That Spin Move Though

That Spin Move Though

That Spin Move Though

Clyde Edwards-Helaire is a weapon, but he needs the right landing spot and I don't see him becoming an elite 3 down workhorse. But the way the NFL has transformed, he doesn't need to be. He can beat you in a variety of ways. He is the best receiving back coming into the NFL in 2020. Considering how deep this class is, that is saying a lot. 

Routes and Receiving

This dude will set your ass up faster than the way he deceives defenders covering him in the open field. He creates separation by deception, utilizing great angles in the process. Catching the rock comes naturally to this kid and he shows the willingness and ability to absorb, or shall i say, spin out of it post catch. His foot quickness in and out of breaks is phenomenal. His ability to create quick separation in the short to intermediate areas will be his OC's best friend. All that being said, my favorite trait is the deception. Obviously not to this level, but think of how Tyreek Hill uses his elite speed to accelerate after "jogging" to deceive cornerbacks. Hes going to be a fucking nightmare for linbackers.


Let me explain something, we all have vision. Some have 20/20, some need contacts. But Clyde has a set of eagle eyes. Its not just his eyesight though. The way he recognizes and manipulates the hole is uncanny. (That's what she said) Every skill I mentioned above he utilizes in tight spaces as well. From speed variance, to using great angles, and making a single cut to the north.


You call him short. I call him leveragely inclined..... Hah. Whatever. Heres my point, he has excellent contact balance. End of story. He also uses his 5'7" 207 pound frame to hide behind his lineman... Again, deception. 


Edwards-Helaire isn't the fastest, but that isn’t a huge deal for a running back. His lateral quickness in tight spaces and balance remind me a bit of Devin Singletary. He consistently wins in first contact with defenders. That spin move though. He often uses it, it often works.

Another impressive, and quite frankly, very important skill is lateral to linear change of direction is on fucking point, which is why many are comparing him to Brian Westbrook. He has great instincts and quick reaction time. That spin move though. Did i mention how quickly he gets back up to speed after twirling like a fucking balerina? He has the ability to chain together his spin in almost all situations.

Whats not to like?

CEH appears to have trouble creating natural separation from linebackers and safeties due to his lack of top end speed. His footwork needs some footwork. Often, I see him taking unnecessary extra steps or pausing for no good reason. For that, it allows disciplined defenders to close in on him quickly at times. That spin move though. Sometimes he spins when it is unnecessary causing extra contact.

Bottom Line

CEH is a great fit in today's NFL. The current trends and style of modern offensive coordinators fits right into his game. However, don't look for a ton of huge plays. I can literally see him in a Kansas City Chiefs uniform. If that happens, the sky is the limit.

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