Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our guest Dwight Kofroth! The Regular Season is rolling along and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

This was written prior to the Thursday night game. 

  1. What is your upset of the week? 

Travis: San Francisco over the Arizona Cardinals. Score prediction: 23-10. 

Pynakker: Vikings over the Ravens

Jardine: Even though the Chiefs have struggled this year, going up against Jordan Love i think you can safely say that KC is the favorite, and that's why this is my upset. I see Love leading a potent, if not exceptional, Green Bay offense against the 31st ranked defense in the NFL. And defensively, Green Bay is better equipped to deal with a Chiefs offense that is struggling to find its footing. Green Bay beats KC 27-24.

Dwight: Call me crazy but imma take the Jets to beat indy. This might be the only week I think the Lions have a chance 

  1. Is Mike White on the Jets for real or was that debut just beginners luck? 

Travis: Truly believe it was just a one week explosion that nobody was ready for. Things are trending for Zach Wilson to return Week 10 and he should immediately take back the reigns. 

Pynakker: Beginners luck, the Bengals didn’t play super well and there’s also the bs helmet to helmet call that got them the win.

Jardine: As a Jets fan, i have an opinion here.. Mike White proved one thing, and one thing only: He is a solid backup and can be trusted to come in and manage a game when needed. White was handed the perfect game plan to work within, had an O line that was playing their best game of the year, and he had weapons that weren't dropping 35% of his on target throws as they collectively have been for Zach Wilson. Was it a fluke? No. It was solid execution of a solid game plan. Is Mike White the savior so many Jets fans think he is after one game? No. No he is not.

Dwight: Let's give him another game, but dude played well enough and if he keeps it going this game....🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  1. What player was your biggest steal so far this year in fantasy drafts?

Travis: The obvious choice to a lot of people would be Cooper Kupp. However, up until he got injured Antonio Brown was the biggest steal for me personally. Drafted him everywhere I could. 

Pynakker: Dawson Knox or Bryan Edwards have both been solids besides Knox’s injury and I got them both late rounds

Jardine: My fantasy teams have struggled thus far, but the common player that has been a steal for me has been Aaron Rodgers. Aside from week 1 (where Rodgers got me 2 points) he has outperformed his weekly point predictions. He never throws picks and consistently gets 2-3 TDs per game. Has a bit lower value in PPR leagues, but still a steal where i got him in the mid rounds.

Dwight: Mike Williams, Emmanuel Sanders and Michael Carter.

  1. What are your thoughts on Phillip Rivers possibly coming out of retirement? 

Travis: It’s now or never for Phillip Rivers to come out of retirement. I’m not sure the Saints are all in on bringing Rivers in. Taysom Hill will give the offense a different element that Rivers can’t provide. I just think a team such as Tampa, Rams, or Tennessee would be the most interested if injury occurred to their starting QB. Basically teams with Super Bowl hopes. 

Pynakker: Could he? Yes. Should he? No. He’d be joining like the Saints and that’s not gonna be fun for him having no wr1 and even when MT comes back, I feel Rivers will not like his attitude lol.

Jardine: Rivers has a good thing going coaching high school ball in Alabama. History shows us that players retiring and trying to come back rarely work out, aside from a very small number of success stories like Gronkowski. But at the end of the day, if the Saints call and make it worth his while, then why not?

Dwight: 🤣🤣🤣🤣 just stay retired based on last year

  1. What young up and coming team do you see becoming a powerhouse for years to come?

Travis: Soon enough it will be the New York Jets. In two years this team will have enough to be really competitive. I will also add the Cincinnati Bengals to that equation as well. They are already showing flashes this year, but they may be even more unstoppable in 2022.

Pynakker: Raiders, could be bias lol

Jardine: Some folks like Zach Kurtz are going to call this a homer pick, but here it comes anyway! The New York Jets are on the cusp of a big break out. The GM Joe Douglas, head coach Robert Saleh and the franchise QB Zach Wilson are all on the same 5 year timeline. Something the Jets haven't had since Rex Ryan. The culture change is evident in Florham Park and can be seen by the recent signing of Laurent Duvernay-Tardif actually waiving his no trade clause to come to the Jets. The Jets are struggling, something to be expected when you lead the league in rookie snaps, have a first year head coach, first year OC and a cornerback room that consists of 6 players totalling 2 years of NFL experience and accounting for $3.1M of the Jets 2021 cap. But they are finding their identity. And with 4 picks in the first 2 rounds of the upcoming 2022 draft and a projected $70M in 2022 cap space, look for that roster to improve even more very soon. Jets will look very strong by 2023.

Dwight: Everyone is gonna say the obvious answer in the Bills and Arizona.. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say....Dallas...nah I'm going with the new England patriots!!! What Belichick has done for this team on this rebuild is nothing short of remarkable, that QB that's only a rookie has been great, they are just a few pieces away and Belichick will get them or create them.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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