Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr Brandon Reynolds! The offseason is continuing to drag on and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Who’s your early favorite to win the starting QB job in Denver? 

Zach Kurtz: Checkdown Teddy. He’ll bring some consistency to the position after Lock was extremely underwhelming and tied for the league lead in interceptions. 

Pynakker: Teddy B should be the guy Drew Lock has tried and I think it’s time to give up on him.

Zack Zander: Teddy Bridgewater. They need more stable QB play. Lock is too reckless.

Ryan: I believe Drew Lock is still getting the start in Denver. Unless Arod comes to town. Lock is the best option they have at this point of me writing this. He’s not a terrible QB either imo.

Brandon: Personally, it has to be Teddy B. The move to acquire him shows the hand here. I think Denver is in the position where Drew Lock is the starter until he fails to impress. They have invested in him and well to be honest it's not like Denver has a bunch of bums on offense. I do believe that to be a short leash. Teddy B has usually drawn the short stick in situations. Not saying he is a stud, but he is a game manager. Denver’s Bridge QB? Probably. But I don't see that till Lock hands him his job. So week two? Hah.

  1. How many wins do you think the Jags will get this season? 

Zach Kurtz: 7 or 8. Urban Meyer has done a great job rebuilding this team and I think it’ll show immediately. 

Pynakker: 5 maybe 6, I think if they use Etienne in the slot and move him around while keeping Robinson they could get up to like 8 but I don’t think Lawrence is gonna be the guy who completely flips that team around.

Zack Zander: 7-10

Ryan: I believe the Jags could surprise people. I’d say within the 5-7 win range for them imo. 

Brandon: They have an exciting roster forming again down in Jacksonville, I just have to say, the ceiling is 6 to 7 wins. It's going to become a new culture down there with the incoming players and staff. Rookie QB already hyped to be the franchise guy. (Cough* bortles*). Has never lost in his life? Buckle up kid, Welcome to the league. Odds probably aren't in their favor. Minshew excited us down there. Just saying.

  1. PPR redraft, Jalen Reagor or Henry Ruggs? 

Zach Kurtz: This is a tough one but I’m gonna go with Ruggs. He has a clear path to be the WR1 for the Raiders and Jalen Reagor most likely will be the WR2 for Philly. I think they’ll both breakout or at least make the sophomore leap after disappointing rookie seasons. 

Pynakker: This is close, I think I gotta go with Ruggs by a hair mostly because I think as much as Reagor should get volume, Rugge will be able to outperform him with yards by a lot if Bryan Edwards or Renfrow step up as the mid field WR so it’s not just Waller to cover under 20 yards out.

Zack Zander: Ruggs

Ryan: I’ll go Ruggs based off the offense he is in and his depth chart situation. 

Brandon: First Reaction? Henry Ruggs. BUT. I can't really trust him in a wide receiver room where all of them are just told, “hey just run that way really fast.” Ruggs doesn't have someone to compliment his strengths. Whereas in Philly we find reagor having a partner in crime. I know this isn’t about DeVonta Smith, but I see him as the answer as to why you should probably consider Reagor over ruggs. Reagor doesn’t have to be the guy, and becomes more available to a variety of offenses. Gadget player? Maybe. DeVonta is a surgeon when it comes to running routes. Gotta love that opposite side of you.

  1. What’s up with Larry Fitzgerald? Is he done? The Cardinals’ GM said they’ll have a spot for him if he wants it. What do you see Larry the Legend doing? 

Zach Kurtz: I think he’s done. With OTAs already underway it seems like he’d have returned or signed with another team by now.

Pynakker: Larry will stay, he should be the #3 behind Hopkins and Green as this is the year he could get his ring that he rightfully deserves!

Zack Zander: Larry will retire and come to Canton in 5 years.

Ryan: Larry seeing all these new pieces in Arizona, will ultimately I believe bring him back for one last rodeo. The guy deserves another shot at a ring. They have a chance to go and compete this year. I believe he gives her one more whirl. 

Brandon: I mean as far as i'm concerned the man can do whatever the hell he feels like. Erect a statue of the man in the middle of the stadium if he wants it. Not that we know Larry like that. He should be at the forefront of role models. Spends his whole career on one team? The man has more tackles in his career than drops. 39 tackles. 29 drops on 2,263 targets. Damn right they have a spot for him if he wants it. I gotta believe he comes back for one more hoorah. The cardinals have put together a squad. They have a crowded receiving corp, but the benefit of having him on that sideline. That’s irreplaceable.

  1. Start, bench, cut. Stefon Diggs, DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill

Zach Kurtz: Start Hopkins, bench Hill and cut Diggs. I’m a big Nuk truther and believe he’s hands down the best receiver in the NFL. Hill and Diggs are a toss up for me. 

Pynakker: I’m gonna start Hopkins, bench Hill and cut Diggs although it’s close and would depend on the QB as if the QB doesn’t have a cannon, Diggs is benched and Tyreek gets cut. 

Zack Zander: Start Tyreek. Bench Hopkins.

Cut Diggs

Ryan: Start Tyreek, bench Diggs, cut Dhop. That’s tough. Tyreek and Diggs are the best wrs on their team with less than stellar backups imo. Dhop is a stud but there’s more mouths to feed there than the others. So I’m rolling with the two with the least amount of depth.

Brandon: I’ll definitely admit to my fanboy love for the Josh Allen to Diggs connection. I would start Diggs. The youngest, who really hasn’t reached his full potential yet. He can only grow with that offense, it helps to have a quarterback as competitive as Allen, as well as that big arm. I’ll bench Tyreek Hill, and it's based on the fact he plays with Mahomes. It's hard to argue with the chief's offense with him at the helm. “Hey tyreek burn him” “Ok” touchdown. Easy money. So we all now know that that leaves Hopkins the odd man out. It’s crazy I agree, hard pill to swallow, but I have to look at that Arizona offense who seems to have everyone and their grandma playing wide receiver. Hopkins being the eldest, Crowded room, lesser of the three quarterbacks in my opinion had to go. Sue me.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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