Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl Preview

Super Bowl Preview

By: David Dzienis

Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It’s going to be hard to go against the hot hand here. The Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes have been the best team in football the entire season. They have only lost one game since last year's Super Bowl, not counting the week 17 game this season with their starters sitting. Mahomes has been in the MVP conversation the entire year and the defense has done enough to keep them on the winning side of the field. WR Tyreek Hill and TE Travis Kelce have been the world’s best safety blankets for the young QB. Kelce is already being considered one of the best, if not the top dog, in TE history. So, do the Buccaneers have a chance? 

Of course they do, they have Tom Brady. I personally have a love/hate relationship with Brady. As a Michigan fan, Go Big Blue, I love what the man has done with his career. However, his 12-3 record against my Steelers, including 2 conference championships, makes me loathe the man. Now he is playing for the league's most confusing Super Bowl team ever. They managed to make the playoffs despite only beating one team with a winning record all season. That’s usually a recipe for an early exit in the playoffs. Instead, Brady and company dispatched Drew Brees and Aaron Rodgers en route to a Super Bowl berth. 

So can one of the league's best defenses and the GOAT take down Mahomes and the Chiefs? They certainly have the weapons offensively. Brady has never been considered the most athletic QB but his game mechanics are nearly flawless. He has one of the best, if not the best, units of WR’s in the entire league. Add in another TE in the running for best of all time, Rob Gronkowski, and a stable of underrated RBs and this team doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses. Of course, when you have one of the best offensive minds in the league, Andy Reid, and a generational talent at QB, you create weaknesses. So will the GOAT get another ring, or has the torch been passed to this exciting new era of QBs?

Prediction: KC 31 -TB 34


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