Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. Jeremiah Orcutt (Agent JO) from FantasyHolics! Free Agency is about to kickoff and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Do you see Green Bay resigning Aaron Jones? If not, where do you think he’ll land? 

Zach: I don’t. I think they’ll resign Williams and role with Dillon as the primary runner. Jones will carry a hefty price tag and I think the Jets will be willing to pay it. 

Jason: I do not believe the Packers will resign Aaron Jones. I think he either ends up with Miami or Jacksonville; two teams who have plenty of cap to make a run at a big FA running back.

Jardine: Well while I’m writing this Green Bay announced that they will not be placing the franchise tag on Jones so you would have to think he will at least test the market. This makes me think that Green Bay has a number in mind and they aren't connecting yet. I see Jones testing the market and potentially being lured away by a bigger market team. I like the Chargers, the Colts and the Patriots as the most likely landing spots.

Agent JO: I think the Packers do work out a deal for him. At the beginning of FA, I thought he would end up in Miami but it feels like they are working on a deal to keep him. I do think they let Jamaal Williams walk and AJ Dillion becomes the back up. The only issue I see, is has Jones gotten better at pass-pro, that was one of the things holding him back 

  1. Former QB Logan Thomas was tied with Robert Tonyan for the TE3 in PPR formats last season, do you see either of them repeating their success? 

Zach: I think Thomas can repeat his success. He’s a poor man’s Travis Kelce if you will. I think he could actually improve because he wasn’t really being utilized much for the first month of last season. He just needs that high volume role and his QB to not be extremely terrible. 

I don’t see Tonyan as a top 5 TE again. Too Touchdown dependent. I think he’ll make the top 12 though. 


I do not believe either of them will repeat what they did in 2020. I think both of them regress and don't put up the big numbers they did last year. Both guys will be serviceable for fantasy purposes at a thin TE group.

Jardine: Thomas may have the chance to improve, however the big question in Washington is, who will be throwing him the ball? Heinicke has had one good game. Ever.. And Smith is gone. Don't put too much faith in Thomas in 2021. Tonyan is set up to have a bigger role in Green Bay currently. He will only be 27 next season so I would say he has a shot to improve the PPR numbers.

Agent JO: As long as the Redskins don't bring in another TE, yes I think Logan Thomas can be a TE1 for Fantasy. I expect their next QB will be a young one and the TE is the young QBs best friend. 

I would sell Robert Tonyan if you can. That offense has never been consistently TE friendly, and if they bring in another WR, Tonyan will lose targets. Also his stats were inflated by 11 TDs, I can't see him maintaining the 11 TDs per year. I think he drops back down to TE2 territory. 

  1. Who do you got the Jets taking at #2? 

Zach: I have them taking Zach Wilson. I really don’t see why they wouldn’t. 

Jason: I think the Jets will double down on a QB and select Wilson out of BYU. It's time to move Darnold elsewhere and get Saleh a QB to re-build this franchise around.

Jardine: Aye a Jets question! Barring any potential blockbuster trade scenarios, the Jets will take the best available QB at 2. 99.9% chance that will be Zach Wilson, but according to Chris Simms, Wilson could go #1 to the Jags, and Simms has been pretty spot on for the last half decade in his QB predictions. Still, the Jets most likely land Wilson.

Agent JO: They are taking Justin Fields. They need a QB and I believe they’ll trade Sam Darnold to a new team. Justin Fields is labeled as the #2 QB prospect in this year's draft and the Jets need a QB and can't get this wrong. Hopefully Fields has a better track record than previous Ohio State QBs, or it's going to be another few miserable years in New York 

  1. Give us your bold prediction for Free Agency. 

Zach: I think the 49ers will trade a first round pick for Sam Darnold 

Jason: My bold prediction for Free Agency is that Hunter Henry signs with the Patriots. Hunter was just released by the Chargers and Belichick is already salivating at the opportunity to bring in a Gronk 2.0 to help build the offense around. 

Jardine: Ok guys, I am going to make the wildest prediction of the year.. Andrew Luck comes out of retirement and will play for the Las Vegas Raiders! Solid rumors are already surfacing about Luck coming back, Gruden loves veteran QBs and has some money to throw around.

Agent JO: The Colts sign LT Eric Fisher, not really bold. The Giants sign Kenny Golladay. 

The Dolphins trade Tua and a first round pick to the Texans for Watson 

  1. Tee Higgins or Tyler Boyd? PPR redraft.

Zach: PPR redraft? Boyd all day! I’m super high on him and think he could possibly finish as a top 10 WR this season. 

Jason: Tyler Boyd. He has solidified his role in that offense and I believe he is the unanimous #1 WR in Cincy. As long as he can stay healthy, he should put up better numbers than Higgins.

Jardine: I am taking Tee Higgins. In 2020, Higgins was already targeted more than AJ Green, had more receptions than Green, and had triple the TD's that Green had. No reason to think that Higgins will not take over the #1 WR role in Cincy with the expectation that Green will be walking in free agency in 2021. Boyd will have a higher workload, but not enough to warrant taking him over Higgins in any PPR league.

Agent JO: Boyd is a PPR monster and Burrow loves throwing to the slot. Boyd for PPR redraft. 

Boyd was targeted 110 times last season and Burrow threw to Justin Jefferson 100 times in the slot at LSU. 

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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