No Regrets in Miami: The Rebuild Continues

No Regrets in Miami: The Rebuild Continues

Chris Grier is looking back on the Laremy Tunsil trade with ZERO regret. It was a career defining decision at the time because Laremy was Miami's best lineman, and it was thought that he was the future building block of the offensive line. But, Mr Grier approved the trade and here we are. Over the next few weeks, I am going to explore the possible picks Miami could make in next year's draft. They've built a solid foundation, so let's explore the possibilities of what they can do next.

The 2021 draft will further the positives of that Tunsil trade because Miami will still be reaping the benefits from said trade. They have positioned themselves to get a blue-chip prospect in this draft class. The Dolphins are the quintessential model of how a team should rebuild, restock, and develop a roster. The defense that Coach Flo has put together has been fun to watch grow, but the next player in this series could really take said defense over the top. Emmanuel Ogbah has been a refreshing sight to see so far this season with 7 sacks in 8 games, but he's the only Dolphin with over 2.5 sacks. Enter Gregory Rousseau from the hometown Miami Hurricanes. Rousseau is one of the talented draft prospects that is sitting out the 2020 college football season because of COVID-19. He only has one season of college football under his belt, but has already made a name for himself.

Coming out of high school, Rousseau was ranked a four-star recruit. In his first season at Miami, Rousseau had five total tackles, but his season was cut short by an ankle injury and he was redshirted. Rousseau came back in 2019 as a redshirt freshman totaling 54 total tackles, 19.5 tackles for loss and 15.5 sacks. It will be very unique that a player who only saw the field for one season goes to the pros with high expectations, but Rousseau will do just that. He is a projected top 10 pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

His pass-rushing production is absolutely ridiculous for a one-year player. He had 15.5 sacks in 2019 and had to deal with a lot of double teams. For such a young player to have that kind of impact, while being double-teamed, he has a ton of potential to get after the quarterback in the NFL. He has a great frame for a pass rusher. Rousseau stands 6-foot–7 and weighs 253 pounds. He will likely be able to add a decent amount of weight to his frame, which will only make him a better player. His length is also going to be an asset and will allow him to shed blocks easier. In pass-rushing situations, Rousseau uses his athleticism and body control to win his matchups. He is able to use speed to beat slower tackles and can beat smaller tackles with strength. When it comes to freakish athleticism, he has an edge over most tackles.

While he has athletic ability, Rousseau isn’t the most flexible. He has a rigid body that doesn’t bend well. This makes it tough to win on the edge at times, because he can’t dip and use leverage to win his matchups. He’ll need to get more creative if he can’t win with flexibility at the next level. He needs to add a lot of pass rush moves and counters to be a successful player. If he can add 10-15 pounds of muscle to his 253-pound body, it will help him be the prototypical size for a defensive end edge rusher. This could be especially helpful, as Rousseau has proven to be a good interior pass rusher in college. If he can get more technical with his approach, he can turn into an elite pass rusher in Miami's amoeba defense. I believe Dolfans will take that return on investment, all day.

-Brian Wilkinson Jr.

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