Golden Rules of Fantasy Volume 2

Golden Rules of Fantasy Volume 2

Now that you’ve read

 you have checked off your predraft todo list. Now it’s time to get ready to tackle your first fantasy draft of the season. Every draft is different, so I hope you came adequately prepared. Here are the five golden rules on draft day. 

Golden Rule 6: You Will NOT Win Your League on Draft Day. 

Everybody wants to nail their draft. It’s the beginning of the season and there is no better way to get started than to absolutely fucking rake on draft day. Unfortunately you will never win your league on draft day. Oh and even worse, you absolutely can lose your league on draft day. Safety is sexy early on in the process. Your ability to navigate the waiver wire and trade block will ultimately be what makes or breaks your season. 

Golden Rule 7: Not All Positions are Equal. 

QB’s are typically the highest point producers in most league formats. However the position runs deeper than most, kind of like my ex wife. It is much harder to find a workhorse RB1 and they’re off the board almost immediately. Extremely high volume WRs and TEs are also pretty damn rare, although TE presents a much higher gamble. Fade your QBs and TEs early. I typically like to have 3 RBs and 3 WRs with my first 6 picks. Then it’s best player available baby! Quarterbacks should be late, unlike your girlfriend’s period. 

Golden Rule 8: Kickers and Defenses Are Bottom Feeders. 

These should be your last two picks in every single format. I don’t care what they did last year. I don’t care what big name free agent they signed. There are too many moving parts. When you factor in the offensive changes made around the league to combat the defensive changes it makes it that much more difficult. Remember when the Jaguars made the AFC Championship Game? That defense was harder than Mandingo. But in 2018 they sucked more dick than Madison Ivy. Same shit happened with the Bears in 2019. Porn intended. 

Golden Rule 9: Mock Drafts are Essential:

Mock drafts are a great way to try different drafting strategies to help you get an idea of where the values in each round are. Also, just because you did 100 mock drafts last year, doesn't mean you will know where the values are this year. It's different each year. Prior experience doesn't mean shit! We do mocks all the time. Let us know if you’d like to get in and we’ll tell you how!

Golden Rule 10: Not All Positions Are Equal but Underlined

Notice a common theme this time around? There is nothing more important to get right on draft day than where to draft your players. Just in case you missed it, here is an absolute bullet proof way to look at your upcoming draft:

QB: Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson will be enticing, but the wrong play to make in any single QB format. If you are that convicted on a Quarterback, draft the best WR available. I wouldn’t recommend drafting one in the first six rounds at least. You’ll be okay, just wait. 

RB: This is where your early round attention should be. Don’t get cute. You absolutely need a quality RB in the first two rounds and really 2 in the first 3. When you can get a great one you don’t hesitate to do so. Later in the draft you will want to fade RBs and load up on tasty WRs while RB desperate owners are pilfering through the scraps. 

WR: The deepest position in the draft. If you draft a bad WR core this year, you’re probably doing it wrong. Let’s just say I draft RB, RB, QB, TE in the first 4 rounds. Based on a recent mock my WR core could consist of Cooper Kupp, Stefon Diggs, JuJu Smith Shuster, DK Metcalf and Christian Kirk. This isn’t like dating in your 40s there are still plenty of WRs in the sea. 

TE: Kelce and Kittle are elite TEs. They also have a very high draft cost. I like to snatch up a TE in the 3-6 range usually somewhere in the 5th to 8th round. When Noah Fant is one of the three best tight ends on the board, it’s a good indicator that it’s time to strike. Also for fucks sake if u draft Kittle or Kelce don’t draft another. 

K/D: Don’t fucking draft these guys unless you have to and then if you do do it as late as humanly possible. You’re going to have 12 different kickers and 9 different defenses by the time the damn season is over anyway. In fact just stop playing in leagues that draft kickers all together. 

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