, and so on.

Nobody had a clue as to what was going to happen next.

As some of you have seen the group, TSF MEMORABILIA SLOTS, It’s a pretty awesome group don’t you think? You can see how each item has a different price on the slot. This group was designed to bring you more sports memorabilia. The slots cover the cost of the item. It was Joey's wish, to be able to do this for all of you! 

This group takes a lot of work! There is no way one person could do it by themselves. Jeremy Pyle and Tyler Tompkins have been instrumental in making this group a success! You’re  probably asking, “What does this have to do with The Serum Building something? Here is how I will put this all together.

We buy our slots in hopes of winning that jersey, helmet, cleat, or signed picture. We have probably got bitched at from our wives or husbands for spending too much money in there already. I have! When this group first started, a certain football came up for slots! It was a signed Christian McCaffery football. My son, Jake, who is 12 years old, a football junkie, a running back, LOVES CMC! SO, as any cool Dad would do, I bought him a slot. All of a sudden, I get messages that say, “Somebody bought Jake a slot”! Then another message, and another! Still more and more kept coming. I will admit, I was so excited for Jake, I had a tear. I couldn’t believe that people were doing this for Jake, and don’t know him or me personally. I went in the Patreons group and asked who was doing this? Nobody would answer me. One of the Patreons said, “We love Jake! He is like the “Serum’s Son”! Now, as his Dad, I felt proud, but I also felt the love. 

Now, item after item is coming up for a slot. People are buying as many slots for other people as they are buying for themselves. I ask myself, “What the hell is going on?” It’s happening on items that a person would never bid on because it is not their team. I know I would never spend my money on a Vikings jersey, or a Cardinals helmet in a store. Just to see people doing this for others is simply amazing. THEY HAVE NEVER MET EACH OTHER!!!!!!!

So, The Truth Serum. In just over a year, have built a pretty amazing following on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. They have built a very solid Podcast that we watch. They have built groups that have become a lot of fun to be a part of. But! Do you know what the most important thing they have built in the last year????


I am not over extending this by any means. I wake up each morning to find “Good Mornings” on my phone. I see “I Love You All” each and every day. When bedtime comes, I see “Good Night’s.” I see people concerned for each other, sending prayers for each other! Genuine people caring for genuine people. People trying to lift others up when they are down and going through a hard time. This Coronavirus has even brought us closer. People spending their hard earned money on people they have never met before. I do love each and every one of you like you are my Brother or Sister. I can honestly say, I never, ever in a million years saw this coming a year ago. What Joey started is, I don’t even know what word to use to describe it. 

If there is one person that thinks Joey is in this for the money, they can come talk to the Big Pompa Pump. You can see the honesty, love, good heartedness, and TRUTH in Joey and his dream. I know I can speak for all of us when I say, “Thank You Joey! Thank you for bringing us all together and BUILDING this Family!  

Now! Enough mushy shit and go join the Patreons!!!!!



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