Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our guest Matt Jonah! Training camps are under way and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What advice would you give to Cam Akers dynasty owners who are in need of a RB?

Zach: Don’t make any rash decisions. You’d be better off hanging onto him and hoping he comes back strong because you’re most likely not gonna get much for him now. Try to trade for some aging veterans on the cheap. 

Jason: As a guy who drafted Cam Akers in 2 separate re draft leagues and both in the 2nd round, let’s hope you have RB depth behind him or were able to snag Henderson. If you don’t have the depth on your bench, just target some deep sleeper PPR studs such as a Tarik Cohen or James White.

Tyler: Advice I would give to Cam Akers owners would be to try and get someone like a Melvin Gordon, Mark Ingram, or AP. Someone you could get for cheap and still have good upside. 

Justin: If I’m a Cam Akers owner in dynasty, I’m trying to get Darrell Henderson, Xavier Jones or Jake Funk. The latter 2 you could possibly get on the waivers, but I’m not trying to trade Akers unless there’s a first round pick and a player coming my way. Achilles injuries are hard to come back from, and your fellow diehard leaguemates know this, so don’t accept their lowball offers. If you have a strong receiver or Tight End core, then maybe try to trade for someone like a Zach Moss or ROJO on the cheap for this season.

Matt: For people that just lost Cam Akers I’d say to hold strong as you have seen what he can do when he is healthy as he burned the Patriots pretty easily on a Thursday night you know how he’s done in the past and we’ve seen running backs come back from these kind of injuries before and he will be better than before. 

  1. How would you rank Michael Thomas for redraft formats? 

Zach: I have him as a WR3 right now. Way too many question marks to put him any higher at this point. 

Jason: Michael Thomas is ranked in the WR30 range for me in redraft formats. Given the injury news, he won’t even be on the field until at least October and with the QB situation in flux, I don’t trust him any higher than that.

Tyler: I would rank him in a WR 2 spot. He didn’t do well last year with his drama and such. Drew Brees is gone. New qb and his injury. WR 2.

Justin: Michael Thomas drops in my redraft ranking, currently Fantasy Pros has him at WR 39. I don’t disagree with this at all, I actually like WR40 (Devonta Smith) more than Thomas. It's just such a weird situation with him getting surgery right before training camp guaranteeing that he’ll miss time in the regular season, then we must consider rehab time. I just think he’s best left for someone else to draft, if he makes it to round 8 and above, then there's no shame in taking that value. He’s just fallen off a cliff since his record in 2019.

Matt: Knowing that Mike Thomas is going to be out for a while I’d probably take him in the 5th or 6th round just for the hope my picks before can keep me in good standing for his return. 

  1. PPR redraft, Keenan Allen or Allen Robinson? 

Zach: Robinson but it’s wicked close. 

Jason: Look, both of these guys are PPR studs, but I give the slight edge to Robinson because to me he has the higher and safer floor between the two. However, if Keenan Allen stays healthy all 17 games and Herbert shines as expected, it will be very close between these two.

Tyler: I’m gonna go with Keenan Allen on this one. 

Justin: This is a hell of a question, talk about two guys that are similar in styles. Allen with Herbert as his quarterback was on a 160 target pace for 16 games. While Allen Robinson had 151 targets last season with a mixture of Mitch Trubisky and Nick Foles. I’m going to side with Allen Robinson, the reason is that Justin Fields will play at some point during this upcoming season. When he does I imagine Robinson will see an astronomical amount of targets. Bold prediction but if Fields starts 10+ games, Allen Robinson will have 180+ targets and will finish in the top 5 for WRs.

Matt: This question kind of hits home as I’m a big Allen Robinson fan but I would go with Keenan Allen because we all saw how good Herbert was last season he found Keenan Allen a lot and when Allen is healthy he is one of, if not the best receiver in the game. 

  1. Over or under 8.5 wins for the Patriots this year? 

Zach: Over! They won 7 games last year and lost on the last play or drive in a handful of nail biters! A few plays go the other way and they would’ve had double digit wins with an extremely undermanned roster that was lacking talent even without the opt outs. They broke the record for most cash spent in an off season and it’s about to pay off with or without Newton under center. 

Jason: Under. Last year they won 7 games and I don’t think the Patriots did enough this off-season to show me they can do better than 8 wins. 

Tyler: Pats are under. 

Justin: 8 wins for the Patriots in 2021, I don’t buy into the Pats resurgence this year. They still have a Cam Newton problem and I don’t think Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith are going to fix Newton’s accuracy issues.

Matt: As some of you know I’m a Massachusetts man just like Zach and I think the pats go above 8.5. I think they make the playoffs after a crazy offseason in a good way for the pats with the additions of Henry, Agholor, Smith and Bourne and the emergence of Meyers we should be ready to go for the 21-22 season and remind some of these teams why we were so good a few years ago and how we can be that good again.

  1. Start, bench, cut: not for fantasy. Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller, Curtis Samuel.

Zach: Start Cooks, he’s consistent which is more than you can say for the other two. Bench Samuel and Cut Fuller. 

Jason: Start Samuel, Bench Fuller, Cut Cooks

Tyler: Brandin Cooks, Curtis Samuel, Will Fuller.

Justin: Start: Fuller

Bench: Samuel

Cut: Cooks

Matt: Out of Cooks, Fuller and Samuel, I’d start Will Fuller when he’s not suspended for stupid things like performance enhancers he does his job well as a deep threat for Watson and will fill that role well with Tua behind center. I’d have to bench Cooks for the sole reason that I haven’t seen enough from Samuel in the past. 

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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