Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Dwight Kofroth! The Free Agency rush is winding down and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What would you say are the ideal landing spots for the top RB prospects for the fantasy community? 

Travis: 1.Najee Harris to the Falcons. Travis Etienne to Arizona and Javonte Williams to Pittsburgh. I’m not that high on any other running back prospects at the moment these are the only ones I value as first round picks for single QB leagues. 

Jeremiah: Najee Harris to the Dolphins and Travis Etienne to the Falcons.

Pynakker: Pretty much what it comes down to is Etienne and Harris want to go to either Mia, Hou, or Ari as I think they can take over immediately as the starter for any of those teams, even though I doubt Houston will as they have 3 guys back there and have a LOT to fix. 

Dwight: A top RV would b a great look for a Pittsburgh Steelers squad that didn't look like they trusted Connor very much last year, Arizona Cardinals would make an extremely scary offense with a great complete RB in the backfield.

  1. With Daniel Jones’ talented weapons what do you think his ceiling is for fantasy? 

Travis: Ceiling is a borderline QB1. At the end of the day he’ll probably rank around the 12-16 range for me. I don’t imagine he can pull a Josh Allen out of his bag of tricks. I’d imagine multiple experts will sight that as reference, because of what Diggs did for Allen, but I assure you they are not the same. 

Jeremiah: I think he could be a QB2 in Super Flex and 2 QB leagues.

Pyankker: His ceiling depends on that complete trash OL. There’s a lot of talent on that team but without the OL it makes it much more difficult. 

Dwight: I honestly think with the signing of Golladay, this takes some pressure off Barkley’s shoulders and Jones should face less stacked boxes, opening up playaction a lot, so the sky is the limit for Mr. Jones. Pending on if Golladay can stay healthy all season and Saquon for that matter.

  1. Who’s your way too early favorite to win the NFC West? 

Travis: Arizona Cardinals. The addition of JJ Watt paired with Chandler Jones will do a lot for this defense as a whole. Even with the loss of Patrick Peterson(which I fully expect them to rectify during the draft). The front end of the defense should help some of the deficiencies in the back-end of the defense. The addition of AJ Green is not really talked about and is heavily undervalued by most. That will give Kyler an extra threat in the red zone. This team also most likely addresses the RB room as well and if they are able to land one of my big 3 on the board. BOOM. 

Jeremiah: L.A. Rams! 

Pynakker: I think it’s Arizona, especially if they get Harris or Etienne. With Kyler throwing and having weapons like Hopkins, A.J. Green and Kirk they just need a running game. 

Dwight: I think this division stays with a healthy niner squad, I may be biased but they just have an elite defensive front and a great running scheme. If I were to be honest though, I like the cards here.🤮🤮🤮 A.J. Green is gonna play with something to prove and if they get a great rookie RB...defenses will be up all night studying tape on these guys.

  1. If Cam is the starting QB for the Pats how do rank Jonnu and Hunter Henry for PPR redraft formats? 

Travis: Jonnu Smith and Hunter Henry will be too volatile for me to draft in fantasy this year. So many unknowns and which player will go off on a given week will be too unpredictable to take a shot on. I will most likely have them ranked around that 11-16 range. They have done something in New England that Carolina was never able to truly do and that was to build the team around Cam Newton. I’m really excited for Cam Newton in 2021 and he will most likely be in my top 10. 

Jeremiah: I would have them both ranked as low end TE1s. 

Pynakker: I rank both within the top 10 as Can likes to run but defenses know that so the quick drop off to the TEs should be perfect for him and to have two guys who when healthy are both arguably top 6 TEs.

Dwight: High, who else does he have to throw to?

  1. Start, Trade, Cut second year WR edition. Ceedee Lamb, Justin Jefferson, and Tee Higgins? (Feel free to explain your reasonings)

Travis: Start- CeeDee Lamb. Anyone that knows me whether it be in my home league or my dynasty leagues knows my love for CeeDee Lamb in 2021. Dare I say you could most likely get him at a value also in 2021. In a couple of mocks we’ve done here among our TSF staff I was able to secure Lamb in the 8th round both times. 

Trade- Justin Jefferson. While Jefferson set records in his rookie season I do look for him to regress to a degree. The whole trade thing for me has more to do with value and I believe he could go way too early in some drafts. 2nd or 3rd round would be too much for me. Sign me up in the 4th-5th rd. 

Cut- Tee Higgins. I do look for this team to address their offensive line with their pick. That should help keep Burrow upright and be able to make downfield throws to his receivers. However, my biggest concern at the moment is the recovery of Joe Burrow. He may not be ready to start the season and the concern I have is the building of chemistry with Higgins to start the season. By Week 6-7 you should be trading for Higgins as he will most likely be a game winner for you in 2021.

Jeremiah: I’d start Ceedee because he’s a very talented well rounded WR, I’d Trade Jefferson because you’d get the most value for him, and I’d cut Higgins because I feel he’s the least developed.

Pynakker: Starting Jefferson, trading Lamb and cutting Higgins, while I don’t like cutting Higgins he’s shown the least even if it’s only because he’s been given the least opportunity but as of now that’s how it’s gotta go. 

Dwight: Start Tee, trade Jefferson, cut Ceedee. Yeah, just cuz I know everyone else is not gonna say that. Too many mouths to feed in Dallas, Jefferson I'm sure u can trade for another big time receiver and Higgins’ ceiling is just as high as Jefferson’ out for Reagor this year too, he has to break out and a full preseason with Hurts should help him a lot . Just an early sleeper pick there.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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