Returning as a Rookie

Returning as a Rookie

Big Pompa Pump’s take on Fantasy Football as a returning “Rookie”

Hey Y’all! Big Pompa here. I just wanted to share my experience with The Truth Serum and returning to Fantasy Football.

I have not played Fantasy Football since 1996. For some of you “Young Bucks”, we didn’t have apps or podcasts to listen to for advice and points back then. We had to watch ESPN and watch the little ticker tape at the bottom of the screen to get our points each week. We certainly didn’t have resources like Truth Serum Football to help us either.

The Beginning:

Almost a year ago, I received this message from this little, goofy looking guy named, Joey Fickle. He asked me to join this new group called The Truth Serum Football. I accepted and began to check them out. About 2 weeks later I was hooked. I was posting content every day, meeting so many new people, and having great football banter. Joey eventually asked me to be the administrator for the NFC South group. I accepted. Now, I want to tell y’all, that I accepted this roll because I knew I could help build this group, but I had no idea about playing fantasy football, let alone giving advice about it.  After working my butt off, I finally found some great moderators to help me! I just want to show my gratitude for all their hard work! Jason Jackson, Blake Lowe, Travis Meade, Cord Trahan, Amanda Dinorah and Dom LaRue. My thanks to all of you for your help! Love y’all and I couldn’t do it without you!

Watching, Listening and Learning:

Throughout last season I watched, I listened, and I learned things. I watched as the guys broke down players and teams. I watched them dissect draft boards and opinions of others. I watched them do countless hours of research and reviewing of game films to bring everyone the best advice they could. Joey was way ahead of everybody in hyping up Chris Godwin, and Casey always delivered a true “Tightest End” that was a slam dunk just about every week. You can tell that these guys really work their asses off to provide the best analysis possible. I listened to several other podcasts as well and while I enjoy them, nothing hits home like the Truth Serum. After a while I really started to get the urge to dive back in, but I talked myself out of it and waited. Instead I soaked up every ounce of content I could and interacted with many of you on the chat boards. I realized more than ever this thing was a team effort. One Team, One Heartbeat!

Return of the Mike:

After last season, and after 1 year working with the Serum, and gaining so many wonderful friends, I took the plunge! Currently, I am in 3 dynasty leagues. 1 is even an IDP league. Joey and Jordan HATE IDP, but I had to give it a shot!  I am having such a blast! Every draft is a learning experience. Some of you have given me a lot of great advice while I was drafting. Ryan Lee Miller, who won the Truth Serum League last year, has been so instrumental in helping me with my drafts.You are a stud and I thank you so much for all your help also!

From 1 Rookie to Another:

If you are thinking about getting into Fantasy Football, DO IT!!! I am finding myself studying players and teams like I haven’t in years. Drew Brees is probably my favorite player, but in fantasy I’m seeing that Mahomes and Jackson are the way to go. It’s a whole new world and I am loving it. It blows me away that I haven’t done this in so long yet here I am dying for more information. 

In my opinion, there is no better source of information and knowledge, than the Truth Serum Guys, and the members! I’m glad they are giving me this forum, but am even more thankful for the fantasy advice I receive from them. I would have never got back into this, if it wasn’t for them. The thing that got me hooked back in, was the way they deliver it. It isn’t some dry, boring podcast or live show. It is like being in the bar with your friends, having a little Serum and talking shit! I have found that their approach is what has helped them build this to what is! I also know that the guys love each and every one of you members. They care about you over and above the realm of football. You can see it, hear it and feel it when you talk to them and watch the shows. I don’t know about you, but I doubt you can find this kind of “Family” group anywhere else! 

My Advice to you:

If there are any of you that have been on the fence about playing fantasy football, I implore you to give it a shot. It is a decision you won’t regret. And one size does not fit all. There are thousands of ways to customize the leagues to your liking and I can’t wait to try more myself. Take the plunge and don’t look back.

Big Pompa Pump’s Summary: 

If any of you are wondering where my nickname came from, you would have to ask Jordan Thomas. It came on a night of doing live video shots with one another. Maybe 1 too many! But I want to close with this: Please consider getting into fantasy football and once you get acclimated, join the Patreon. I cannot tell you how much fun you will have. If you would have asked me 2 years ago if I wanted to play fantasy football, I would have told you, “Fuck No!!! I don’t have time for that with 3 kids and round the calendar sports!” But once you see the apps, Sleeper, Fleaflicker and the ESPN app, You will see just how easy it is. You will not be alone as long as you are a part of The Truth Serum Football. If you become a Patreon you will get the advice from many seasoned veterans along with the Serum Guys. In one of the leagues I am in, the other 15 teams owners have said that I “owned the draft”. That all came from what I have learned and the advice I got while drafting. Now mind you, this is a league full of veterans. Joey urged me not to do it, but I think he even is proud of what I have accomplished. The guys know that they have taught me well, and they were ready to send their pupil out into the world of “Fantasy Football”. I sure felt confident enough to do it after what I learned from them. Thanks for listening to the “Old Man” talk about my experience with the Truth Serum

As Always #Stay True!

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  • Zach

    Great read Pompa! Fantasy Football is so much fun that I can’t remember what I did before I played! 😂 TSF definitely has something special! Glad to have met you man!

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