Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Manil “Steady” Trivedi! The offseason is here but as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. With free agency looming, what do you think will happen with Dallas and Dak? 

Jordan: Dak will be the starting Quarterback in Dallas in 2021. I believe he will get a second tag and they’ll agree to a deal before next offseason. 

Travis: Jerry Jones would be out of his fucking mind not to give Dak Prescott everything he is asking for. Not sure the exact number but he at least deserves a top five quarterback salary and I think they land on around 3 yr/112.5 million dollar fully guaranteed deal with a player option for the 3rd year. 

Pynakker: Dallas pays dak, they can only win with him and can’t afford anyone better without screwing themselves at some other position.

Tyler: Dallas should try to come up with a decent trade package for Dak. Even though it was clear that he made the team what they were, but they have a lot of holes to fill and I think he would bring in the most picks to fill the holes. 

Manil: I think that Dallas will tag Dak and try to re-negotiate a long term deal. Ultimately I believe that neither side will reach an agreement again and Dak will be a free agent in 2022.

  1. Who are a few “way too early” sophomore breakouts you’re targeting for redraft leagues? 

Jordan: Cam Akers and De’Andre Swift but you already knew that. I still really like Denzel Mims to take a giant step forward.

Travis: Easy: Antonio Gibson, DeAndre Swift, JK Dobbins, CeeDee Lamb, Chase Claypool, Micheal Pittman, and Joe Burrow as a late round QB pick. AJ Dillon would also be a top target pending on the Aaron Jones Free Agency situation that plays out in Green Bay.

Pynakker: Jonathan Taylor is gonna be a monster, especially since his qb is now...Wentz. Also I think raiders scoop a WRto be WR1 like Allen Robinson or 🤞🏻 Will Fuller and Ruggs becomes a psycho after people have to guard a legit WR1 and leave Ruggs open which is dangerous with that speed. Also CEH has been handed an easy job to beast at so he should be a monster, I mean, when’s the last time a RB failed in KC? Charles beasted, then was injured and Ware and Charcandrick West beasted, then Damien Williams, like if you’re a RB and can’t do good in KC...good luck lol

Tyler: I'm hoping Cam Akers will be a breakout candidate, as well as Swift, Judy, Dillon, and Mims.

Manil: Some sophomore breakouts I’m targeting are Tyler Johnson, Lamical Perine and Laviska Shenault. 

  1. Adrian Peterson recently said he’s chasing a championship and possibly Emmitt Smith for the rushing yardage record. He’ll be 36 this season and says he wants to play until 40. He’s roughly 3,500 yards behind Smith. Do you think he has a shot at catching him?

Jordan: None. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Nil. We’re talking almost 900 yards a season to end his career. He’s done that once in the past 5 seasons. He has a better chance to get the ship.

Travis: I do think that anything is possible, but however I’m not sure that he finds another opportunity to be a starter or maybe he doesn’t even find another team to play for. I’m going to say he doesn’t touch the Smith record and in the modern NFL I just don’t see it ever playing out where a running back ever gets the opportunity to play for as long as Smith did to surpass him. 

Pynakker: Yes but he needs to hope he goes to a team where a lingering injury happens to the starter cause he needs time and he’s not getting it without someone getting injured long term and not trading for another guy.

Tyler: I do think he has a shot, he can still get a good run or two in per game. Those will start adding up!

Manil: Unfortunately I don’t see AP catching Emmitt Smith. He’s already washed and needs about 900 yds a season even if he plays til he’s 40. Hard to do as a team’s third string running back.

  1. Do you see the Colts as a possible Super Bowl contender? 

Jordan: Your homeboy is pumping the brakes on this one. They have a solid team but Wentz isn’t necessarily an upgrade over Old man Rivers.

Travis: The Wentz-Reich connection is back together! I was in the minority last year as a believer in that this team could reach the Super Bowl; however I feel as though Carson Wentz is not a huge upgrade over Phillip Rivers and I get that might cause some people some grief, but if this team is going to have any shot at the Super Bowl it was going to come on the back of this defense and the legs of Jonathan Taylor. The reason I will say they don’t is this: most team’s defenses regress year over year and this Colts team just feels like one of those teams and it is the same reason I never draft a defense in a redraft until the last couple of rounds. 

Pynakker: Not with Wentz’s bum ass! Philip Rivers>Wentz and it’s not even close.🤷‍♂️

Tyler: With the news that Wentz is going there, yes. They will need to get a WR in Free agency. But I think Wentz can do great things behind that o line. 

Manil: I’m not sure if I see them as a Super Bowl contender as things stand now, but if Wentz can recapture his 2017 magic with Frank Reich, then possibly. KC is just so hard to keep up with. 

  1. With Goff in Detroit do you think Hockenson will drop in fantasy production or will he be a top 5 TE again?

Jordan: Oooooooowwweeee! I’m scooping up Hock all damn day! With Golladay and Jones Jr. fixin to leave town, that boy’s gonna feast! That mfer from Los Angeles loves tight ends too! 

Travis: Will he drop in production? Absolutely not! Let me say this again Absolutely, positively no-fucking way does Hock-Cock-The-Jock-Strap-On drop in fantasy production. Do injuries concern me? Sure, but when doesn’t it concern you in fantasy football? Jared Goff even with all the flack he takes as being an incompetent quarterback at times he’s actually not that bad and he can support a top TE in my opinion. What will really ultimately drive up not only my rankings, but my overall faith will be when Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones are no longer there. It absolutely has to make Hockenson not only Goff’s number one target (Think George Kittle 2018), but also the Detroit Lions’ number one red zone threat. Sign me up. Top 5 all day.

Pynakker: Hockenson is a top 5-6 TE each year from now on until he shows otherwise, he will be above Goedert in 2021 but below Waller...*mic drop*

Tyler: I think Hockenson will do well. He looks to be the only receiver to be staying in town.

Manil: I think that Hockenson’s production will drop, but still be a top 10 TE.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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