Overcoming The Odds

Overcoming The Odds

Can the Bengals overcome the odds and beat the Chiefs a second time? Let’s dive into some of the biggest questions for the Cincinnati Bengals heading into the AFC Title Game. 


Cincinnati already beat the Chiefs once with a last second field goal from Evan “Money Mac” McPherson in week 17 of the regular season; so can they do it again? Well this time they are going to have to get the offense going harder and earlier and actually score more points because this will undoubtedly turn into a shootout. If the Bengals come out strong, drive down the field and get past KC’s defense and score on almost every drive, they win; if they punt or have to settle for field goals, they are going to lose. 

Cincinnati is a great team, but so is Kansas City so it’s definitely about to be a dog fight of points. Could it be a better game than last week’s in Kansas City against the Bills? I think yes. It definitely has the potential to be better than that game because the Bengals have the weapons and power to beat them, again. 

Question is, what are the Chiefs going to do about Chase? Surely they won’t let him do what he did last time. Could this be the game for Higgins and Boyd to break out and get something done? Again, if they cover Chase like they are probably going to, Boyd and Higgins are going to be wide, or at the very least, open enough to get something done. 

As far as the Chiefs defense goes, they held Buffalo’s Diggs to 1 catch for only 7 yards, but they ended up giving up a record breaking performance of 8 receptions for 201 yards and 4 touchdowns to Gabriel Davis; so could that be a good deal for Higgins and possibly Boyd? I am almost certain that this time, it is gonna be Higgins having a great game. Or at least we can hope; Bengals fans have to have hope in situations like these. 

Can the defense contain Hill, Kelce, and Mahomes this time around? I don’t think they will hold them to three points like they did in the last game, being in Kansas City this go around, I think it is going to be tougher to contain them so it is going to fall mostly on the offense to try and outscore them. One thing that I do hope is that Hendrickson, Wilson, Hubbard, or Pratt gets to and takes Mahomes down a time or two. That is one thing that did not happen in the first meeting because of Mahomes’s uncanny ability to get out of sacks so well; but I hope the Bengals defense has adjusted somewhat to be able to get him down least a few times.  

So let’s hope for a great game, in a great stadium, and a great afternoon and a fantastic AFC Championship game because for Bengals fans…they got to keep their hope and Super Bowl dreams alive. Even if it does not happen this year, they have still exceeded expectations and made it a whole lot farther than everyone thought they would this year. I mean, no one even thought that Cincinnati would make the playoffs this year, let alone winning the AFC North AND making it to the AFC Championship game! I think no matter the outcome of this game, we should be super proud of these boys and praise them no matter what because they have been amazing this season and have already overcome the odds!


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