Buy and Sell candidates

Buy and Sell candidates

Here at TSF we’re all about telling the truth and helping you win your leagues. A key part of fantasy football is trading to improve your team but it’s tough to know who to trade away and who to target. Timing really is everything, the stock of players rises and falls rapidly and we’re here to guide you through the mid season stock market of fantasy football. Whether you’re desperate to stay in the hunt or are stocking up for a playoff run, we’ve got you covered with the top buy and sell options from our resident experts. 

Jordan Thomas, Clayton Crawford, Zach Kurtz, Travis Sumpter and Mike “the wildcard” Pynakker have all collaborated to give you the top “buy low” and “sell high” candidates after week #8.!

Jordan’s buy: RB J.K. Dobbins, Baltimore Ravens 

Buy JK Dobbins. He is clearly the best back in this offense and should continue to see his workload increase after his performance this week 

Clayton’s buy: WR Tyler Boyd, Cincinnati Bengals 

People are all over Tee Higgins and rightfully so, but Boyd still produces same/better stats. This offense can have two 1’s

Zach’s Buy: WR Jarvis Landry, Cleveland Browns

Landry has been fairly underwhelming so far but I think things will get a lot better for him and his owners after this week's bye. The former LSU Tiger has yet to catch a touchdown and although he's been quiet he's also been consistent with a low of 7 points and a high of 15. Those aren't great numbers but they're sure to go up now that OBJ is out for the season. Landry was peppered with eleven targets this past week due to Beckham's absence. Buy the current WR #37 low and thank me later!

Travis’s buy:  RB Zack Moss, Buffalo Bills 

Zack Moss is gaining more and more traction and is slowly taking over the lead back spot on this Buffalo Bills offense. The Bills seem disappointed in the lack of production in Devin Singletary and when Moss is getting the opportunity, he is running away with it. Last week the two touchdown, 50/50 split is absolutely no fluke. Zack Moss will be the feature back down the stretch and will lead you to fantasy gold by the end of the seas

Pynakker’s buy: Marquise “Hollywood” Brown, Baltimore Ravens 

My buy this week is Hollywood Brown. I think with the fact Dez Bryant has been brought to the practice squad is enough to tell you they want to have another wide receiver talent there. With Dez coming many will say that’ll take away from Hollywood but if you look Hollywood isn’t doing shit right now, with Dez coming there I say it takes pressure away and Hollywood starts beasting, the kids fast and has talent but right now name another WIDE RECEIVER on that team that has enough talent to take pressure from Hollywood? Sorry Jordan, Duvernay is not the answer! *mic drop*

Jordan’s sell: HC Bill Belichick, New England Patriots 

Sell Bill Belichick as an elite head coach. He is 43-60 without Tom Brady as his week 1 starter. It’s only going to get worse from here. Tom is the goat. Bill....a product of the system. So sell all Patriots while you still may be able to. 

Clayton’s sell: RB James Robinson, Jacksonville Jaguars 

I love this guy but I don’t see him controlling all the work like he has. Ozigbo or whatever his name is, is back and he isn’t trash whatsoever. And who is to say they don’t draft someone next year. If I can get a 1st rounder in Dynasty for him and land Najee Harris or Travis Ettine in this next class, that’s a big ol W! 

Zach’s sell: RB Todd Gurley, Atlanta Falcons 

Gurley is sitting pretty as the RB #7 heading into week #9 much to the delight of his fantasy owners. He's been great but I'm selling the former Ram. He's just not the workhorse back that he used to be and has been very touchdown reliant. He is tied for 8th in the league with 8 ground scores. He only has 13 receptions so far and has been out done in that category by backfield mate Brian Hill. Hill has been getting more involved lately garnering 30 touches in the last three games. Gurley is getting plenty of carries and has been productive for fantasy but he's actually been quite ineffective for Atlanta averaging less than three yards per tote in half of their eight games so far. Sell the former fantasy stud high while his points in the bank and name are still elite.

Travis’s sell: Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas Cowboys 

This offense is a complete pile of absolute dog shit. The offense is a complete train wreck without Dak in the lineup. The offensive line is decimated, they are on their 4th string quarterback, and quite frankly Zeke has not looked himself this season. He is no longer offering you any kind of decent floor and his ceiling is capped 100 percent. Trade Zeke. Get what you can for him and move on.

Pynakker’s sell: WR Michael Thomas, New Orleans Saints 

My sell, and most are gonna hate this but idc! ITS MY SELL AND I DO WHAT I WANT! It’s Michael Thomas, with him coming back this week people will buy in. The dude caught the Antonio Brown Syndrome and is having so many issues that I don’t see him staying on the field, wether it be injuries or off field issues! Is he talented when he’s on the field? Yes! Has he gotten into it with two teammates in the past year? Yes! The dude let shit go to his head and I think you can sell him for crazy amounts and he ends up playing maybe half the remaining games.

With some players you need to just get what you can for them, while you can, before their stock drops any further. Others you can take advantage of their recent performances and other circumstances and either sell high or buy low. Good luck and as always, stay true.

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