Round Table

Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Colleen Kounkel! The Draft is approaching and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. What are your thoughts on the Sam Darnold trade? 

Jordan: The Panthers smashed this trade. Upgraded at quarterback without sacrificing the first round pick and now could possibly add another weapon or be in position to move back. 

Zach: If I were the Panthers I’d want one of the top 5 rookie QBs in this draft class to build around so I’m wondering if this means they would’ve had to trade up from #8. I see their reasoning because Darnold hasn’t had much of a chance in New York and they didn’t give up all that much draft capital to get him. Definitely benefits both sides. 

Jason: I think the trade was fair for both sides. I think Carolina gets the fresh start they truly need at the QB position and New York gets a decent haul of draft capital. 

Kirk: As a Panthers fan, my initial thought was I am not crazy about it - but, after a minute, I like it. Darnold links back up with Anderson so there is some chemistry already built in. Although I was hoping for a franchise QB draft pick, Darnold should fit in nicely and that opens up early draft picks to fill holes elsewhere.

Colleen: I think even though 3 seasons is a pretty good sampling, Sam Darnold hasn’t really had a chance to show what he’s capable of. He’s had a horrible O-line, terrible roster all together and dismal coaching. He’ll finally have a couple of legitimate weapons with Moore and McCaffrey. However, with completions under 60% and alllll of those interceptions, I think the Jets win in this deal. With a 4th and 6th round pick, and a future 2nd round pick, but time will tell.

  1. Where would you rank Adam Thielen for PPR redraft leagues? 

Jordan: Man it’s early. I’d say for now a wr3 with upside. 

Zach: Top 20 for sure, maybe top 15. He was quietly a WR1 last season but Jefferson stole his thunder with a monster season. I think he’ll regress some because we can’t count on him scoring 14 TDs again but the upside is still there. 

Jason: I think Adam Thielen is a Top 10 WR in PPR redraft leagues, even with the emergence of their star rookie WR Jefferson. Thielen has been consistent year in and year out and will continue that trend moving forward. 

Kirk: Definitely Top 20, possibly top 15. To be honest, he isn’t even the best Wide Receiver in Minnesota... 

Colleen: I rank Thielen early in the 4th round. Somewhere around #42. I think he’s a top 15 WR.

  1. Who do you think the 49ers will draft at #3? 

Jordan: Trey Lance. I think he will be the perfect guy to sit behind Jimmy G for a few games before unleashing his talent to the world. 

Zach: This is a tough one for me. Right now I have them taking Mac Jones but I’m not set on that yet. 

Jason: I believe the 49ers will select either Mac Jones out of Alabama or Justin Fields from Ohio St. They moved up to #3 to get a face of the franchise and I think they can't go wrong with either pick. 

Kirk: Mac Jones because he is a “Yes Man”, but Trey Lance and Justin Fields are in play. I’m willing to bet it is a QB though haha.

Colleen: Trey Lance. He’s big, can run and can spend a year on the bench learning from a veteran. Even if he would happen to get the starting job, he would be able to step in and lead a run heavy offense.

  1. Who's your way too early pick to win the NFC East? 

Jordan: Washington and I think they have an opportunity to really make some noise in the NFC. Washington gave the Bucs everything they could handle in the playoffs and have added Fitzmagic and Curtis Samuel to an offense already featuring Scary Terry and Antonio Gibson. I believe Washington is a legit contender entering the season. 

Zach: The Football Team. That defense is no joke and single handedly won games last season. Fitzpatrick is the perfect man for the job and adding Curtis Samuel took that offense to another level. 

Jason: My way too early pick is Dallas to win the NFC East. We know how potent that offense can be with Dak at the helm. Now all they need to do is figure out that defense and they will be a force to be reckoned with in that division. 

Kirk: WFT, Giants, Cowboys Eagles - it’s a toss up! This division last year was like pumping steroids into a skeleton... I think all roads lead to WFT and that defense this year but do not sleep on the Giants - they have been working this off-season.

Colleen: The Giants. With their defense and the addition of Golladay. If Jones and Saquon can get and stay healthy, I see them taking the NFC East.

  1. What is your opinion on the extra game being added to the schedule?

Jordan: More football? Sign me up twice.

Zach: I don’t love it, but hey, it’s more football and more fantasy football depending on how commissioners handle it. Can’t complain about that! 

Jason: It's one more week of football. I will never complain about more football games being played on Sundays!

Kirk: I am fine with it, smaller preseason and a EXTRA WEEK OF FANTASY FOOTBALL! Also I know these NFL teams collectively are worth Billions, but after a zero attendance 2020, I’m sure they could use the extra week to help generate additional revenue.

Colleen: This one is easy. I love it! More football is always good. Less pre season makes me happy also. With more revenue the cap goes up, and more international games in future seasons allows for growth. Even though lower seeds will end up playing playoff games, that makes a better chance for an upset which could be exciting. All in all though, it makes it more likely that the best teams are playing the most important games. I worry about more injuries, but I worried more about pre season injuries to be honest.

That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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