Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are here to

talk some ball and we're joined by a very special guest Mr. Matt Jonah! The Regular Season is almost over and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

This was written prior to the Thursday night game. 

  1. What is your upset of the week? 

Zach: I know the Rams are just slightly an underdog but I’ll take them in the desert against Arizona. 

Pynakker: Lions, cause why not?

Jeremiah: I’ve got Jets over the Saints this week. 

Jimmy: I'm going to the game, so I have to pick Jets over Saints.

Matt: Buffalo beats Tampa to keep themselves in the running for the playoffs.

  1. Who are taking the #1 seeds this year? 

Zach: The Pats and the Rams. 

Pynakker: Patriots and Tampa, Brady vs Belichick.

Jeremiah: Patriots and Packers, that’s also my Super Bowl prediction!

Jimmy: Patriots and Cardinals 

Matt: I think New England should keep the 1 and I would say the Rams get it on the other side.

  1. Who is a must play this week that usually isn’t? 

Zach: D’Onta Foreman from Tennessee. He has a great matchup and should get plenty of work at home against Jacksonville. 

Pynakker: Gallup, WFT defense hasn’t really been solid and as the wr3 he has potential to be wide open.

Jeremiah: Devonta Freeman! It looks like Baltimore finally found their lead back and I feel that you need to start Freeman with how much Baltimore runs the ball.

Jimmy: If this came out earlier, I would have said KJ Osborn with Adam Theilen being out. I picked him up in multiple leagues and he did well.

Matt: Jarvis Landry here he put up 100 yards against the Ravens 2 weeks back and had the bye to get right and with Humphrey done that should open up some better looks his way.

  1. What team that is currently not in a playoff spot do you think is getting hot at the right time and will make it? 

Zach: The Miami Dolphins are on a roll. 

Pynakker: The Indianapolis Jonathan Taylors lol

Jeremiah: Vikings are starting to look good.

Jimmy: Dolphins. The team seems to be clicking at the right time to make a playoff push.

Matt: I would say the Colts are starting to get their groove with Wentz in the passing game.

  1. Over or under 18 fantasy points for Taysom Hill this week?

Zach: I’ll take the under but barely. 

Pynakker: Over, the Jets defense is just not good.

Jeremiah: I think he takes the loss this week but stills gets over 18 with his rushing stats.

Jimmy: I would say over. With their lack of receivers and Ingram being out, the offense is going to revolve around Taysom Hill and Alvin Kamara. Hill’s performance will mimic last week's.

Matt: I have to go over even with losing Harris he should get Kamara back and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him rush for 100 yards to get most of the points.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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