Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Audra Bonds! The offseason is continuing to drag on and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What advice would you give to Deshaun Watson Dynasty owners? 

Zach: Depends on how desperate you are. If you’re in need of another QB in a Super Flex or 2 QB sell as high as possible before the situation gets worse. If you’re in the position to hold him you should do that unless someone is willing to pay up. 

Pynakker: Hold unless you can still sell high to someone, either he will do fine this year or he will be suspended, as a back up plan though grab a QB like Davis Mills in like rd 2-3 of your rookie draft or say fuck it and grab one of the top 5 qbs in this draft and still hold Watson until you get the right price for him that makes you feel good about letting him go lol

Palucci: I would make sure you have a very strong backup, just in case. And make sure you follow that story all the way through to the end.

Tyler: Watson is a good enough asset to NOT sell cheap. I would hang on to him and try and pick up for cheap or free. Drew Lock, or Fitzmagic. 

Audra: If you're thinking you might want to trade him, put him on the block and see where your league mates value him. Some folks think he wont play again, but there might be someone needy out there willing to pay up for him too! I'd test the waters either way.

  1. Do you see Melvin Gordon taking a back seat to Javonte Williams at some point in 2021? 

Zach: Yeah, Gordon isn’t what he once was. I see them as a tandem all year but Williams will take the lead role before the end of his rookie year. 

Pynakker: Gordon will only start for at most like 3-4 weeks I feel unless Gordon can get back to old Melvin Gordon which we definitely did not see last year.

Palucci: Maybe at some point, but I think Gordon is still the starter and Williams will be a change of pace back. But if Gordon starts turning the ball over, then they might switch it out.

Tyler: I think it will be a transition. 

Audra: I see the Broncos trying to do what they were unable to do with Philip Lindsay and split the workload between the two, to start out at least. Williams is coming in very healthy so it's possible later on in the season we may see him taking over a little more of the workload but I don't see Gordon taking the back seat.

  1. Hypothetically, if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play this season, who would be your pick to rival the Bucs for the NFC? 

Zach: It’s gotta be an NFC West team. I’d bet on either the Cardinals or Seahawks. I do see Washington as a serious contender with Fitzmagic and a formidable defense though. 

Pynakker: Arizona, you’ve got a great QB, arguably 2 1/2 good-great wrs (AJ Green only plays half the time so he only gets to count as half), a RB who has shown he can be a RB1 and a defense that ain’t too shabby.

Palucci: I feel like the NFC is so wide open this year. With the Saints losing Brees, I don't think they're being looked at how they should be. I think going into the season with either Winston or Hill at QB, they will still make a strong push. I also still like Seattle. 

Tyler: Arizona

Audra: Personally, not realistically I'd like to see WFT show up and show out...but I think it will be the Cardinals.

  1. PPR Redraft, Aaron Jones or Nick Chubb? 

Zach: Chubb for me but it’s close. 

Pynakker: This depends if Rodgers stays or not, cause I’d go Chubb if Rodgers is a packer, but Aaron Jones could be the win if Rodgers cries his way to a new team.

Palucci: I had Nick Chubb last year and he did very well for me. I feel like both of these running backs are in the same position with a backup (Dillon and Hunt) so it's a very good comparison, but I still like Chubb. 

Tyler: Jones 

Audra: 100% Nick Chubb for me

  1. Start, bench, cut: Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans

Zach: Start Allen Robinson, bench Keenan Allen and cut Mike Evans. That was difficult because I really respect all three of them but I’m a big Robinson truther who believes he’s the most underrated WR in the league. 

Pynakker: Start Keenan Allen, bench Mike Evans and cut Allen Robinson. Keenan Allen and Mike Evans could be swapped even, if I have them both, I’m trying to start both ALL DAY!


Start Evans

Bench Allen

Cut Robinson

Tyler: 5. Keenan, Mike, Allen. 

Audra: Well damn.... I guess i'd have to start Allen, bench Robinson and cut Evans.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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