Golden Rules of Fantasy Vol 3 (Ready)

Golden Rules of Fantasy Vol 3 (Ready)

We have reached the finale of our trilogy and today I’m going to be walking you through my final set of Golden Rules. Today we will focus on the regular season. If you need a refresher make sure you check out: 

Golden Rules to Getting Started

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Alright, I’ve kept you waiting long enough. Here’s what you all came here for. Leave me a comment below and let me know what YOUR Golden Rules of Fantasy are!

Golden Rule 11: Put In Work on Tuesdays

This is vital. There will always be players that can make your team better. Use your FAAB and waiver priority wisely. Also keep in mind that all savvy players will be looking at their teams on Tuesday, so strike while the iron is hot. There have been plenty of times I’ve turned the top waiver wire priority into an every week starter via trade. Bring your A Game on Tuesdays. Just make sure you don’t blow your load on someone like Mason Rudolph. 

Golden Rule 12: The Subtle Art of Trading

You will need to make trades to improve your team. As a bonus, they’re fun. However, be cautious when making trades, and don’t trade just for the hell of it. Every trade should be a net positive to your team. Don’t sell a player just because he is in a slump and not performing. Shit happens. Don’t be the nervous owner who sells too quickly, instead be the savvy buyer who seizes the opportunity. Players are streaky but the pendulum always swings back to the middle. Regression, both positive and negative, happens. 

Golden Rule 13: Know Your Rules and Shut Your Mouth

You must know your league inside and out. Knowing the trade deadline and the playoff format is a decent start, but to be competitive, you must know your scoring settings and roster format. If 30% of your starting roster turns out to be RBs, then you must draft them at a higher rate. Is it a 2 QB league? If so, quarterback value just fucking skyrocketed. Is it a 6 point passing TD league? That’s great for Drew Brees and Matt Ryan, but not so awesome for Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson. Knowing your scoring settings, stat bonuses, and league size are all imperative to your success. Oh, and when another owner doesn’t realize one of the scoring settings, exploit it. Cripple them in a trade. These are your mortal enemies and your one goal is to crush them. Step on their neck and laugh in their loser faces. 

Golden Rule 14: No Loyalty

I don’t give a shit who your favorite team or player is. If they aren’t helping your fantasy team, get rid of them. Trade him, cut him, call his mama a bad name, I don’t care how you do it, just get him off of your roster. Fantasy football is an emotional game and the managers that keep a level head, are typically the most successful. Seize opportunity when it’s presented to you, regardless of how much you love the player you may be shipping out. 

Golden Rule 15:  

Draft… Did someone say draft!?

  • Draft order must not be as simple as drawing names from a hat. That’s the equivalent of always doing missionary. I like to play a drinking game. Assume beer pong, with numbers on the bottom of the cups. Take turns tossing the ball, then… Bottoms up! Everyone else sees your draft order number before you! 
  • Can't do a live draft? Try a slow draft. These are fun because you have plenty of time to negotiate draft pick trading. And let's be honest, Drafting and trading are the 2 best parts of the game. So take it slow, baby!
  • Don't be afraid of previous injuries if the player is currently healthy. It’s the NFL.
  • Opposite of rule 12-C, don't buy hurt players on discount. This will backfire every time. If the guy is having trouble before the season, shut him down like he is coughing around your kids on flu season. 
  • Go back and read rules 5, 7, and 10. This is important! You know what? Fuck it, read them all again after you sober up.

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