Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our  very special guest Patrick Sweeney aka The Football Therapist! The Regular Season is just around the corner and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. With Cam Newton out of the picture are you rising or dropping any of the Pats weapons in your rankings? 

Zach: Rising. Definitely helps the running backs a lot especially James White. Cam wasn’t working out with him last season. The fact that Cam won’t be vulturimg on the goal line will help everyone a lot. 

Jason:The only person I am moving in my rankings is Damien Harris. He gets a slight bump in my rankings because with Cam out of the picture, that will open the door for more red zone scores for Harris that Cam would have otherwise vultured.

Patrick: With Mac Jones starting I expect a more efficient offense for the Patriots. The biggest risers in my rankings are both Damien Harris and Rhamondre Stevenson. Without Cam Newton there there should be no concern for lack of touchdowns. I expect Harris to be a low end RB2 while Stevenson could be a quality late round sleeper. As for the receivers I expect Mac Jones to spread it around. Jakobi Meyers is the top option for me. His ceiling is top 24 but has a risky floor. Nelson Agholor and Kendrick Bourne could be WR 3 worth at their peak. I also believe Jonnu Smith could be a low end TE 1 if the touchdown production is there. Overall there is a slight bump for most of this offense but do not expect explosive numbers.

 Ryan: Rising, I think Mac is a pure Belichick esque QB. He’s gonna be slinging that thing. I’m excited for him. 

  1. Where do you have Gus Edwards ranked for PPR formats? 

Zach: High end RB2. I was high on him before Dobbins went down and I think the Gus Bus will rumble into the top 15 RBs if he can stay healthy. 

Jason: I have Gus Edwards ranked around the RB19-20 range. The volume will be there for Gus the Bus, but Lamar is still the top dog at the RB position for the Ravens.

Patrick: Right now I have Edwards as a mid RB 2 at RB 19. While he has the potential for a safe floor, with Lamar his ceiling will be heavily capped. His peak target numbers has been 13 and his highest snap share has been 34%. While I do believe the volume could be there I still believe he has some risk to him. Nevertheless he is worth it at his RB 2 value. 

Ryan: I don't do rankings typically, however I’m still not extremely hopeful he’s going to be worthy of where he’s being drafted currently, (in my experience I’ve seen him go in the 2nd round) he isn’t a guy who can be consistently the every down back. 

  1. Over or under 9.5 wins for the Bears? 

Zach: Under but barely. 

Jason: Under. The Bears defense is still a work in progress after some key departures and I don’t have enough faith in that offense to make up for it, even if Fields eventually takes over the starting role.

Patrick: I go under for the Bears even with Justin Fields looking so promising. Losing Kyle Fuller could have an impact on this defense and I expect this team overall to take a step back. They also play 7 playoff teams from 2020 which makes it a difficult schedule.

Ryan: Under, but not by much, I believe they are on the right track.

  1. Other than Najee, who’s your top rookie RB for fantasy right now? 

Zach: Trey Sermon! The Niners have one of the best rushing attacks in the game and this dude is about to break out in a big way! 

Jason: My top rookie RB for fantasy right now outside of Najee Harris is Trey Sermon. He was drafted on a team that is built to win now and with Raheem Mosterts injury history, the opportunities will be there for him to succeed right out of the gate.

Patrick: Hands down Javonte Williams. Trey Sermon and Michael Carter are intriguing but both will be in committees and are not as talented. Williams should split time early but I fully believe he has excellent vision, unique power and the athleticism to be a top 15 back. Bridgewater also targeted Mike Davis 70 times last season! If Javonte can see quality targets he will succeed next season.

Ryan: Javonte Williams! Guys a stud imo. Sermon right behind him.

  1. Rank the Jaguars top 3 WRs for PPR formats.

Zach: Shenault, Chark, Jones. I think Chark will end up being the WR1 in Jacksonville but Shenault will edge him out in fantasy points. 

Jason: Shenault, Jones jr, Chark

Patrick: Laviska, Chark and Jones in that order. I see both Chark and Jones in a similar light. They will be boom or bust players dependent on big play ability. Laviska can be used in so many different ways. He will be the slot receiver who Trevor could rely on and even get some work on the ground. Overall this is one of the more trickier receiving cores to predict due to the fact Lawrence will spread it around.

Ryan: Laviska Jones, Chark. I’ve heard nothing good about Chark and Meyers' relationship.

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That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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