Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are here to talk some ball and are joined by a very special guest Jeremiah Orcutt aka Agent JO of Fantasyholics! The 2021 NFL season is in the books and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What is one thing you’d recommend for fantasy football owners to do in the off season that will help come draft season? 

Jordan: Take a breath. Don’t join 46 leagues before preseason. Research differing opinions and find the middle ground. 

Pynakker: Pay attention to the free agents and trades, the draft will factor in as well but you could have a stud go to a trash team and his value plummet or a mediocre player go to a good team and him become a stud.

Mikhaylov: I try to keep an eye on all free agent signings, especially the OL. 

Agent JO: You want to look at the Top 50 in Fantasy scoring last season. Most of those Top 50 were WRs and QBs. You want one of those Top QBs and as many of the other Top 50 scorers as possible. You want those players who score more than 15 points per week.  

Pay attention to where players sign and where they are drafted. Look at depth charts, and know who to draft who might replace your player if they go down. 

  1. Who ya got as the 1st overall pick in the NFL draft as of now? 

Jordan: Evan Neal. Unless the Jags trade out. 

Pynakker: I would assume someone on the Oline to protect Lawrence.

Mikhaylov: I think the Jaguars take Neal to help out Trevor and the run game. 

Agent JO: I think DE Aidan Hutchinson is the #1 overall pick to Jacksonville.  He is an outstanding DE and will make a huge difference on that Jaguars D-Line. This draft is boring. There are no flashy, huge impact skill players.   

  1. Who do you see having a bounce back season that busted last year? 

Jordan: Russell Wilson. Regardless of team.

Pynakker: Hopefully Calvin Ridley, but that’s only if he comes back to play hahaha.

Mikhaylov: Since we’re on the Jaguars, I’d like to see Robinson do better with an improved OL.

Agent JO: I think Allen Robinson will bounce back.  Last season was his worst season of his career. His previous two seasons he was Top 10 WR. I think if he ends up on a team with a competent QB, he will regain his form as a Top 10 WR. 

  1. Where would you like to see JuJu land for fantasy purposes? 

Jordan: Green Bay. But only because I hate the Packers and he won’t move the needle at all. 

Pynakker: Eh anywhere he can be the wr2.

Mikhaylov: For fantasy? I think he would be a serious producer on Green Bay. But realistically I’d like to see him go to the Patriots.

Agent JO: JuJu would be a nice fit in Buffalo as a slot receiver. Up against the cap, and with Stefon Diggs and Gabriel Davis playing on the outside, they can bring in JuJu to play the slot.  Isiah McKenzie and Emmanuel Sanders are Free Agents and there is rumors they will be cutting Cole Beasley. Obviously this team is win now and can't rely on a bunch of rookie WRs.  I don't know if he gets a multi-year deal or not because I think he needs a good QB to prove that he still has it.  

  1. Start, bench, cut: Michael Carter, Elijah Mitchell, James Robinson.

Jordan: This is rough. I’d start Carter. I expect him to really break out this year. I would bench Elijah because SF seems to have a revolving door at RB and I’d cut Robinson who I expect to be less productive with a healthy Etienne.

Pynakker: Start Mitchell, bench Robinson, cut Carter.

Mikhaylov: Wow that’s tough, this really would be matchup based. Starting Elijah, Benching Carter, and cutting Robinson.

Agent JO: Based on where we are today. I am starting Elijah Mitchell (even though I'm sure the 49ers are bringing in another RB) Mitchell has earned a role as a starter on a team that runs the ball a lot.  

Bench: Michael Carter. He has earned the role as the starter, but this team has a lot to improve on.  He should get all the volume, making him a solid RB2. 

Cut: Coming off a torn Achilles, I don't know if he will even be ready for the beginning of the season. This will open the door for Travis Etienne to take over the starting role. We will see how this backfield plays out but even though James Robinson has been a solid RB, the achilles injury and the presence of Travis Etienne makes him hard to trust.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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