Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our guest Justin Prather! The offseason is continuing to drag on and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. PPR Redraft, CeeDee Lamb or DJ Moore? 

Jason: CeeDee Lamb

Jeremiah: I think they both will have good seasons but I’m going with my man CeeDee!

Jimmy: CeeDee Lamb

Clayton: Ceedee lamb all day but screw them cowgirls. I still hate em. 

Justin: I'm definitely going with DJ Moore here. I feel like there are too many options in Dallas for CeeDee to get the production he is capable of. I also think Dallas will be ahead in most games and pound it with the running game and Elliott. I realize Sam Darnold hasn't given much reason to believe he can get the ball to his receivers but if you watched the Jets last year, he literally had no chance. I think Moore is a bit better option right now. 

  1. Who’s your early favorite to win rookie of the year? 

Jason: I believe Kyle Pitts is going to win Rookie of the Year. He will be starting from Day 1 and I think he has potential to put up big numbers in that Falcons offense. 

Jeremiah: Lawrence is definitely the front runner but I could see Pitts making a case for ROTY

Jimmy: Toss up between Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson. Jets fan in me says Wilson, but I think it'll be Lawrence.

Clayton: I know this seems bias since I’m an Eagles fan but I truly believe it’s gonna be Devonta Smith. He is the clear cut WR1 on a team who has desperately needed one for what seems like a decade now. 

Justin: My early favorite for ROY would be Trey Lance. I see him as a potential Patrick Mahomes  types skill set. He can run, he has a huge arm and it's accurate but most importantly he makes plays with his feet and can throw on the run with different arm angles like Mahomes. However, I will go with Najee Harris. I think he's the unquestionable starter and the talent is top notch. Trevor Lawrence is not in my top two mainly because of the team he's got surrounding him. They are awful. 

  1. Who’s your biggest buy low for dynasty formats right now? 

Jason: My biggest buy low in dynasty formats is Raheem Mostert. I still think Mostert is going to be the featured back even with Trey Sermon coming to town. When healthy, Mostert is a must start. 

Jeremiah: Sam Darnold! The guy has a very good group of weapons in Carolina and is only 24 years old! Everything is there for him to breakout.

Jimmy: Zach Moss. I think he's the RB to watch in Buffalo. I got him in the mid rounds for one of the mock drafts I did for the Truth Serum. 

Clayton: My biggest buy low is gonna have to be Deshaun Watson. If you can get him for near nothing you can get a steal. I believe the Texans tried to set this man up for failure and he is gonna overcome it and never miss a beat when he comes back. 

Justin: Biggest buy low. Deebo Samuel if that counts. If he's healthy, he'll get a ton of receptions, and believe that. He can get yac as well as anyone in the league. 

  1. Over or under 7.5 wins for the Bengals this year? 

Jason: Under. That defense still has a lot of holes to fill and I don’t know if the offense will be able to make up for it all. 

Jeremiah: Under. I think they’ll go 7-10

Jimmy: I think the Bengals can get 8-9 wins if Burrow can stay healthy and the OLine holds up. 

Clayton: Oof I’m taking the under at 7. I still don’t care for that defense honestly. They are on the rise and I think it’s gonna be a good year but idk if I’m ready to put them at winning 8 or more just yet.  

Justin: I'm going over on the Bengals. This team has a lot of talent and if the o line improves, they should be able to put points on the board in bunches. I still think Mixon is underrated. I think Tee Higgins will have a huge year and then Joe Burrow..In case you forgot. "I plan on winning. I have never been on a losing team.”

  1. Start, bench, cut (not for fantasy) Chris Carson, Josh Jacobs, David Montgomery.

Jason: Start Jacobs, Bench Carson, Cut Mandatory Montgomery

Jeremiah: Start Jacobs, bench Carson, cut Montgomery.

Jimmy: Not for fantasy?

Start Jacobs

Bench Carson

Cut Montgomery

Clayton: I’m starting Josh Jacobs. It’s not his fault that Gruden is a bozo and needs to get fired. He is one of the most talented backs in the league. He doesn’t get the passing work he deserves and that’s a shame. I’m cutting Chris Carson, although he is good but it’s getting that time, the Seahawks are a draft pick away from replacing him. And I’m benching Monty until the Chicago Bears can establish a passing game good enough to be able to let him break loose. We saw last year why he was so highly talked about. Hopefully Justin Fields can resurrect the Bears from years of trash. 

Justin: Start Carson 

Sit Montgomery 

Cut Jacobs😪 

I love Josh Jacobs but I don't think the Raiders use him right at times. They don't throw it to him enough for one thing. He'll also lose reps to Kenyan Drake. Carson is a sure thing as long as he's healthy. Montgomery is a really really close 2nd and may well have the best season of the 3. He had some monster games towards the end of last season. Start em both lol.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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