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Round Table

Welcome back to the TSF Round Table where the guys at Truth Serum Football are joined by our very special guest Ike Bowley! The Draft is approaching and as always we're here to answer some questions. Have a question you want us to answer at next week’s Round Table discussion? Drop it in a comment below. 

  1. With the NFL draft quickly approaching, what is your bold draft day prediction? 

Travis: That Trey Lance falls in the draft to the 15 and New England gets their quarterback of the future. Listen, they built this offense around Cam Newton and for all-intensive purposes I believe this offense could easily be transitioned to Lance when he is ready to take over the reigns. There will be a lot of teams missing on the opportunity of getting the highest ceiling player in the draft in my opinion, but BB won’t pass on Lance. 

Pynakker: Broncos trade ATL so they can draft a qb again and hopefully this one doesn’t shit the bed.

Jardine: Bold draft day prediction for me isn't really a draft day prediction, but I see the New England Patriots trading up to 4 for Justin Fields. Cam Newton is the perfect vet for Fields to sit behind for a year to learn the system and hopefully break the fat goose egg Ohio State QBs have in NFL transitioning.

Clayton: Somebody screws up and takes that BYU white boy before Fields, Lance and Mac Jones. 

Ike: My bold 2021 draft day prediction is that the first 10 picks will all be offense , with teams trading up to get certain guys, 

  1. Lawrence -Jags
  2. Zach Wilson -Jets
  3. Mac Jones -49ers 
  4. Justin Fields -Patriots 
  5. JaMarr Chase -Bengals 
  6. Kyle Pitts -Dolphins 
  7. Jaylen Waddle -Lions 
  8. Penei Sewell -Panthers. 
  9. Trey lance -Broncos
  10. RaShawn Slater -Cowboys 

I see Najee Harris as the first RB going at 18 to the Dolphins. 

  1. Do you think Julian Edelman will be or deserves to be a HOFer? 

Travis: Not at all. The playoff accolades are there. The Super Bowls are there. The regular season is not. I respect the hell out of  Edelman and what he had to overcome to be successful in the NFL, but in no way is he a HOF worthy player. 

Pynakker: No, without brady he’d have been nothing.

Jardine: Has Julian Edelman ever been the best in the NFL at his position? No. Is Julilan Edelman a perennial Pro Bowler? No. Does he show up in clutch moments? Yes he does, but that just isn't enough. Great player, team ring of honor for sure, but not a Hall of Famer.

Clayton: Heck to the naw why are people so dumb? 

Ike: My opinion yea he does, most people say he couldn’t be the guy he has been without Brady or Belichick, but my opinion is if he played 15 seasons with Big Ben, Drew Brees, Russ Wilson, Mahomes or even a new guy like Herbert or Burrow that he is still a damn beast and would still get the numbers he has produced. He is a blocking machine, he plays every play 120%, hurt, sick, and it doesn’t matter that little dude is a freak!!! Even last year he could have produced good numbers with Cam but him getting hurt messed that year all up for him. If Big Ben had him for 10 years he would be target #1 every year .. Ben would love a guy like Edelman. Just like Diontae Johnson but tougher! I have hated NE for years as a PITT fan but Edelman has impressed me every year he’s played!!!! He is a HALL OF FAMER !!! 

  1. What team is your ideal landing spot for Kyle Pitts fantasy wise? 

Travis: To me at this point it looks as though Miami is the ideal Landing spot here early in the draft. So, SELL MIKE GESICKI NOW! There is absolutely no way that he slips out to the top 10 and the absolute latest he will fall to is 8 to Carolina; giving Joe Brady and Sam Darnold yet another weapon at their arsenal. 

Pynakker: Ideally it would be the Raiders cause him and Waller could be the gronk Hernandez butttttt I think him on the Dolphins would kill it, he won’t have to get used to the weather as he’s already in Florida, plus if Tua bounces back like I think he will, it’ll just make Pitts that much better.

Jardine: Fantasy wise, Kyle Pitts to Green Bay would be epic, but I have Pitts going to Miami at 6. He will produce, but I don't see Tua being the guy to elevate Pitts to elite status.

Clayton: Every team. Dude is a monster, he will be great anywhere.

