Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are here to

talk some ball and we're joined by a very special guest and grand champion of our TSF 100 team fantasy football tournament Mr. Jason Roberts! Super Wildcard weekend is here and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Give us your wildcard winners! 

Zach: I see the Bengals vs Raiders as a toss up but I’m going with Cincinnati. Pats, Bucs, Cowboys Chiefs and I think the Monday night game could go either way and will be super close, maybe we’ll see OT. I’ll go with Arizona though. 

Travis: Cowboys, Bengals, Bills, Buccaneers, Chiefs, and Rams.

Jimmy: Bengals, Bills, Bucs, Cowboys, Chiefs, Cardinals

Justin: AFC Wildcard winners: Raiders, Bills, Chiefs.

NFC Wildcard winners: 49ers, Rams, Bucs.

Jardine: Super Wildcard Weekend is sure to be just that. Wild! Saturday I see Cincy taking the win over the Raiders and the Bills besting the Patriots. Cincy when on is simply too high powered for the Raider defense and the Bills defense is stifling to opposing offenses.

Sunday over in the NFC, Philly drew the short straw facing Tampa Bay and it isn't going to end well for them. Brady and the Bucs take this game handedly. Same for the 49ers. Tough game against the Cowboys and that Dallas team is driven. Dallas takes this one. The late game heads back to the AFC and Pittsburgh vs. Kansas City. This is basically a bye week for KC. The Steelers just don't have it. 

Cardinals/Rams rounds out the weekend on Monday night and as valiant a fight Stafford gave this year, Arizona wins this game.

Jason: Bengals, Bills, Bucs, 49ers, Chiefs and Cards. 

  1. With the 2021 regular season in the books, who were the most disappointing and most impressive teams? 

Zach: Patriots, Bengals, Raiders, Dolphins to name a few. All overachieving young teams with bright futures. 

The Ravens are an obvious one for disappointment, the way the Colts’ season ended was a complete disaster and the Jaguars’ season as a whole couldn’t have been too much worse. 

Travis: The Ravens, Colts, and Chargers in the AFC for most disappointing teams and then Washington and Seattle in the NFC.

Most impressive is what the Las Vegas Raiders pulled off to make the playoffs with all of their turmoil. The LA Rams we’re as advertised and more. Last but not least The Cincinnati Bengals and their explosive offense.

Jimmy: Impressive: Dolphins finishing the season on a 9 game win streak. Titans still winning the division and #1 seed without Henry. Raiders for surprising me and making the playoffs. 

Disappointing: Ravens for coming in last in the division. Jaguars for going back to back seasons with the #1 pick. Seattle for having their worst record in the last decade. 

Justin: Most impressive teams to me were the Patriots, Bengals, Raiders, and Titans. Most Disappointing teams have been the Dolphins, Ravens and LA Chargers.

Jardine: I am most impressed with the Packers. After all the off season turmoil and an absolutely dismal week 1, that team came together and had an amazing season. 

As far as a disappointment, Jacksonville holds my vote. Not that we expected much from them, but the Urban Meyer scandal, the poor development of Trevor Lawrence, and if I'm being honest, the continued middle finger to the Jags fans from owner Shad Khan by handing home games every year to foreign locations, this team has officially taken over the dumpster fire title from my New York Jets.

Jason: Most impressive has to be my Bengals—-and maybe the Titans

Disappointed-the Football team and Seattle 

  1. Who ya got for MVP? 

Zach: Brady or Rodgers although I’d vote for Jonathan Taylor. 

Travis: Aaron Rodgers is a lock for his fourth MVP award.

Jimmy: I would like for the MVP to go to Cooper Kupp. Record breaking season and led the league in all 3 WR categories (receptions, yards, TDs). But it'll probably be someone like Rodgers or Brady.

Justin: 3. My MVP is Aaron Rodgers. 

Jardine: As much as I hate to say this, Tom Brady is my MVP front runner. Tops in so many passing categories and there have been games this year where Brady dragged that team to wins, and in my opinion, that is what the MVP is at it's heart.

Jason: MVP will be Rodgers, of course I would like to see Burrow get it 😁

  1. Which head coach do you think should’ve been fired that hasn’t been yet? 

Zach: Frank Reich is my top candidate. 

Travis: For the most part who hasn’t been fired that most likely deserves to be:

Matt Rhule of the Carolina Panthers if anybody. The collapse that they had after a strong start to the season is unacceptable.

Mike McCarthy doesn’t deliver a win this weekend he could very well be on the hot seat as well. I. An see a world where Jerry calls an audible and possibly hands someone else the reigns in Dallas. So in my opinion his job is indeed on the line this weekend.

Jimmy: Wouldn't surprise me if Frank Reich of the Colts was fired. He only needed to beat the Jaguars to make it into the playoffs and they got their asses handed to them. 

Justin: Coach who should've been fired, Matt Rhule.

Jardine: A coach that is still in his role that I'm surprised is still there is Frank Reich. Indy was a disappointment this year and I believe fan patience is running out. Not that Jim Irsay cares about that perception one way or another, but if the Colt faithful are beginning to show some irritation, it is a safe bet to think the front office has some similar thoughts.

Jason: Pete Carrol 

  1. Who are you avoiding in fantasy next season that had a decent 2021?

Zach: My guy Damien Harris. His 15 rushing touchdowns will jack up his price but Rhamondre Stevenson is a force and there will undoubtedly be a full fledged tandem backfield next season. 


QBs-Kirk Cousins(QB11), Carson Wentz(QB15).

RBs-James Connor(RB8), Ezekiel Elliott(RB6), Damien Harris(RB18), Devin Singletary(RB24).

WRs-Dionte Johnson(WR8), Hunter Renfrow(WR11), Mike Williams(WR19), Hollywood Brown(WR17).

TEs-Mike Gesicki(TE8),Dawson Knox(TE10).

Jimmy: James Conner. He was very touchdown dependent and won’t get near the top five again not to mention his laundry list of past injuries. 

Justin: I'm keeping Ezekiel Elliot off my 2022 rosters. He's starting to look older and slower. Also, the emergence of Pollard should factor into fantasy manager's decisions next year. 

Jardine: My fantasy player to avoid in 2022 that had a pretty decent year is James Robinson. With Etienne coming back, I see him taking the lion's share of the reps moving forward.

Jason: I am avoiding Hurts-I don’t know how durable he is.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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