Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. Nathan Shown! Free Agency is creeping closer and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. With the franchise tag deadline quickly approaching on the 9th, who are some of your surefire bets to receive the tag? 

Jordan: Dak Prescott

Travis: Chris Godwin, Dak Prescott, Hunter Henry, Allen Robinson, Jonnu Smith, Kenny Golladay will all be Tagged in my opinion. Although I see Golladay as a possible tag and trade candidate. Players Will Fuller and Aaron Jones are likely not to be resigned or tagged. 

Pynakker: I can’t think of any FOR SURE franchise tags but I think Dallas does if they don’t get a deal done with Dak.

Palucci: Dak Prescott I think will get tagged until a deal can be reached. They'll tag him to buy some time. He won't go anywhere. 

Nathan: Kenny Golladay, I feel the Broncos are too concerned with fixing their qb situation and Justin Simmons ends up tagged as well. Shaq Barrett. 

  1. Who ya got? Cooper Kupp or Robert Woods in 2021, PPR. 

Jordan: Give me the reliable Robert Woods to be Pad Statford’s new favorite target. 

Travis: Cooper Kupp and I don’t think it is all that close. Stafford has loved targeting his wide receivers downfield throughout his career. Kupp will absolutely be the leader in red zone targets and touchdowns as well. I think with Stafford under the huddle Woods now sees himself as the 4th option on this team. This team is going to revolve more around Cam Akers and play into Stafford’s strengths. 

Pynakker: Cooper Kupp! I think with Stafford Kupp gets the volume to beast! Still think Woods will do good but I love Cooper Kupp.

Palucci: I really don't think you can go wrong with either player. But I think Woods based on being more consistent. He also finished the season ahead of Kupp. 

Nathan: In a PPR format I would take Kupp. I like Woods’ talent more but Kupp just has a nose for the end zone.

  1. Do you think Drew Lock deserves another season to prove himself as a starter? 

Jordan: Deserves, I’m not so sure. Will he, probably. 

Travis: I don’t think so. He is not a starting caliber quarterback for an NFL franchise. Draft capital matters and he has none to support that notion. Great backup or spot start quarterback. He would be a great asset under the right situation to back up a veteran like Russell Wilson or Dak Prescott. His days are numbered in Denver for sure unless they do nothing in free agency or the draft to say otherwise. The Broncos organization can’t fail this team when they have such great talent everywhere else on this offense.

Pynakker: The Broncos need to figure it out, last time they had a good QB Peyton was there, 11 QBs have started snaps since Peyton and I think they need someone else that knows what they’re doing already and maybe show Lock!

Palucci: I was never a fan of Drew Lock. I personally don't think he has what it takes to be a starter. I think there's decent free agents the Broncos could go after or draft a QB this year. However, I see them holding onto Lock for another year and going after someone next offseason. 

Nathan: Yes I do believe Drew Lock deserves another season to prove himself. However the Broncos front office is so concerned about finding his replacement I think they let Fitzmagic come in and replace him. I feel like this mindset where you either have it after 2 years or you don't mentality stems from the Cleveland Browns terrible choices throughout the 2000's. 

  1. With the news of Alex Smith set to be released, do you think a team will give him a starting job and if so, who? 

Jordan: He will not be a starting QB moving forward. 

Travis: The Chicago Bears (Matt Nagy was his OC in Kansas City) and any other team that has a young starting level quarterback to learn under his tutelage. Eagles, Bengals, Chargers, and any other team that drafts a quarterback in the first round in the upcoming draft. 

Pynakker: Maybe Broncos, if not at least to mentor Lock! Alex smith showed he could get back on the field, and with Sutton, Jeudy and them I think he could do better than at least 10 of the other qbs, but I also would rather them start Lock again....GO RAIDERS lol

Palucci: I’m actually really surprised Washington released Smith. I can see teams like the Panthers, Broncos, or even the Patriots go after Smith. 

Nathan: I think there are a few owners in the league that would give Alex Smith a chance based on his strength and love of the game alone. I can see him ending up in New England. Bill loves him some ball protecting qbs that can read defenses. In turn I think if they get their held out players back and some help they win the division again.

  1. What are a few sophomores that you’re avoiding for fantasy in redraft leagues?

Jordan: Raegor, Ruggs, Jeudy. You can have all of em. 

CEH is also someone I want no part of going into next season. 

Travis: Justin Herbert, James Robinson, and maybe Henry Ruggs top my list of players in avoiding. 

Justin Herbert- the premium will be too high for me to want to take him as a top 10 QB in upcoming drafts( currently 9th). I do think his adp climbs even higher overall come closer to draft time.

James Robinson- although he was a great surprise candidate and carried many teams to a playoff berth; he will not receive the same volume as he did in 2020. They will bring in another body and not only will he lose carries, he could also fall out of favor with the new coaching staff. Top 24? Sure. I just don’t want him at his current costs and what it might be come draft day.

Henry Ruggs- Wide Receivers do not have a great track record for bouncing back after a rough rookie season. While I don’t want to label him as a bust quite yet, he will just never receive the volume necessary to become a top option. Ruggs is not a possession receiver that this team is in need of and when they do get that type of receiver, Ruggs will find himself with less and less targets.

Pynakker: James Robinson, not necessarily because he’s not talented but it’s because he’s going much earlier than I feel comfortable grabbing him. Michael Pittman is another only because I don’t believe in Wentz. 

Palucci: Jerry Jeudy. With the lack of a solid QB in Denver, I think he'll have the avoid from me.

Nathan: Jerry Jeudy based on the lack of confidence the team has in Lock. Denzel Mims. Henry Ruggs and unpopular opinion Tua. I just dont think he has the durability to last in the league. I would love to be proven wrong about that though.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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