Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our guest Laramie May! The offseason is continuing to drag on and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What’s your opinion on stacks for fantasy football? 

Jordan: Great for daily. Useless for other formats. Won’t go out of my way to avoid them or to get them. 

Clayton: I mean I like them for DFS but I’m not a huge fan for fantasy every week purposes. There is certain matchups where it is sweet, that’s why it’s great for DFS.

Jimmy: Depending on the stack I like them. Any players that are in the top 10 to 15 in fantasy, I would try to stack them. Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs. Aaron Rodgers and Devante Adams. And so on. 

David: I love stacking a QB/WR in fantasy! The only risk is that if one has a bad game you’re probably going to have them both do poorly. So there is risk involved but if you can assess the games right and put them in when they should do well, the payoff is usually huge!

Laramie: I love stacks if you can land top tier guys that are top 5 or 10 at their position.

  1. Over or under 8.5 wins for the Eagles this year? 

Jordan: Under. 7 is the ceiling. 

Clayton: I’m taking the under. New coach with new identity. I still expect a good season but I’m not ready to get carried away yet. It’s a 7-8 win season for me 

Jimmy: For the Eagles, I'll take the under. I don't trust their QB right now until he shows more. 

David: I'm going to say under. The rest of the NFC least improved more in the off-season and unless Hurts proves to be a bigger star than I suspect, and their defense does better, and their coaching philosophies alter, then I see them as the bottom team in this division.

Laramie: Eagles are going to be under the 8.5 win mark this season, too many new faces, they need time.

  1. What is your current top 5 QB rankings for redraft right now? 

Jordan: Mahomes





Clayton: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Lamar Jackson, Dak Prescott 

Jimmy: My top 5 QBs in redraft right now are:


Rodgers (if he stays in GB and starts)




David: Patrick Mahomes, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Dak Prescott, Russell Wilson

Laramie: For redraft my QBs are pretty much the general list 1. Patrick Mahomes 2.Josh Allen 3. Lamar Jackson 4. Kyle Murray 5. Dak Prescott. I know that is pretty much the consensus but hard for me to argue much with that.

  1. PPR Redraft, who will score more points, Leonard Fournette or ROJO? 

Jordan: Ugh. Don’t show Joey or Pynakker. It’s def RoJo

Clayton: Neither it’s Gio baby!!!!!! But I do feel like it’s gotta be Lenny at this point. 

Jimmy: More points for the TB Running backs I think will be Fournette, but it'll be close. I think he will have a little more TDs and that's what will put him over. 

David: I like Fournette better but I suspect the Bucs will use Rojo more. 

Laramie: Very on the fence with this one but I'm going to say ROJO just because he is still the feature Back but Leonard is very solid receiving out of the backfield and he will know the system to a tee this season, so I wouldn't be surprised to see him take over!

  1. Start, bench, cut: (not for fantasy) Dak Prescott, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen.

Jordan: This is difficult because each has a unique circumstance but start Allen, bench Dak, cut Kyler. For now.

Clayton: Start Josh Allen QB1 this year.... bench Kyler Murray and cut Dak. All 3 are worthy of starting so screw this question lol

Jimmy: Not for fantasy?

Start Josh Allen

Bench Dak Prescott

Cut Kyler Murray

David: Start Josh Allen, Bench Dak Prescott, Cut Kyler Murray....but this is all interchangeable and depends entirely on their team situation around them.

Laramie: Start Josh Allen, bench Kyler Murray and cut Dak Prescott... I would have Dak over Kyler but he is coming back from a major injury so he is a bit of a question mark. Also Murray has an insane WR group.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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