Buy and Sell candidates

Buy and Sell candidates

Here at TSF we’re all about telling the truth and helping you win your leagues. A key part of fantasy football is trading to improve your team but it’s tough to know who to trade away and who to target. Timing really is everything, the stock of players rises and falls rapidly and we’re here to guide you through the mid season stock market of fantasy football. Whether you’re desperate to stay in the hunt or are stocking up for a playoff run, we’ve got you covered with the top buy and sell options from our resident experts. 

Joey Fickle, Jordan Thomas, Clayton Crawford, Zach Kurtz, Travis Sumpter and Mike “the wildcard” Pynakker have all collaborated to give you the top “buy low” and “sell high” candidates after week #5. 

Joey’s buy: WR Deebo Samuel, San Francisco 49ers 

Go get Deebo!

Listen, I told you he would start slow... Even after he returned to the gridiron from a Jones fracture. This is nothing new and it played out just like that. But right now is the time to strike! He has since returned, and played 2 subpar games, unable to produce top 60 WR numbers in either contest. 

Yes I know, Jimmy G blows dogs for quarters and they have a tough upcoming schedule. 

But this can work to your advantage when trading for him. Simply remind the Deebo owner of that. 

Let’s not forget, Deebo was a 4th round fantasy pick before his injury and as a rookie last year, he exploded down the stretch. In his 2 games back this season, his snap percentage jumped from 34% to 89% from weeks 4 to 5. Last week he had 8 targets which was good for a 23% share. He scored a disappointing 4 points on 2 receptions but positive regression is coming. The Deebo owner is probably frustrated. But this is exactly what I expected, so go trade a few benchwarmers for a fucking beast!

Jordan’s buy: WR Chris Godwin, Tampa Bay Buccaneers 

I know Godwin has burned you just like Julio and MT have. However, of the three, Godwin has the best chance to bounce back and will be Brady’s favorite target when he returns, which looks like this week. He will come cheaper than the aforementioned Jones and Thomas and will likely out produce both. 

Clayton’s buy: RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire, Kansas City Chiefs 

Le’veon Bell ain’t bout nothing. Folks is spooked. Give me all the CEH shares for the low low!

Zach’s Buy: Amari Cooper, Dallas Cowboys 

Cooper was the WR #1 in fantasy points through the first four games of the young season but dropped to 8th due to his miserable 4.1 outing against the Giants on Sunday. He had such a hot start that even after his two catch dud the former 4th overall pick is still averaging 17.8 PPG. Yeah last week’s performance was a crusher but the real reason fantasy owners are eager to ship him away is obvious. 

The devastating season ending injury to superstar QB Dak Prescott is a huge factor but Cooper is a stud and I believe he’s quite a bargain right now. It’s not like he has any run of the mill backup schmuck throwing to him now, he has the 3 time pro bowl Red Rifle with over 30,000 yards and 200 TDs to his name. Compared to Dak it makes some fantasy owners cringe and that’s why you can get Amari on the cheap. There’s no doubt in my mind that he’ll still finish as a top 12 receiver on this loaded offense that will continue to have to pass and score tons due to the historically poor Dallas defense. Go kick Cooper’s tires and try to get a stud for a  steal! 

Pynakker’s buy: RB Phillip Lindsay, Denver Broncos

I’m choosing to buy in on Phillip Lindsay as Melvin Gordon has gotten a DUI which could cause Lindsay to have an increased role especially since the Broncos know he CAN be a starter because he has been. 

Travis’s buy: WR D.K. Metcalf, Seattle Seahawks 

If I was re-doing any of my drafts at this current moment DK would be my WR1 (was my WR22 pre-draft). He has been spectacular through the first weeks of the 2020 season. He is averaging 8 receptions per game, is averaging nearly 20 ppg in full PPR, and has been an absolute stud. Metcalf has the quarterback needed to sustain his current rate and I fully expect him to finish top 5 by the end of the year. It currently is his bye week, so if you can go out and snag him you do it!

Joey’s sell: RB Todd Gurley, Atlanta Falcons 

Unload Gurley 

Todd Gurley smashed in week 5 with 25 points. But that was against the Panthers, and everyone smashes against the Panthers. Except Kenyan Drake, and you should probably sell him too. The Panthers are allowing RBs to score an average of 10 points more against them than their season average. 

The "former fantasy superstar" is not the same. He currently has a 67% rush share (14th) for the Falcons, but only a 6% target share (40th). Y’all, this is a very heavy passing offense. He is scoring touchdowns but I assure you he won't keep up his current pace of fantasy points. He is currently the RB11 so I’m not telling you to trade him for pennies on the dollar, I'm simply saying you can probably capitalize on a very strong start. The Falcons passing to rushing TDs should even out given the heavy passing attack, which will lead to less rushing scores for Gurley on the ground. Get out while you can!

Jordan’s sell: WR D.J. Moore, Carolina Panthers 

Moore finally popped last week and showed us all why we invested high draft capital on him. However Robby Anderson still saw more targets and was productive with them. Moore is back to preseason hype. Sell Carolina’s third option while you can. 

Clayton’s sell, WR Michael Gallup, Dallas Cowboys 

He’s the 3rd best receiver on his team, and has a new QB. Bye boiiii 🤚

Zach’s sell: RB Darrell Henderson, Los Angeles Rams. 

This is a classic “get out before it’s too late” situation. Henderson may not necessarily be a hot commodity but he’s coming off of a 20 point performance making it his third 19+ outing in just the first five games. Whether you picked him up off of waivers or you drafted him in the mid to late rounds the current RB #19 is nothing to sneeze at, however, this backfield of Sean McVay’s is sure to be a nightmare for fantasy owners. Henderson had another great game for fantasy against the Football Team on Sunday, scoring two touchdowns but his 15 carries for 38 yards paled in comparison to the 9 for 61 that second round rookie Cam Akers managed, especially considering he was returning from a rib injury. Add in the fact that Malcolm Brown will remain in the mix and this backfield will be a committee all the way. 

Try to find a running back needy owner who you can dump Henderson on before his stock plummets and he rots on your bench as the guy that you’ll never feel comfortable playing but will randomly go off. Once Akers outperforms him you won’t get squat. Pull the trigger before this tough road matchup against the Niners. 

Pynakker’s sell: WR Calvin Ridley, Atlanta Falcons

My Sell is Calvin Ridley as he has been killing it but between Julio coming back and there being a new head coach, there’s A LOT of uncertainties so I’m selling high on him beforehand.

Travis’s sell: TE Zach Ertz, Philadelphia Eagles 

Ertz is currently sitting as the TE 15 in PPR. He is a total sell given all the injuries and disfunction the Eagles are facing. There is no one there to help spread out the field to give room for Ertz to operate his normal fashion. I fear his schedule against the Ravens this week and also the Giants in weeks 7 and 10 as well. The Eagles also have their bye week in week 9, so that is another reason to sell. Might not be a bad idea to look for an upgrade somewhere else given his name value that he still holds in the fantasy community.

With some players you need to just get what you can for them, while you can, before their stock drops any further. Others you can take advantage of their recent performances and other circumstances and either sell high or buy low. Good luck and as always, stay true. 

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  • Gino Benatti

    I’m planning on pushing Ridley for top 7 rb first thing next week if everything goes well. I can then move CEH to my RB2 or flex and be more confident making that run

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