Welcome back to the Truth Serum Football Roundtable. The 2022 NFL season is finally here, and with it returns our weekly rendezvous to discuss each weeks important questions. We decided to start this year with a bang by featuring some of the TSF staff. Want to make a guest appearance? Send us a DM on Facebook or Twitter. Have a question for us? Drop it in the comments below! 



  1. Which week 1 breakout has the best chance of sustainability the rest of the way?

Zach - Detroit’s Amon-Ra St. Brown. The sophomore 4th round draft pick showed flashes in his rookie campaign with a strong finish and picked up right where he left off. St. Brown showed he is the man in Detroit against Philadelphia last week receiving a 32.4% target share that he turned into eight receptions for 64 yards and a score. This kid is here to stay. 

Colt - I think Jarvis Landry showing out for NO could make him a very safe sustainable WR2 for the year. He was Winston's favorite target in the offseason. If MT goes down Landry could easily step into the WR1 role. 

Joey - In week 1, the Bills offense had 58 snaps. Gabe Davis was on the field for 57 of them. The next highest snap count for a a WR was Stefon Diggs at 37. We all know that Diggs is the WR1, but that will continue to to help leave open space in high leverage areas of the field for Gabe Davis

Travis- Robbie Anderson. What Baker brings to this team I think it might be totally sustainable to think that Robbie could continue a good amount of good fantasy weeks going forward. 

Jordan - Gabe Davis season is in full effect and if you aren’t on the bandwagon you better hurry, it’s getting crowded. Davis started week one with a bang and was peppered with targets early in the game by Josh Allen. He caught 4 of his 5 total targets for 88 Yards and a TD. More importantly Davis was on the field for 58 snaps, second only to Josh Allen, and saw 20 more snaps than the second highest receiver Stefon Diggs did with 38. 

  1. Which week 1 let down are you most concerned about? 

Zach- Cam Akers is a major concern. Darrell Henderson had a 82% snap share and 18 touches on opening night compared to Akers’ 18% and 3 touches. They could be easing him back into action but I don’t see Akers becoming the workhouse lead back that fantasy owners anticipated. 

Colt- Najee has me really worried for the season. I know he's going to play through this injury, but his upside is capped and you're going to pray week to week that he can hold up for you. 

Joey- My concern isn't about the stats for Trey Lance. This was the eyeball test. From dropping back to pass seemed to take a lot of time, which allowed the Bears defense to close in. This kid is still raw. I'm not super panicked because he did make several good reads against the single high safety, and clearly flashed arm talent. He will need 6 games at full speed to get up to speed. He is a great trade for candidate.

Travis-The Dallas Offense as a whole minus Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard. The team just looked under prepared, inept, and most of all the penalties are continuing to kill this team every step of the way. Now that was even before Dak Prescott was hurt. It can only go from bad to worse unless they really truly start committing to the run. 

Jordan- CeeDee Lamb. Coming into the season I faded him completely as Dallas had a horrendous offseason. Now Dak Prescott is set to miss time. Cooper Rush behind a makeshift offensive line is not a recipe for success, and with the lack of depth at WR, secondaries will be able to key in on Lamb. If you have him on your roster I would sell while you still can. 

  1. What is your week 2 game of the week?

Zach- Gotta go with Thursday night’s Chargers vs Chiefs. 

Colt- I'm excited to watch the Eagles-Vikings game. I think these 2 offenses will have a field day and each could easily score 30+ each! 

Joey- The best QB in the league is set to face the 2nd best QB in the league. Need I say more?

Travis- Lions-Eagles last week. This week it will be Cardinals and Raiders In a higher than expected affair. Both teams secondaries are pretty suspect and both teams have the fire power on offense to have a high scoring game. This one should be interesting to watch. 

Jordan- Eagles at Vikings - Is there an active player more exciting to watch than Jalen Hurts? There is, his name is Justin Jefferson. These two will collide on MNF in what I expect to be a high scoring affair. The Eagles do have Darius Slay, however I expect Jefferson to be the one slaying. The Eagles almost let the Lions come back, will they be able to do anything to stop this Vikings assault?

  1. Who is your smash play of the week? 

Zach - Kirk Cousins! I have been a truther of his for awhile now and this game against Philly will be a shootout!

Colt- I think Jamar Chase is going to tear up Diggs left and right and finish as the best skill position player of the week in PPR. 

Joey-Michael Pittman had 13 targets in week 1. He was the favorite target of Matt Ryan, and the combination of running backs were 2nd. I expect more of the same moving forward and look to see the Colts offense bounce into form against the Jaguars in week 2. They struggled to punch it in against the Texans. 

Travis-Christian McCaffrey is going to prove this weekend like Saqoun did the Week before that he isn’t going anywhere and will dominate the field this Weekend and maybe hit that #1 overall RB of the week. This is a juicy matchup that just saw RB Dontrell Hillard rip a part the Giants defense through the air. 

Jordan- This is a no brainer. Saquon Barkley. Barkley was a man on a mission in week one and now draws a Carolina Panthers defense that was gashed all day by the two headed monster of Chubb and Hunt. They allowed over 200 yards and almost 6 yards a carry to Cleveland. What do you think Saquon is about to do? 

  1. Which matchup are you avoiding this week?

Zach - Everybody on Dallas!

Colt - Jets vs Browns is an easy fade and probably ends up the worst game of the week.

Joey- Jets @ Browns has the lowest Vegas opening line. It's set at 40 with a spread of -6 in favor of the Browns. Do the math.. That's an implied score of 23-17. No one wants a part of that game.

Travis-Patriots and Steelers both have teams with good defenses and not so good or great offenses. This is a game I will be fading unless I’m starting one of their DST.

Jordan- I want no part of the Patriots vs Steelers matchup this week. The Patriots looked pathetic on offense in week one. The Steelers are likely going to trot out a banged up Najee Harris, and if they don’t, Jaylen Warren isn’t someone I’m dropping everything for. Outside of Diontae Johnson this matchup is void of any must starts for me. I’m hoping for a better game from Rhamondre Stevenson, but this game should be a defensive battle, even with the Steelers missing T.J. Watt for the forseeable future. 

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