Cook’s Corner

Cook’s Corner

Cook’s Corner

Coming into this season most people would have said Christian McCaffrey was the best running back in football. He can do a bit of everything. He can run hard, he’s very dangerous in the passing game, he can block better than some, he does it all. He also has proven most seasons that he can stay healthy, which Dalvin Cook hasn’t proven up to this point.

Now let’s compare the seasons they’re having in this Covid plagued 2020 season. Also we will look at some reasons as to why Cook is succeeding at such a high level. McCaffrey played 16 games each of his first three seasons proving his durability as I mentioned earlier. This season, however, in 3 games he has 59 rushes for 225 yards and 5 touchdowns, good for just 3.8 yards a carry. He also is averaging 8.8 yards per reception which is a career high. He’s doing this on 17 catches. His yards per carry however are the lowest they’ve been since his rookie year. Yes he’s been injured and it’s also a crazy season with Covid but he’s not producing at a pace he has in the past.

Now let’s take a look at the season Dalvin Cook is having. Despite missing a game and a half, Dalvin Cook is one of only two running backs with over 1,000 yards rushing this season. He has 1,130 and Tennessee’s Derek Henry has 1,257. Cook is averaging 5.2 yards per carry on 219 attempts to go along with a whopping 13 rushing touchdowns and 14 total touchdowns, which is tied for the league lead with KC’s Tyreek Hill. Cook is also averaging 8.8 yards per reception on the season. So why is Dalvin Cook so successful? I think there’s a few reasons. First off, I think Gary Kubiak’s zone scheme running attack has paid huge dividends and is a great fit for Cook. 

Second, I think the offensive line, though it still has struggles especially in the passing game, has been improved and has laid the lumber, paving the way for Cook to have a monster season. I also think Cook has the desire, drive, and determination to become the best Vikings running back of all time even better then the Viking greats Chuck Foreman and Adrian Peterson. 

Though there’s something to be said about staying on the field consistently, Dalvin has proven why he’s worth the 63 million dollars over 5 years he got handed this season. I’ll always be a Vikings fan and I know for sure I will always be in Dalvin’s corner. Will you do the same?

Elijah Allen Lippert 



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