Injury Report with Dr. Nithin V Natwa MD

Injury Report with Dr. Nithin V Natwa MD

Hey everyone, we’re very fortunate to have our good friend from Fantasy Docs break down a few of the injuries for this week. We’ll continue this series each week so look out for it and be sure to check out his pages for lots of helpful and informative content! Thanks everyone and as always, stay true.


Hey everyone Dr Nithin Natwa MD here. I’m a fellowship trained sports medicine physician who’s a former B1G Team doc.

My end goal is increasing understanding in the general population on common sports injuries. I combine this with educated guessing on injury prediction based on video and players anticipated return timelines. If you enjoy that kind of stuff hit me with a follow on Instagram @fantasydocs and Twitter @NatwaMD Some of this information could be outdated by the time it’s published since these injury situations can be ever changing so check in on my socials for updates. To learn more about various injuries visit my blog at


Davante Adams

Davante back at practice! Catching passes and not really favoring either ankle per video. Retweeted on my Twitter account. This is important for 2 reasons, one it’s not a high ankle injury because they wouldn’t be trialing him in practice this early if it was. 2 it’s a positive trend practice wise. And 3(I know I said 2 things) it’s likely a low ankle sprain which can be played through in most cases and which he has been doing the past couple weeks.

Even with the GB medical staff being conservative I think this puts him in a great position to suit up Sunday! 

UPDATE: LaFleur expects Adams to play

Kenny Golladay 

Anotha one! Hopefully. Golladay returned to practice earlier in the week. I got so many asks on this guy but there was literally zero info or video footage of his injury and a lot of chatter about Kenny G being disgruntled about contract issues.

I suspect he had a mild hip pointer which was used as a cover for his absence while both sides worked their feelings out. But as I said earlier there was no info so this is all hypothesizing.Take home point I feel very confident on him playing this week. I threw up a new article on hip pointers for those of you that want more info on diagnosis and treatment of this common football injury. 

UPDATE: No Kenny the past 2 days not sure what to tell you but still think it’s contract related. Super weird info in the Twitter world going around but don’t think he’s playing this week. 

D’Andre Swift 

Swift missed practice Thursday due to concussion like symptoms. Delayed onset symptoms are always concerning and this definitely puts him at a significant risk of missing this Sunday. He has an uphill battle to clear the 5 step protocol before Sunday.

UPDATE: Swift has been ruled out.


Raheem Mostert 

in games where Mostert has played, he's the NUMBER SIX RB in PPR leagues--that's an RB1! Mostert is averaging 5.9 ypc, 7.3 ypt, and ranks 2nd in yards created per touch--Mostert is a model of efficiency! Unfortunately, Mostert has struggled to stay healthy. However, with his return imminent let’s go over his potential: 

Mostert had a high ankle sprain and after the bye will have been out for 6 weeks which is well within a normal timeframe for return. He also has returned once from injury and regained full control of the backfield which bodes well for this return as well. I wouldn’t mind trying to trade for him as a back-end RB1 for the playoffs. He’s had adequate rest for the injury and has already shown earlier in the season he’s able to bounce back well production-wise following being out.

I would be extremely surprised if he’s not back on the field in week 12.

Teddy Bridgewater 

🚨 High risk of sitting

Teddy Bridgewater avoided another major knee injury per MRI according to recent reports but there likely is a good amount of inflammation which will restrict his range of motion (one of his major assets)

Some possible injuries are a mild MCL sprain or a pinched meniscus causing inflammation and swelling.

Due to his restriction in mobility and history of previous near career ending knee injury I’d guess they’ll hold him out this week.

Also I know there’s a lot of questions on CMC so I’ll post an update later today. I went over the risk of him sitting and trade possibilities in my IG live yesterday so if you tuned in you may have been able to flip him before this recent news


Christian McCaffrey 

First things first that second opinion was BS and they suck for even putting that news out there.


He clearly had a severe grade 1 sprain and will likely be out until the week after the bye. I think he still commands trade value for any running back not named Kamara or cook and wouldn't trade him for anyone outside the top 5 RBs or any WR not named Nuk or Adam’s because he is still a potential league winner addition to any team you’re trading him to(and that’s how I would phrase it when bargaining)


If I get the above value I’d trade him and if not I’d keep him. This same strategy was discussed yesterday on my IG live before the recent news of him likely missing this week broke.



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    Very informative! I shared this around to my friends. I’ll be checking back for next week’s. Thanks Doctor! Followed you.

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    Didn’t realize Bridgewater might sit! Thanks man! Keep up the good work!

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    Great work! This really helped!

  • Bob

    Great work! This really helped!

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