Hail Mary Time

Hail Mary Time

All football fans know what a Hail Mary play means and when it should be utilized but what about for the game of fantasy football? When should fantasy owners throw caution to the wind and go for a Hail Mary? I’ll give you an example that paid off for me this past week and talk some strategies of when and where to go for it. 

For those of you who don’t play in Truth Serum Football’s huge 144 team tournament, there are 12 leagues of 12 teams and we roll with deep rosters. I was 1-3 in what felt like a “must win” situation with a pretty depleted roster, my top 2 quarterbacks were out and I was relying on several players returning from injury. I neglected the Tight End position in the draft in favor of QB and RB depth which has come in handy due to the injury bug that’s swept through my roster but I needed an edge. Anything that could get me a competitive edge on my opponent and my TEs were definitely not it. Minnesota’s Irv Smith Jr. has led my TE squad in starts and he’s averaging a measly 6.3 PPG and is currently the TE #17. 

I had nothing to lose. Well next to nothing to lose. Instead of playing it safe and going with a guy who gets like 6 or 7 points every game, I decided to pick up The New Orleans Saints gadget, do it all offensive weapon in Taysom Hill. On some fantasy platforms he’s listed as a TE so I threw up a Hail Mary. Hill ended up scoring four touchdowns and a ridiculous 30.08 fantasy points! 22 more points than Smith which ended up being the game winning move as I won by just 3 points. 

Obviously this strategy isn’t going to pay off every time, in fact I went for it in another league playing Mack Hollins and Mo Alie-Cox which both ended up being duds this week but thankfully it didn’t cost me. If you find yourself in a position where your bench is lacking someone who is consistently productive and you’re forced to start a lower tier player, it’s Hail Mary time. Play that boom or bust guy, play that guy who’s had one huge game but that’s it, at least you know he has the potential to do it again. It’s not like you have a lot to lose because you’re playing someone who isn’t that great no matter what. Go with the big game guy who sometimes does nothing instead of the guy with solid but underwhelming consistency. Just like the real Hail Mary play, it can win you games and lose you them but hey, you were most likely losing anyway. Be honest with where your team is at and if you need to, pick your spots and throw up a Hail Mary when it’s necessary, it can be the difference maker! 

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