Talk Me Off The Ledge

Talk Me Off The Ledge

Over the past 3 years, I have been telling you, "Derrick Henry is going to bust." And over that same time period, he continued to shit all over me while running a total distance of 4,626 yards. No one could stop him. He did, however, stop in the end zone 45 times. And a few more receiving but that's not his game. Nor will it be this year, with several encouraging reports of Darrynton Evans’  increased workload this upcoming season.


I'd also like to note: before Truth Serum Football existed, I was all over his nuts. #RMFT (Roll Mother Fuckin Tide) for all of you amateurs. 

I finally want to buy back in, but it feels really awkward. The basis of me telling you he would bust last year is the same reason he should bust this year. Running backs 300+ carries the previous year, will bust the following year. That's just the rules, man… He proved that rule does not apply to him. Rushing for 2027 yards and 17 touchdowns on 378 carries in 2020.

I "want" to buy back in.

Not because I know he is in line for another 300+ carries. Not because they stole Julio Jones and that may open up even more space. But because he is an alien. Think about it…. He literally could be. 

I am struggling here. All evidence shows that he will have another monster season, but history shows otherwise. Should I take the red pill, or blue pill?

Thanks for reading and go check out our latest Round Table article where some of the TSF guys discuss Henry for dynasty formats. 

Here is a TSF Jeopardy Question for anyone that doesn't wear glasses because of their age… 

I am the only Running back to have more career playoff games with 150+ rushing yards than Derrick Henry.

Answer in the comments below. 

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