Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. Andrew Newson! Free Agency is in full swing and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What teams are your biggest winner and biggest loser in Free Agency so far? 

Zach: Well that’s a no brainer that the Pats are the big winners! The Bears are big losers! They would’ve been much better off signing Trubisky to the contract Buffalo gave him than paying Dalton $10 Mil. 

Travis: Patriots are the biggest winner or should I say spender in free agency. Bill Belichick spent more money on free agency in one day than he did in 10 years.
Honorable mention: Tampa Bay Buccaneers for bringing their key pieces back to make another Super Bowl run.

Biggest Loser: Tennessee Titans
Bud Dupree was a decent signing for a lot of money. Clowney just didn’t work out there. Tennessee lost two key pieces on offense for Ryan Tannehill when the New England Patriots signed Jonnu Smith and the New York Jets signed Corey Davis. They also released Adam Humphries this offseason and now the Tennessee Titans are down to one reliable pass catcher left on the team A.J. Brown.

Palucci: Biggest winner - As much as I hate to say it, I think the Patriots had a good FA so far. They locked up Hunter Henry and Jonnu Smith to secure both TE spots, Matt Judon on the edge, Nelson Agohlor and Kendrick Bourne at wideout, and Jalen Mills at Safety. Got back Kyle Van Noy. Trent Brown and David Andrews at OL. And took Henry Andreson away from the Jets. 

Biggest loser - Chicago Bears. They lost Trubisky to the Bills and signed Andy Dalton in his place after losing out on the DeShaun Watson running. Apparently they told Dalton he's the starter after signing him for $10 million. But I think they could've resigned Mitch for cheaper. Now they have Dalton and Foles in what may be a bad QB battle. 

Pynakker: Winner is, not being bias but LV cause John brown and Kenyon for cheap are beautiful and then resigning most of the line back.

Loser is the Packers just cause they restructured a ton of players and then instead of getting a wr to help Rodgers they resigned Jones when they have Dillon who showed last year that he can be that guy.

Pompa: The team Winner IMO, is the Packers resigning A Jones. Getting that close to another Super Bowl and not keeping your star RB1 would have been catastrophic. 

My pick for Team loser is Indianapolis taking Carson Wentz. That's all I got to say about that.

NewNew: Biggest Winner: The Patriots spending 275 million dollars. To help give Cam some weapons and tie up some loose ends on the Defense. Allowing them to attempt to go draft that new franchise QB.

Biggest Loser: Houston. They don’t have a QB that wants to play for them. Lost JJ Watt and Will Fuller V. A year after drawing away DeAndre Hopkins. Houston we have a problem. Be interesting to see with recent news about Watson if the NFL pursues an investigation.

  1. Who is your biggest winner and loser fantasy wise after the initial Free Agency shakeup? 

Zach: TJ Hockenson is my big winner! That man is gonna feast with Goff at QB and not many other real receiving threats. 

The loser has to be Josh Jacobs. Drake pretty much tanks his chances at being a valuable fantasy RB. 

Travis: Winner: Terry McLaurin He finally has a quarterback in Ryan Fitzpatrick that can give him the type of volume needed to be a surefire WR 1 in fantasy. Not only that, but the WFT also added Curtis Samuel into the mix which should also free up additional looks for Terry.

Loser: David Johnson. I don’t know what Houston has going on in their backfield, but adding Mark Ingram (which I find more as a depth piece) he will still get some carries though and then adding Phillip Lindsay which I believe will steal touches and receptions from Johnson will limit his upside tremendously. We also don’t really have a clear understanding of who will be quarterbacking with all the Watson allegations, trade demands, and the fact they are in a total rebuild. So in other words in statin way clear David Johnson and the entire Texans roster in 2021.


Palucci: Biggest winner in fantasy - Ryan Fitzpatrick. He now goes to Washington Football Team and has weapons like Antonio Gibson, Terry McLaurin, Curtis Samuel, and Logan Thomas to throw the ball to.

Biggest loser in fantasy - Marlon Mack returning to the Colts. With the emergence of Jonathan Taylor after Mack went down last year, I think Mack is merely a handcuff if JT goes down with an injury. I do not see him starting otherwise. 

Pynakker: After the initial it’s gotta be winner NE cause they signed everyone haha

Loser is anyone who waited to see what happened before throwing money at people.

Pompa: My pick for player who won FA,,, Corey Davis! The man got Paid!! 37.5 million for 3 years.

Player who lost? Corey Davis having to go to the Jets

NewNew: Biggest Winner: QB Ryan Fitzmagic to WFT to be a starter for a team that plays in a wide open division of NFC (L)East. 

