Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Mr. Freddy Gudiel! The Free Agency rush  is winding down and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. How did Golladay’s fantasy value get affected by signing to the New York Football Giants? 

Zach: I don’t think it affects it all that much. Maybe he’ll drop a little in production his first year as a Giant but I see him still putting up solid numbers with a heavy workload. 

Jason: I believe Golladay will be a high end WR2 in fantasy with the Giants offense. His stock takes a bit of a dip without the gunslinging arm of Stafford, but I do believe he can still produce at a high level with his new team.

David: For me, his value remains about the same. He’s young and with a young QB, but I think the Giants should improve this year and we all know Daniel Jones can drop those dimes. 

Tyler: I think Golladay’s value could potentially go down with this transaction. He's a good WR and he will draw a lot of attention. Look for Slayton to do better this year.

Freddy: I don't know if I'm confident saying that his production will go down but something about his situation makes me feel it. At the paygrade he is at, there's no way he does not play. Volume will be there. He’s a reliable WR2 with upside.

  1. With JuJu staying put in Pittsburgh, rank their top three WRs for PPR redraft. 

Zach: It’s Johnson, JuJu and Claypool for me. 


  1. Diontae Johnson
  2. JuJu
  3. Chase Claypool

David: I think, based on last season, it has to be Diontae, Juju, Mapletron. I will say it can be any order, but Diontae was Ben’s favorite target, when healthy, despite the drops, which he should have worked on this offseason. Mapletron will get better but I think they ride JuJu this season. Either he will explode and they try to keep him or he does so so and they got what they could out of him.

Tyler: Claypool, Juju, Johnson

Freddy: For PPR this year, I have it Johnson, Claypool, and Juju. I think Diontae Johnson will take advantage of having Ben and will have a volume year, with several chances for big chunks of yards. After that, I just think Claypool is better than Juju and they will both get some of Ben’s attention.

  1. Who do you see as the best WR in this draft class? 

Zach: Devonta Smith with Chase as a very close second. 

Jason: The best WR in this draft class has to be Devonta Smith. I mean the guy just won the Heisman Trophy and put up gaudy stats during his tenure with Bama. He is the most talented WR in this class and it will reflect come draft day.

David: Does Pitts count? Because it would be him. If I have to pick a receiver I’d say Chase is the top dog.

Tyler: Chase 

Freddy: I think it's Ja’Marr Chase, but I’m excited to see what Rashod Bateman does.

  1. Tua or Hurts for dynasty? 

Zach: Hurts. He was the QB7 over his span as a starter. Tua hasn’t shown us that potential yet. 

Jason: It's got to be Hurts, right? Wrong. I believe Tua is the better QB for dynasty and it's pretty simple why. Miami has given Tua all the weapons and supporting cast to succeed. He had a rocky start to his rookie campaign but I believe with all the upgrades to the Dolphins new-look offense, Tua will be a force to be reckoned with if he can make the sophomore leap.

David: Can I say neither? I don’t like the rumblings about trading Tua even being a possibility, and the Eagles don’t seem 100% about Hurts either. If I had to choose one I’d say Hurts after they traded down in the draft.

Tyler: Hurts. I like what I saw from him last year. 

Freddy: I feel like the easier answer here would be to go with Hurts. He has the starting job, he looked good at the end of last year, but I can't get past that he is an Eagle. I haven't had any evidence that Philadelphia will give him what he needs to succeed but I like what the Dolphins are doing overall and I think Tua is the better option long term. He will figure it out.

  1. From @Buckets024 on Twitter, “Should I keep J.K. Dobbins as an eighth round keeper?” 

Zach: Definitely! He’s gonna eat this season and for years to come! 

Jason: J.K. Dobbins is going to be a stud in this Ravens offense moving forward and he absolutely merits an 8th round keeper. He is my favorite RB out of the last rookie class and I believe he will have sustained success in a potent offense.

David: Absolutely 100% great value there. If it wasn’t for his QB being Lamar Jackson, he’d be an easy top 5 projection for me, but I still have him as a top 15 RB, so an 8th round grade is fantastic for him.

Tyler: I think you should keep Dobbins at that spot. Ingram is gone, with their run game mentality I think he will be at least in the top 12 of RBs this year.

Freddy: Absolutely! I think he takes the lead in this backfield this year and for as many years as he can carry the load.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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