Number Five: Which Way Will Cincy Go?

Number Five: Which Way Will Cincy Go?

We all have our own opinions on who the Bengals pick should be at number five. Well, here’s mine. Why, oh why, do we need ANOTHER wide receiver? I completely get that him and Burrow were a dynamic duo at LSU and would be awesome together again, I get the whole “get the deep ball thing going” or a Chase-Boyd-Higgins triangle would give defenses some issues, but what’s the point in having all of these weapons if our quarterback cannot stay upright long enough to throw to them? 

That is why I say go with Sewell. They could play Sewell at left tackle, Riley Rieff (sp) at right tackle and throw Jonah and Spain at guard with Price in the middle at center.

Then there are people that say well why not draft Kyle Pitts at five and then pick up Leatherwood in the second round? While this would be okay and yes the Bengals could use another great tight end, I still do not feel like Leatherwood would be as great of an asset to the offensive line as Sewell would be. I just feel like someone like Chase would be a great asset to the wide receiver core but then again the end is greater at the tackle position so that our quarterback isn’t getting knocked down over and over again and potentially hurting that knee or worse something else.

But who almost seems likely they are going after yet another wide receiver they really don’t need. 

What are your thoughts? Do you think Cincy’s top priority should be to protect Burrow at all costs? Do you think they should scoop up a generational talent in Pitts? Do you think they should reunite Burrow with his star receiver from LSU? Let me know in the comment section. 

One thing is for sure, the Bengals will get a top notch talent at #5 and it will undoubtedly make Joe Burrow’s life easier. 


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