My Truth Serum Story

My Truth Serum Story

For the last 6 years I have worked in the small business financing space. I have been a part of helping small business owners all across the US find working capital solutions for their businesses. I’ve also learned many staggering statistics about how difficult it is to be a small business owner, especially when it comes to funding your business.

There are over 30 million businesses currently in the US. Everyone knows Wal Mart, Amazon, ESPN, Yahoo!, and most of the corporate behemoths out there. But for every one of the multibillion-dollar corporations, there are 4 other small business owners going out of business every single day. We’re all about telling the TRUTH on this page, and the truth is, we live in a world that is ingrained in globalization, and it is harder than ever to follow your entrepreneurial spirit.  Knowing all of this has led me to try to be as supportive as possible for brands I love to follow.

It was around 11 months ago my friend Laramie tagged me in a post. Larm and I have been friends for close to a decade and the foundation of our friendship was built on fantasy football. He was in my first league and we have been in many others since. The post he tagged me in was two guys who had just started a podcast. They had a giveaway going on for one of three autographed items. All you had to do was like the page. At this point this page, The Truth Serum Football, only had about 75 followers. I figured my odds weren’t bad so I checked them out.

I loved what I heard right from the get go. Their knowledge of the game was immediately apparent. They were clearly savvy fantasy players. Their style of humor completely aligned with mine. These were just a couple of dudes trying to live my dream. Hell yeah I could get down with that! So I smashed the like button, shared with some of my fantasy friends and continued to check in on the site. The day came for the giveaway. I was at work helping build cubicles, and I was happy to take a break and catch the giveaway show. I was thrilled to hear them call my name on that first giveaway, and couldn’t believe that I was about to get my first autographed piece of memorabilia. I ended up with a Todd Gurley autographed 8x10 photo.

Several weeks went by and I continued to follow the show. They created eight sub groups, one for each NFL division, and asked my friend Chevy and I to run the NFC East group. Chevy, like Laramie, had been in my inaugural leagues, and many after, and I was super excited to work with him on building this group. Things took off quickly from there and the content kept getting better and better. I kept meeting fellow supporters like the Kurtz brothers, Jeremy Pyle, and Mike Pompa, and really enjoyed interacting with each of them. I became enveloped in what these guys were putting together and found myself really creating a camaraderie with everyone involved. The one sad moment in the beginning of my Truth Serum days was when their inaugural fantasy league filled up and I didn’t get a spot.

But as fate would have it, one of the other participants bowed out of the league, and Joey offered me his spot. Once I was in the league I got to know Nate and Ryan and the other passionate truthers. Jeff joined the league and podcast team, and brought his made for radio voice with him. The league itself was exceptionally challenging and I plan on creating a separate article just to recap the beautiful season that was the Truth Serum Fam League.

Ultimately, I became a patreon, won another jersey giveaway, and even got to have a guest appearance on the podcast with Joey. The love I had for this brand was unparalleled at this point. It was a brotherhood. It was a fraternity. It was the TRUTH SERUM! I would support them in any way they would allow me. As most of you know, this crazy journey then took another magical turn when Joey, Jeff, and Casey asked me to join them and be the 4th member of the team. I had always wanted to do podcasting. I had always wanted to dabble in blogging, and used to dream of being a journalist.

After years of getting to talk to small business owners about chasing their dreams, and growing a business; now the opportunity has presented itself to me. I’m loving every minute of it. Every podcast. Every article. Every session building the website. Every late night studying to make sure I’m providing only the best news and information to all of you amazing people. I’m all in, and want to continue to drive this thing to grow into something much bigger than just a couple of guys sitting in their garage talking football.

The TRUTH is, we can go nowhere without you guys. Every dollar you send us on Patreon goes towards our awesome jersey giveaways and any equipment we may need. Every Youtube subscribe and play gives us another chance for another future supporter to find us. Every facebook share gives us a chance to spread to like minded individuals and grow not only our followers, but our sub groups, and other platforms. You guys are the difference. From all of us, we want to give you sincerest thank you for everything you guys do. As always, Stay True.


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