Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are here to

talk some ball and we're joined by a very special guest Jeff Wallace Divisional Round weekend is here and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. Give us your Divisional Round Winners! 

Jeremiah: Bengals, Chiefs, Packers, Rams.

Pynakker: Bengals, Bills, 9ers, Rams

Tyler: Titans, Green Bay, Bills, Rams

Richard: Bengals, Buffalo, Rams, and Packers.

Jeff: Going against the grain here.. hard for me to not take ALL the underdogs honestly because I feel they all have a legit chance of winning, it’s gonna be a good time to be a football fan. 

Game 1: Cincy wins over the titans as they try to change their identity back to who they were when Henry was healthy and show too much rust doing so.. Burrow and the bengals have been a fun team to watch this year and I’m secretly rooting for them to go all the way because why not? 

Game 2: Packers over the 49ers. As a vikes fan I want nothing more than for the pack to lose and feel like the 49ers have the talent to do so, but as a vikes fan I know it’s not a good decision to pick against Rodgers unless it’s in the NFC Championship game 😉

Game 3: Rams upset the Bucs.. if the Bucs do have 3 of their offensive linemen out like expected Brady will be in trouble. Donald could have 3+ sacks in the game and make it a nightmare for the passing game. Again not a smart play to bet against Brady, but the rams are niccee. 

Game 4: Bills over Chiefs in the closest game of the week. The bills top rated defense was build and reinforced after Mahomes beat them last year. Let’s see if it worked?!

  1. What was the biggest surprise to you from Super Wildcard Weekend? 

Jeremiah: 3 games ending as 20+ point blowouts, I expected closer games.

Pynakker: That the refs are useless and the NFL knows the Raiders/Bengals refs blew a call and cost a game.

Tyler: My biggest surprise was the amount of teams that didn’t look like they should have been in the playoffs. 

Richard: That Bills perfect performance against the Patriots “top 5” defense. SHEESH!!!

Jeff: The biggest surprise from wildcard weekend for me was Josh Allen throwing more touchdowns than incompletions against a very good Patriots defense. Allen isn’t supposed to do that, but you love to see it. 

  1. As of now, what is the highest you’ll draft CMC for 2022? 

Jeremiah: Top 5 probably 3rd at the highest, but if the Panthers hire Ben McAdoo as OC i’m not taking him that high.

Pynakker: 1.4 depending on the format.

Tyler: I think with him being injured all real I would take him in the second round. But most likely he will be similar to Saquon Barkley and go in the first and just like Barkley people will be upset. 

Richard: Very late 1st, 10+

Jeff: This is going to be the million dollar question. My firm belief is you can’t win your draft in the first round but you can lose it.. just ask this year’s CMC owners.  With that being said, if CMC is 80% all year he is likely still the 1.01-1.03 by the end of the year.  I could see him going 1.01 and wouldn’t bat an eye about it but me personally…. I’d take Henry before him for sure but then it gets tricky for me. JT is good but is made great by his oline, Cook is a beast and a new coach should do him well but he also misses time, then I think some WRs move up into the mid to high first round unlike years before. So I guess the short answer is I could see myself drafting him as high as the 1.02 with off-season news moving him as low as 1.05??? Maybe?? Man that feels low for him.

  1. Who do you got as your NFL team’s MVP this year? 

Jeremiah: My team is the Patriots so probably J.C. Jackson or Damien Harris.

Pynakker: Carr has to be the MVP for

My Raiders, he did so much while losing everything around him.

Tyler: I’m a Lions fan sooo, Cornerback Amani Oruwariye. 

Richard: I’m a Giants fan. Graham Gano is definitely the MVP as far as performance goes due to a non-existent offense. But Andrew Thomas is clearly the most valuable player to this roster currently.

Jeff: My favorite team's MVP (Vikes): Justin Jefferson is the obvious one, but the unpopular opinion one would be Kendricks. I honestly feel he is the most underrated player on the team if not the league.. I know he finally made the all pro team so how can he be underrated league wide?? If you’re asking me that question then go look at the last handful of years and explain to me why he wasn’t all pro some, if not all of those years as well. 

My NFL MVP: Everyone keeps looking at Brady and Rodgers which makes sense, but what about Stafford or Kupp? Now keep in mind I like to go against the grain, but without Stafford the Rams weren’t where they were this year and Kupp is proof of that. Give me the unpopular pick with one of those two. 

  1. What team wins the award for most improvement from 2020 to 2021?

Jeremiah: Cardinals and Bengals both improved a lot but I’ll go with the Bengals.

Pynakker: The Bengals.

Tyler: I know I give Mikey P a lot of shit because the raiders suck. But really they didn’t this year. They overcame adversity and made it to the playoffs.

Richard: I’d say the Bengals are kicking ass with Burrow back. From last in the division to winning a playoff game.

Jeff: I think this is an obvious one and they are a very fun team to watch.. they have the QB, they have the RB, they have one of, if not the top WR corps out there, Who Dey you ask?? The Cincinnati Bengals.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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