Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are here to talk some ball. The Regular Season is rolling along and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

This was written prior to the Thursday night games. 

  1. What is your upset of the week? 

Jordan: Lions over Bears getting that first Dub!

Pyle: For my upset of the week I'm going with corn casserole.... I usually make it but someone else wanted to, since I always make it, I conceded... So I'm sure I'll be upset with it.. Also I'll take the Colts over the Bucs

Pompa: Raiders over Dallas

David: Lions over the Bears. No Khalil Mack, no Justin Fields, no Allen Robinson. Lions get their first win on Turkey day.

Ryan: I believe the Raiders snag a victory on thanksgiving over Dallas.

  1. Who would you consider OROY?

Jordan: It’s still Jamar Chase. However if Mac plays well and gets the Pats in the playoffs I think he takes it.

Pyle: As a Lions fan I say Penny Sewell, but nobody likes to vote for lineman, but they sure want them blocking for them... so give me Jamarr Chase...

Pompa: Najee Harris

David: This comes down to 3 players right now, JaMarr Chase, Najee Harris, and Mac Jones. Jones holds the advantage because the league is QB driven when it comes to rewards. Chase has made some phenomenal plays and Najee is coming along nicely, but both need to rely on others to aid their production. For Chase, that's Burrow, and for Najee that's the young Steelers o-line. Jones takes it home if he keeps going the way he is and they take the AFC East.

Ryan: Rookie of the year is hands down Chase’s to lose.. although I’m throwing Mac Jones out there. Dude’s been solid. Really like Jones as a player going forward.

  1. Can Wilson get back to being DangeRuss against the WFT on MNF?

Jordan: Yes. He can and he will. I think this is an absolute must win for the Hawks.

Pyle: Wilson is lost at sea like Tom Hanks Wilson... it's over folks...

Pompa: Russell is coming in hard and is going to blow up the WFT

David: No. I love Russell Wilson, him and Dak are my QB's on the majority of my fantasy leagues, but the WFT defense is finally waking up and playing up to preseason expectations. Russell will be ok, but this week isn't the week.

Ryan: I think Seattle as a team is letting Russ down. Metcalf has been less than stellar. Carson’s made of glass. I believe Russ wished the rumors were true last off-season when they said he’d been mentioned in trades.

  1. What NFC team is the team to beat?

Jordan: Who won it all last season? Same damn answer.

Pyle: If they can shake off the recent losses, I've got the Rams taking the NFC

Pompa: NFC team to beat is the Packers,,,,,,,Puke

David: The Tompa Bay Bucs. Yes, they are on a mini slide, but they are still the Super Bowl champs, and still have the GOAT at the helm.

Ryan: NFC still runs through Tampa imo. You don’t bet against the goat. And damn sure not against arguably the best offense he’s ever had.

  1. Who are your favorites currently for the Super Bowl?

Jordan: My preseason prediction is unchanged. Rematch of Brady and Mahomes. Dark horse shout out to Brady beating Bill and riding off into the sunset.

Pyle: I think it'll be Rams and Titans for the Superbowl..

Pompa: Cards and  Chiefs

David: The AFC is so close it's hard to tell. I like many teams to possibly represent the AFC in the Super Bowl. I'll be a homer for this and go with Pittsburgh, they are the most well rounded team and if they stay healthy they have every chance of going to the Super Bowl. I'm going with Tampa Bay for the NFC until they are gone. It's never a good idea to count Brady out.

Ryan: Super bowl favorites as of now, Tampa vs Chiefs repeat. I think KC will get there shit together now.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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