Grading The 2021 Bengals Draft

Grading The 2021 Bengals Draft

With the 2021 NFL draft coming to a close this past weekend that means it’s draft grade time! Let’s take a look at the Cincinnati Bengals rookie class. 

Round One, Pick 5

Ja'Marr Chase, Wide Receiver, LSU

Grade: A

I mean, I was all in on getting Sewell with this pick, and I was upset that they didn't pick him; at first, but after seeing what they did in the rest of the draft, I think the Bengals made the right choice here. After losing Green to the Arizona Cardinals, they really did need another number one receiver. What better kind of receiver to grab than one who has experience with Burrow and comes in with a GREAT attitude that says he is going to break every record in Cincinnati.


Round Two, Pick 46

Jackson Carman, Guard, Clemson

Grade: B

This is not the choice I would have made here, but I'd say giving where they were, all he could do is help. I mean, Clemson's offensive line wasn't terrible, right?


Round Three, Pick 69

Joseph Ossai, Edge, Texas

Grade: A

I'm not going to deny that the defense did not need anybody, especially a defensive end. I don't know much about Ossai except that he displays a quickness and burst coming off the edge (Brooks, 2021). At 6'3" tall, 256lbs, I'd say he'll be a fantastic addition to the Bengals defense.


Round Four, Pick 111

Cameron Sample, Edge, Tulane

Grade: B

Sample was a great pick for this first pick of round 4. At 6'2" tall, 274lbs, he has potential to have a significant impact on the defensive line. I mean, with how the defense was ranked last year, he couldn't possibly make it worse, right?


Round Four, Pick 122

Tyler Shelvin, Defensive Tackle, LSU

Grade: B

Shelvin came from LSU, doesn't mean he's going to be everything they need, but he is definitely going to help the line. At 346lbs, 6'3" tall there is definite possibility for quite a few tackles and sacks out there.


Round Four, Pick 139

D'Ante Smith, Offensive Tackle, East Carolina

Grade: B

At 6'5" tall, 294lbs, I believe this guy could be a great asset on the offensive line. Let's face it, the Bengals could use ALL the help they can get on that O line. And where Smith currently is, he’s a bit of a work in progress, he can most definitely be molded into a starter.


Round Five, Pick 149

Evan McPherson, Kicker, Florida

Grade: A, not adding the plus because he was drafted just a bit early.

I think McPherson is a great replacement for the Bengals after they let Randy Bullock go. Connecting 85% of his field goals, he's never had one blocked over his whole career. He is one of the most consistent kickers in college and has also broken many records. McPherson is definitely on top of his game and is going to be a great addition to the Bengals. Great Pick! One of the best!


Round Six, Pick 190

Trey Hill, Center, Georgia

Grade: C

The Bengals did need to draft a center, no doubt about that, however, Trey Hill may not be able to take the starting position right away, but he has definite possibilities and could develop into something great over a few years.


Round Six, Pick 202

Chris Evans, Running Back, Michigan

Grade B 

Well, Evans wouldn't have been my first choice, but I'm an Ohio State fan, so you all get that right? HA! But seriously, Evans is just good enough to gain some skills in the passing game and stand behind Mixon and Perine. Who knows, maybe one day, he'll be a starter.


Round Seven, Pick 235

Wyatt Hubert, Defensive End, Kansas St.

Grade: C

The Bengals had one of the worse pass defenses last season and judging by the draft and free agency, it is clear they want to fix their issues. Hubert isn't going to be great overnight, but I'd say he has a fighting chance with his energy and quickness.


So, overall, I would say that this draft class of the Bengals is pretty amazing. They may have taken Ja'Marr Chase over Sewell with that first round, pick 5, but a lot of scouts say that Sewell is overrated anyway. Why not just be happy about getting a number one receiver who has a goal of breaking EVERY record in Cincinnati. They drafted an offensive tackle, a guard, and a center who all have great potential to become great offensive lineman, on top of already having gotten a couple in free agency. They also drafted one of the greatest kickers in college history, where McPherson broke so many records. All in all, I think Cincy did great, better than a lot of past drafts anyway. I'm rating this draft class as B, only a few of the guys they drafted need to work up to being great and where they did draft a great kicker, he was drafted just a little bit early. But it was really nice and SO much fun to watch!


What do you think? Let me know what your thoughts are about this draft class in the comments!  


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    Great draft solid picks in every round

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