Deonte Brown: Massive Potential

Deonte Brown: Massive Potential

You may know of Deonte Brown as a meme, you know, the one where there’s an enormous Offensive Lineman from Alabama and it says something hilarious or ridiculous or has the crazy stat that throughout his collegiate career he never allowed a sack. The stat is true and Brown is just as big as he looks in the meme. 

The Alabama native played in 48 games with 26 starts over his five year collegiate career as a Guard for the Crimson Tide. He redshirted as a freshman back in 2016 and didn’t get his first start until midway through the 2018 season when he was replacing an injured starter. The big man quickly impressed and earned himself a starting position for the next two years. He was finally recognized for his outstanding play in 2020 as he earned First Team All-SEC honors as well as his first national championship as a starter. 

The 6’4” 364 pound Brown has always been a massive individual as he was nearly that size in High School. He was a four star recruit and #126 on ESPN’s top 300 list of prospects. 

His size and power have always caused him to stand out but he’s also very fundamentally sound. He has excellent technique at the line of scrimmage and is very effective at the point of attack often knocking defensive linemen off the line. He displays solid footwork and precise hand technique with quick powerful strikes. 

Although he obviously lacks speed as a 350+ pounder, he has enough mobility to make pulls and he occasionally got out to the second level. Alabama used him effectively in that part of the game since his collisions were devastating for defenders but he wasn’t asked to cover much ground often. 

He’s so wide and takes up so much space that it doesn’t matter if he takes the perfect angle because he’s nearly impossible to move. He’s like a one man double team. His base is, you guessed it, extremely wide and he uses it to his advantage. 

With a player this size it seems like he’d be somewhat sluggish but Brown is a high energy mauler with a pop to his game. He definitely could use to slim down some for the NFL to improve his stamina and help him consistently pull and get to the second level. He’s quick in short areas but cannot cover ground quickly enough in space. He’s usually listed at 350 but I think an ideal playing weight would be around 330. 

With some more conditioning and about 30 pounds lighter Brown could be a monster in the pros for many years to come. 

He’s a beast in the run game and like the memes pointed out, his pass blocking game is nearly flawless as he didn’t allow a single sack in college. He has massive potential and is currently projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round of the draft and I can’t wait to watch this mountain of a man go up against the Linemen of the NFL. 

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