Coaches & Accountability

Coaches & Accountability

Have you ever listened to a coach's press conference and wondered why they don't take more accountability? I know I do, especially listening to Mike Zimmer. I'm a huge Vikings fan and I even like Zimmer and respect what he's done as a coach, however I wish he would take more accountability. Yes I know we had a young defense this year, yes Hunter, Barr, and Kendricks were all out. Yes, Pierce opted out. I get all that, but a coach still needs to take some accountability. In my opinion, calling a defense the worst you've ever had and calling them terrible without taking any responsibility is not a good idea. 

Now we look at Jon Gruden, the coach of my second favorite team the Las Vegas Raiders. So a few weeks ago with the Raiders playing the Dolphins and both teams fighting for their playoff lives, Josh Jacobs decided he'd intentionally go down inside the 5 yard line when he had a clear path to the end zone. He did this to run more time off of the clock and I completely understand part. What I don't understand is after that happened, Gruden elected to kneel on the ball and kick a go ahead field goal. The Raiders took the lead, the problem is their defense has not been good in the 4th quarter and they allowed a deep pass from Fitzmagic with a facemask tacked on. Because the Raiders elected to just settle for a field goal and go ahead by just 2 points, the Dolphins made a game winning field goal winning the contest by a score of 26-25. 

Now I love Gruden and normally he's the first guy to take responsibility which I love. This time he said “I don't regret the decision, I just regret the result.” So on one hand you have one coach who almost always takes responsibility with an exception here and there and one coach who never does. So personally I sometimes am wowed in a good way by a coach and disappointed in others when they take no responsibility or accountability. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think coaches should take more accountability or should they call out their respective units or players? 

  Elijah Allen Lippert 


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