Biggest Loser: The Ravens Defense letting both edge rushers go in free agency. (Judon: Pats and Ngakoue Raiders). 

  1. What was the most surprising move of FA so far? 

Zach: Fitzmagic to the WFT. I thought for sure he was calling it a career. 

Travis: Will Fuller to the Miami Dolphins. I get you need a field stretcher and I get that you need to surround Tua with talent, so he has a chance to succeed. What the hell are we doing adding Will Fuller here on a 1 year deal? There is an absolute stud receiver that will be sitting at the top of the draft at number 3 overall in Jamar Chase.


Palucci: Most surprising move - Patriots resigning Newton. I think with the FA QBs available and the incoming rookies from the draft, I think the Patriots could've gotten a better man behind Center. Although they gave him weapons as I mentioned before, I think he's past his prime. 

Pynakker: Honestly JuJu back to PIT for 8 mil, really nobody offered him more? No KC and BAL offered him money and he wanted to go back to Steelers, God knows why but he won’t be after this year when Ben retires. 

Pompa: The biggest surprise to me would have to be the Bears taking Andy Dalton over Russell Wilson. 

NewNew: The lack of interest Kenny Golladay and Jadeveon Clowney are receiving, both very talented players. Both players who fought injuries last season but are both talented.

  1. With Brees officially calling it a career, who do you see trying to fill his shoes in 2021? 

Zach: Winston. He’s certainly no Drew Brees but I think he’ll actually fill in nicely. 

Travis: I believe ultimately that Jameis Winston ends up winning the starting job this year with the team. As good as Taysom was last year in Drew’s absence; I’m just not buying into the fact that Sean Payton is going to try to reinvent the wheel at the quarterback position. Jameis is a prototype quarterback in today’s NFL and he just has one flaw, but I believe under the tutelage of Payton he could overcome a little bit of that to succeed in this offense.

Palucci: I think Jameis Winston takes over for the Saints with Hill filling in the utility player role like he did. If Winston struggles, I see them turning to Hill. Obviously if they draft a QB, it may be different. But as it stands now, this is it. 

Pynakker: It’s Winston over Taysom and I’m sure they will draft a qb or tank cause they know Taysom is NOT A STARTING QB! Anything else on offense but not qb lol

Pompa: Knowing Sean Payton,, Taysom and Winston will be taking turns at QB. So in reality, it takes 2 qbs to fill Drew's shoes.  P.S. I'm still in denial that Drew retired.

NewNew: I initially see Jameis Winston seeing the snaps, but if he underperforms I see the Saints turning to Taysom Hill.

  1. What was the biggest overpay and steal of FA so far? 

Zach: It’s hard not to choose Dak as the overpay but who gives a 32 Offensive tackle a 6 year deal worth $138 million?? 

Biggest steal was Marvin Jones Jr. to Jacksonville! He’s a baller and has actually been very productive, they got him for two years on a $14.5 million deal. I think he should be getting double that. 

Travis: Biggest overpay: I don’t know if I would definitely call it an overpayment, but what I mentioned earlier with Will Fuller on a one year deal worth 10.625 million. 

Biggest Steal: Juju Smith-Shuster. Getting him for that 8 million dollars on a one year deal is the steal of all steals. He had higher offers from the Chiefs(11 mil), Ravens(13 mil), and a reported multi-year offer from the Eagles.

Palucci: Biggest overpay - Dak Prescott. Coming off a huge injury and signing a contract of 4yr $160 million contract is a gamble. 

Biggest steal - Alex Mack at Center to the 49ers on a 1 yr $5 million contract.

Pynakker: Overpay would be Aaron Jones, he’s a product of the system and they could start Dillon and get the same if not better production.

Steal is John brown, 3.75mil for a year when dude has been a solid wr since he left the Cardinals. Nelson Agholor did good last year with carr, carr and John Brown are gonna kill it and having Ruggs to help is beautiful. Speed Kills!

Pompa: Most overpaid has to be Dak,, Coming off a season ending injury to get that paycheck is extremely overpaid.

Biggest steel, has to be Fitzpatrick going to Washington.

NewNew: Biggest overpay of Free Agency would have to be, Aaron Jones the Packers spent on the RB position. 

2021 Cap: $4,475,000 

2022 Cap: $9,000,000 

2023 Cap: $19,250,000 

2024 Cap: $15,250,000

Biggest steal of Free Agency: John “Smoke” Brown with the LVR. 1 yr/3.75mil. Gives Derek Carr another weapon alongside Henry Rugs III, Waller, Jacobs, Drake, and Renfrow.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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