Regular Season Wrap Up

Regular Season Wrap Up

Regular Season WRAP UP

Kirk Davenport

​It is Week 15, and for the majority of us the first week of the highly sought-after Fantasy Football Playoffs; and if you made it, a BIG CONGRATS to you! This article will review the 2022 ADP & Position ADP (P-ADP) versus current ranking, based off a normal league set up and PPR scoring system, a look into steals and busts so far this season and how we need to focus on the matchups versus the projections for the playoffs.

​At the conclusion of Week 14, it is no surprise that our top three fantasy quarterbacks are Jalen Hurts (ADP55 P-ADP6), Patrick Mahomes (ADP26 P-ADP2), and Josh Allen (ADP17 P-ADP1); Hurts and the Eagles offense looks unstoppable, and then on the flip side – Mahomes and Allen are going to Mahomes and Allen. The biggest steals, coming from the quarterback position, via the draft or waiver wire, are Justin Fields (ADP140 P-ADP17) who currently ranks as QB5 averaging 20.53 FPPG and “The Man Who Ain’t Write Back” Geno Smith (ADP150 P-ADP30) who ranks at QB6 and averaging 18.89 FPPG. At the same time, Trevor Lawrence, and Daniel Jones both should receive honorable mentions here as they are coming in at QB8 (ADP144 P-ADP19) and QB10 (ADP150 P-ADP28), both averaging around 18 FPPG, respectively. The busts from this position must be Aaron Rodgers who is only averaging 14.4 FPPG and ranking at QB18 (ADP77 P-ADP9) and Tom Brady coming in at QB15 (ADP70 P-ADP8) averaging 15.28 FPPG – he is still the GOAT and we all know missing Gronk.

​The biggest steal of the Running Back position and arguably the biggest steal of the draft is Josh Jacobs, who ranks as RB2; averaging 21.75 FPPG and had an ADP of 59 and a P-ADP of 19 – more congrats are in order if you got the steal. Additional steals that need to be noted in the win column are Tony Pollard, ranking RB7 & averaging 16.79 FPPG (ADP93 P-ADP29), Rhamondre Stevenson, ranking RB9 & averaging 15.44 FPPG (ADP132 P-ADP39) and that dog Miles Sanders, ranking RB10 & averaging 15.33 FPPG (ADP104 P-ADP33).  Dameon Pierce, Jamaal Williams, KW3 and Devin Singletary all deserve an honorable draft steal mention as well. The biggest named player in the Bust column is Najee Harris who currently ranks as RB17 while averaging only 12.01 FPPG (ADP12 P-ADP7). As a note of sympathy, the only reason I am not naming the following running backs (based solely off positional ranking) as busts is because they have not played the full 13 game schedule and are still averaging around 14.4 FPPG – but they are Johnathon Taylor, Alvin Kamara, and James Conner.

​The Wide Receiver position can make or break a team when it comes to draft time and at this point in the season it is full of steals and busts. The biggest steals must go to Amon-Ra St. Brown, ranking in at WR6 & averaging 18.06 FPPG (ADP75 P-ADP24), “The Man of the West” Tyler Lockett, ranking in at WR8 & averaging 15.74 FPPG (ADP93 P-ADP32) and Christian Kirk ranking in at WR10 & averaging 15.01 FPPG (ADP124 P-ADP44). More draft or waiver wire steals are Amari Cooper, Brandon Aiyuk, Curtis Samuel, Zay Jones, Tyler Boyd and Josh Palmer who are all ranking 100% better than their P-ADP and averaging over 11 FPPG. The “break your team” part of this equation are the busts and most notably on that list is Robert Woods, who ranks as the WR72 & averaging a very distasteful 6.35 FPPG (ADP102 P-ADP39). Other big-name busts to be mentioned, although only playing in 12 games in regard to current rankings, are Deebo Samuel and Mike Evans who both are averaging around 13.5 FPPG – but both who have a P-ADP of sub-10, I think it is understandable for us as fantasy team owners to expect and definitely want a FPPG average around 18. Additionally, we can probably go ahead and write DJ Moore and Dionte Johnson in the bust column, I am just giving them the benefit of the doubt because their quarterback situation has been a dumpster fire all season.

​The Tight End rankings all go to Travis Kelce, that is it, he is the one and only difference maker coming out of that position this year averaging a whopping 19.8 FPPG. All the while, Mark Andrews ranking second is averaging a respectable 13.16 FPPG – but if we must name a steal, it has to go to Even Engram ranking TE4 & averaging 10.28 FPPG (ADP147 P-ADP20). And to wrap this thing up with the biggest bust of the 2022 draft is Kyle Pitts, who went from basically WR1 to an important part of the offensive line as a blocker – in the 10 games he played he only averaged a dismal 7.56 FPPG, a extremely far-shout cry from last year’s production.


​I want to leave you with the thought, while setting your lineups for Week1 of the fantasy playoffs to focus heavily on the matchups instead of just the projections – take a look at the defensive rankings versus each offensive position; because while they may be ranked a top 10 defense with a dominant rush defense, the secondary could be super soft and vice versa. Best of luck to all that made the playoffs and for those of you who didn’t… It is never too early to start grinding for next season!

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