Ike: Best landing spot for Kyle Pitts to have the most productive long career I believe would be the Bucs, with Brady, Brady would make him a star in less than 2 years. He is a better Gronk, faster, stronger and has way better hands, plus plays WR & TE. Unfortunately Brady will probably be gone in 2 years. So another great spot for Pitts would be Miami m, yea they are young and rebuilding but he would be a hell of a weapon for Tua, they could help each other build their careers. He can do it all, speed, size and hands like MEGATRON! My favorite landing spot for Pitts would be the falcons, imagine a defense trying to cover Julio, Ridley and Pitts... Matt Ryan would look like a MVP of they upgrade their line and give him time to use these badass weapons. Ryan has a few years left so having Pitts may help draw some attention away from Julio so help him stay healthier and getting Ridley and Pitts open more, or vise versa getting Julio open more after defenses seeing what Pitts is capable of. He is a TE that plays WR too so this would be their best drafted TE since drafting Tony Gonzales… With Pitts, upgrading the line and D some. They could compete with the Bucs and Saints for the division. 

  1. PPR redraft, Michael Thomas or DeAndre Hopkins? 

Travis: Hopkins is currently sitting number 3 in my own personal rankings. While Michael Thomas is sitting at 5 currently. I probably won’t move off of Hopkins, because he dominates every year and in any situation. Thomas on the other hand we’ve never truly had a full year without Drew Brees under center. Thomas will slide a couple spots for me if Hill is announced as the starter and If Winston is announced the starter he might level off where he currently is at for me. We’ve seen Winston can and should support a top end WR and with that being said also keep an eye on Tre’Quan Smith late in drafts of Winston is under center.

Pynakker: Deandre, it’s not even close for me until MT proves he doesn’t have the Antonio Brown syndrome. 

Jardine: In a PPR redraft, you have to take Deandre Hopkins. Michael Thomas will have some questions at QB in New Orleans in 2021 and with DHop and Kyler having a year under their belts together, it seems to be the obvious choice.

Clayton: Dhop all day. Ol slant boy runnin ass ain’t bout shit.

Ike: I have to go with NUK this year as much as I love MT... I own both in several leagues, but with MT being hurt like 8 games last year and now Brees retiring, and having maybe Jameis Winston as the new QB it’s a gamble. I hope MT and Winston prove me wrong but it’s a new start for Winston and he and MT have to build a report. Winston is a gunslinger that can bomb it to MT but he has to prove this year he is still the man and not throw 40 INTS. So NUK just has to be my choice for this year, if Brees were there still it would be a close tie!! 

  1. Start, Bench, Cut: Amari Cooper, OBJ, Chris Godwin.

Travis: Start: Chris God-I-Win when he’s on my team! At least in 2019 that was the case. This year will be a little different and I’m strapping a rocket to Godwin and letting him fall to me in whatever drafts I can get him. 

Bench- Amari Cooper. Amari will be fine and Amari will do Amari things. I don’t like the peaks and valleys that he gives you week-after-week. I would prefer a little more consistency. The emergence of CeeDee this year will also limit Amari and his ceiling this year, but with all that being said: they both can easily finish top 20 in PPR formats, because as we know Dallas can support multiple fantasy options. 

Bench: OBJ. Pains me to say it and I love the “shit” out of OBJ the player but Odell will never return to the electric player he once was. This team is going to be run heavy and the defense will be there to back that up as well. Sure, OBJ will have his peak weeks. At this point I’m not even sure if he’s a WR2 in fantasy. If I can get him as my third option I’m all about it.

Pynakker: Start Godwin, bench OBJ and cut Amari.

Jardine: I am starting Chris Godwin, I am benching Amari Cooper and cutting OBJ. Godwin is the most consistent at a high level of play, Amari can be better when he is on, but is hit or miss on actually being on. OBJ is too much of a headache and I don't want that on my team.

Clayton: Jesus..... this is tough

Start-Amari because of Dak

Bench-Chris Godwin

Cut-OBJ because of Baker


Boy this is tough, OBJ was hurt most of last yeah Amari led the 3 in yards and catches, Godwin had 3 more TDs. 

2020 stats 

GODWIN 85-65-840- 7td.

AMARI 130-92-1115-5 TD 

OBJ  43-23-319-3TD

2019 stats 

OBJ-74-133/1035/4 TD



So 2021 

start ——AMARI

bench ———-GODWIN



That’s it for this week guys. Thanks for reading and as always, stay true.

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