Denzel Mims - The Redzone Nightmare

Denzel Mims - The Redzone Nightmare



This guy is the definition of an athletic FREAK! Denzel Mims is this year's D.K. Metcalf, albeit without all the muscles. Mims and Metcalf are both 6’3, with Metcalf having the slight weight advantage 228-215. Mims also posted a similar 40 time by posting a 4.33.  Mims looks like a “faster” Kenny golladay. His measurements Jump off the page as a day 1 starter to me. 


Mims is the guy that you want on the field when you’re down in the red zone and need to score. He will give his quarterback the ability to throw up the 50/50 ball, and know that it will be coming home to Mims.  The man can get up there and snag it. Mims is a back shoulder fade machine. He could be running a fade and have the quarterback throw a bad ball behind him and still make the grab. His catch radius is off the charts and his body control allows him to make ridiculous catches without losing stride. There have been many corners and safety left looking a fool as Mims blew past them. I expect to see a lot of goal line fades and Hail Mary catches out of this guy in the future. He would make a great target for Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay, who loves to throw those end of half lobs. 


Don’t let his size fool you, this boy has killer feet and quickness. He will hit you with that “ol stone cold stunner” dead step and have the corner looking for his achilles buried in the turf. He runs very efficient routes, breaking out of cuts and leaving people dazed and confused out there. His double moves on out and ups are vicious. This man can run a slant and burst through the second level like a gazelle escaping a lion. He can run screen routes, post routes and anything you throw at him. 


The good thing about Mims is the fact that he is not just a 1 year wonder or somebody who comes with question marks about his ability to produce. The guy had excellent stats every year in college and led his team in targets, receptions, and TDs all 3 years. 


61 rec, 118 targets, 25.10% TGT share, 52.60% catch rate, 1087yds, 17.8avg, 8TDS


55 rec, 93 targets, 16.90%TGT share, 52.60% catch rate, 800yds, 14.4avg, 8TDS 


66 rec, 117 targets, 24.10% TGT share, 52.60% catch rate, 1020yds, 15.5avg, 12TDS

I know you're probably wondering why his stats dropped his junior year and I can’t answer that, but what I’ve seen my entire life is that if someone dips one season, and then picks their performance back up the next season, it’s usually a pretty good indicator that they’re back on track. Despite the lower production during his JR he, Mims burst back on the scene churning out stats again his senior year. Most GM’s will take a 800 yard 8 touchdown year any day. 


Mims is a day 1 starter with the ability to put up 800-1000 in his rookie season. Mims could be a red zone weapon, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him catch 6-8 TDs. He blew up the combine and absolutely showed out at the senior bowl. His senior bowl week yanked him out of the 2nd rd and placed him as first rd pick. He smoked everybody on his 1on1 drills catching around 95% on 14 receptions of 16 targets 5TDS and 0 drops. Mims is not a selfish player and is an excellent blocker who can drive defenders down field to open up the run game. Denzel mims is a stud so be sure to grab him in your dynasty leagues now. He will be wreaking havoc for years to come. Thanks for reading!

As always stay true. 

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  • Zach

    Can’t wait to see what he can accomplished with Stidham throwing to him!

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