QBs And Controversies

QBs And Controversies

Do you guys remember the days in the NFL when you could say, “That is Terry Bradshaw, QB for the Pittsburgh Steelers.” or “There goes Roger Staubach, the QB for the Dallas Cowboys.”. Sure, big name QB’s have changed teams in their careers, Joe Montana headed to the Kansas City Chiefs in 1993 or Brett Favre coming to the Jets in 2008. I don’t count Atlanta drafting him because they were morons and dumped him after 2 games. My point is, QB’s, and most players in general, used to be team loyal. This game used to be about the game. About the win. These days a fan can get excited when they have a player last an entire rookie contract with the team before being traded or trying to force their way out of town. We live in a different era of football in 2021. And I’m not saying it is a bad thing entirely and I am also not criticizing the players for wanting what they feel is best for them. It is just a different breed of athlete today. 

The 2021 off season is proving to be a wild one. Carson Wentz headed to Indianapolis, Goff up in Detroit and Stafford down in LA. It feels weird to me. Watson wanting out of Houston, but really, who can blame him? That organization is a dumpster fire and they effectively have a team chaplain calling all the shots in the front office, it is no wonder the talent wants out of Houston. Now we are hearing about Russell Wilson’s camp being vocal about their unhappiness with how Seattle has protected him and the second I heard that, I stood up and gave applause for his camp finally speaking up. Wilson has been sacked 201 times in the last 4 years. Let me put that into perspective for you.. Brett Favre holds the NFL record for the most sacked QB in NFL history by being sacked 525 times in his 20 year career… Russel Wilson sacked 201 times in the last 4.. Let that marinate for a bit. 

Wilson is interesting because he is literally a top 3 QB in the NFL, and his contract in the event of a trade would actually be very manageable for whatever team lands him, $19M in 2021, $24M in 2022 and $27M in 2023. Vitally important for the 2021 league year and a $180M cap. And I get why he is upset. He is running for his life every snap almost and he still produces. I would question how my organization feels about me in Russell’s shoes. I would expect the team to speak with Wilson and offer some sort of guarantee of rebuilding the O line and finally giving him some big uglies up front to protect him. 

Watson is the same thing. Houston has been gutting that team for peanuts around him for the last 2 years. Letting Hopkins walk for a 2nd round pick and some change is ridiculous. Outright releasing JJ Watt. Deshaun has to feel absolutely betrayed after being offered a seat at the head table only to have ownership pull that chair out from under him. He needs to go to a new team and any team with the draft capital to make a trade happen can take solace in the fact that even though Watson will be expensive in terms of acquisition, he will be VERY inexpensive against the cap. Did you realize he would only cost his new team $11M for 2021? And his cap hit would never exceed $37M? That could be huge for a QB needy team. 

The examples above are examples of reasonable reasons to try and get outta Dodge. Then you have people like Jamal Adams who resorted to disgusting allegations of racism and bigotry against Jets ownership, he blatantly lied about conversations with GM Joe Douglas, and there are videos of him in Texas telling people he is actively trying to force a trade. That player

mindset is what is concerning to me moving forward. Setting a precedent that a player can act like a spoiled child and get their way is ridiculous. My opinion, they should forfeit their entire contracts and still be forced to sit for the length of time the contract was for. Go get a job at Foot Locker Jamal, you’re benched. That statement would be music to my ears. 

What will happen with these big names in the coming weeks is anyone’s guess and my advice to every fan base out there is to calm down. Wait for an official announcement from your respective teams because until Houston comes out and says we are trading Watson, it is all hype. NFL writers filling dead time before free agency starts. I fear we will see more and more of this sort of thing in the future of the NFL, though I truly hope I’m wrong. All any one of us can do is enjoy the game we enjoy and leave that other nonsense at the wayside. Just some food for thought for you readers. 



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