Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our guest Will Combs! The Pre Season is under way and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Over or under 7.5 wins for the Panthers this year? 

Jason: Under

Colt: Under

Ryan: I’ll go with under just based on the strength of the division. 

Will: I'm taking the OVER on the Panthers. The Panthers have one of the easiest schedules in the league this year. I expect them to win 5 of the first 8 and squeak out 3 more in the back half of the season. Sam Darnold will prove competent after getting away from Adam Gase and with a healthy CMC, the Panthers offense should be better than average. 

  1. Zack Moss or Devin Singletary for PPR redraft? 

Jason: It’s super close but I give the slight edge to Singletary. I think Singletary  will have more yards but Miss will have more TDs.

Colt: I want to say Zack Moss, but he continues to get hurt on a regular basis so Singletary.

Ryan: Zack Moss for me. He’s had a great training camp from what I’ve heard. And Singletary shit the bed last season. Both will lose red zone tds to Allen though. Neither if possible lol. 

Will: Zack Moss and it's not close. While Singletary was capable his rookie season, last year he proved to be just another guy. Moss demonstrated some receiving prowess last year and I expect him to get more looks this year. Moss is more than capable to be the lead back and I fully expect Moss to work his way into a 3 down workload as the season progresses.

  1. What are your thoughts on Miles Sanders this season? 

Jason: I think Miles Sanders is going to be a low-end RB2 this year. The volume will be there if he stays healthy but I don’t think he does much with his opportunities.

Colt: I love Miles Sanders and don't want to quit on him. I still think he can be an RB2 even if he splits work with Scott.

Ryan: I’m not targeting him or necessarily avoiding him either. 

Will: Fade Miles Sanders. It's just time to accept the fact that the 2019 RB rookies, just aren't as good as we once thought they were. The Eagles are going to go with a committee approach and it's looking like it could be a 3-headed monster. I have Miles Sanders as a fringe RB2/ RB3.  

  1. We’re entering the heat of drafting season, what is your favorite draft strategy this year? 

Jason: My favorite draft strategy this year is to load up on RBs early and wait for a QB until round 8 or later, depending on format.

Colt: I don't exactly have a Favorite strategy, but typically I find myself doubling or tripling down on RBs unless Hill, or DA fall to me. That’s how I usually start and then I let the draft come to me. 

Ryan: Mine so far has been drafting RB if i'm in the top 5. Next round go grab Kittle. And snag a few sleeper tight ends as well just to start on the flex if needed. I’ve got TE fever this season.

Will: Typically I draft RB's early and often due to positional scarcity. However, this year I have strayed from that strategy. My most recent draft was Full-Point PPR Superflex, 2 RB, 3WR, 2 Flex.

So I went with a Zero RB spin-off in that league, and ended up really liking my roster. Ultimately, I go into drafts with a strategy in mind based on league settings. Then adapt as necessary.  Just let the draft come to you and always draft value and upside.

  1. Start, bench, cut: (not for fantasy) Corey Davis, John Brown, Mike Williams.

Jason: Start Davis, Bench Williams, Cut Brown

Colt: Start Big Mike, Bench CD84, and cut Smokie Brown.

Ryan: Start MikeWilliams, bench Davis, cut Brown.

Will: Start: Corey Davis, while he may not have lived up to his draft hype. He has continually improved and would be my choice as a Starter out of this group.

Bench: John Brown, all "Smoke" has ever did has been consistent. He's entering the twilight of his career, but would be a trusted target off the bench.

Cut: Mike Williams. I'm probably in the minority here. Mike Williams is like a highlight reel when it comes to awesome catches.....then when the reel is over you find out he's injured and out for the season. I don't know that he's necessarily fragile, but puts his body in horrible positions to get injured almost every time he catches the ball. So if I can't count on him to be healthy, I don't want him.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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